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[Tutorial] A Frenchie-friendly vacation

Find below all our articles which help you enjoy the vacation with your French Bulldog. Frenchie friendly hotels, dog sitters, pet insurance – read about everything here. When planning your vacation together with your pup, choose a hotel that he or she will also love.

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5 things not to do with a french bulldog - TomKings Puppies Blog
Frenchie Lifestyle

5 Things Not To Do With a French Bulldog

We all treat our French Bulldogs as family members and behave with them like that. It’s important to note, however, that there are some things they don’t like as much as humans. While a lot depends on how they are raised and trained, try to

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Why and how to avoid ‘puppy farms’

At TomKings Puppies we make serious efforts to fight against unethical breeding and educate puppy parents on how to recognize false intentions. It’s not always easy, as puppy farms and dealers have tricky methods to fake their activity and can be easily mixed with honest

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Follow these basic rules when training your Frenchie

When your sweet baby joins your family after long weeks of waiting, you’d rather spend every minute patting and hugging him or her. While it’s absolutely natural, it’s also crucial to start their training as early as possible to be able to establish a healthy

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