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Five misbeliefs about French Bulldogs

There are some common misbeliefs we often hear or are asked about French Bulldogs. As we have raised hundreds of happy and healthy pups on our farm, and are always surrounded by them in the house, we’d like to clarify some misconceptions and share the

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What to do when your Frenchie gets scared? - TomKings Blog
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How to carry your Frenchie in your car?

Each state has their own regulations on transporting pets, but regardless of the legislation, there are some safety tips to consider. It’s also important to make the trip comfortable and enjoyable for both you and your Frenchie boy or girl. Your Frenchie puppy is a

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Five tips for an effective potty training

There are several articles on potty training and it still remains a core issue when raising your Frenchie. In this article, the Tom Kings Puppies team sum up all their knowledge and experience enhanced by the tips of their clients shared in the TomKings Frenchie

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#frenchiesofinstagram #TomKingsPuppiesParents

There are quite a few celebrities who post a lot about their French Bulldogs but for us, the biggest celebrities are the babies from the Tom Kings Puppies breeds. Fortunately, some of them are Instagram stars themselves, and the happy parents post fabulous pictures about

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What’s better than a Frenchie? Two Frenchies!

Many of our clients who raise a wonderful French Bulldog soon realize they want to adopt a sister or a brother. No wonder: these puppies are so friendly and adorable that you can’t resist the temptation to double or triple the joy. We know it

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Why adopt a French Bulldog? – [7 good reasons]

We have been living with brilliant and playful Frenchies on our farm for more than 10 years, so the answer seems to be obvious. But we appreciate it can be a hard decision when you like more breeds, or when the family members can’t agree.

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