Frenchie Family

Are you CRAZY ABOUT FRENCHIES and can’t get enough of their adorable photos and videos?

Are you maybe THINKING ABOUT GETTING A PUPPY FROM US, and would love to read other TomKings Parents’ experiences and see their fur babies?

Do you already have a TomKings Frenchie and would love to LEARN MIRE ABOUT HOW TO LOOK AFTER YOUR BABY in the best possible way?

If your answer is "yes" to either one of these questions, we are inviting you to join our closed TomKings Frenchie Family Facebook group!

Creating happy Frenchie families is only part of our mission.

We also want to make sure that our puppies continue to be healthy and happy in their forever homes, and that our adopters become part of a helpful and supportive community where we are all connected by the love towards Frenchies. Just like one big Family! 🙂

Here are a few reasons why you should join too:

You can ask questions about raising your puppy for which we always give our expert advice!

You'll constantly learn something new about Frenchies from TomKings parents and from us!

You can connect with other parents and ask about their experiences or share yours!

You'll get informed about where the next TomKings Meetups will take place in the US so that you can even meet them in person!

You'll be able to participate in seasonal TomKings Contests and win some amazing prizes!

Your Facebook feed will be full of adorable Frenchies to melt your heart!

Only TomKings parents are allowed to post and ask from us in the group, but anyone can join who loves Frenchies as much as we do!