Top 5 edible and toxic vegetables for Frenchies - TomKings Blog

Top 5 edible and toxic vegetables for Frenchies

We all know how healthy vegetables are for humans but what about dogs? Should you feed any to your Frenchie or is it better to stick to meat and dog food? Similarly to fruits, some veggies have amazing benefits for Frenchies so giving them as

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5 most common French bulldog eye problems - TomKings Blog

5 most common French Bulldog eye problems

Frenchies and other bulldog breeds are more exposed to eye problems as their shorter snouts cannot protect them as much from scratches and things that can get into them. Because their eyes are so vulnerable, it’s important to be aware of the dangers that your

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What to do if your dog refuses to eat?

It can happen to anyone of us that our Frenchie is refusing to eat. This behavior can either indicate that your dog is being picky or a more serious, health-related issue. Therefore, it’s important to determine the cause of lost appetite.  Why does my Frenchie

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French Bulldog Reverse Sneezing: How to Avoid It?

We love Frenchies for endless reasons, one of them being their funny, clownlike faces. They have adorable short noses which is why they often reverse sneeze. In most cases, it’s absolutely normal but as we get quite a few questions from worried puppy parents, we’d

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