A day on the TomKings Puppies farm

The TomKings Puppies farm is always a busy place with healthy and happy Frenchies and a dedicated team of carers. Come and look behind the scenes and see what happens on an average day.

A day on the TomKings Puppies farm - TomKings Blog

6 AM

Tomi, the co-founder of TomKings, is already awake, helping the mum of the newborn puppies feed her babies. She is not really eager; some mums are like that, or she just needs a bit more time to get used to the new situation. (Frenchies give birth to their babies by Cesarean section as the head of this breed is quite big).

The pups are breastfed every 3 hours, and Tomi is always there to make sure they eat properly. He measures them before and after the feeding and tracks how they grow.

A day on the TomKings Puppies farm - TomKings Blog

8 AM

Feeding time for all the litters on the farm! As their healthy nutrition has a crucial impact on their future life, the pups get the highest quality food and vitamins. They happily rush for their breakfast, sometimes even competing with each other, but we ensure that each pup gets their share:)

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10 AM

Geri, Tomi’s brother, the other co-founder prepares for a trip to Miami, where he takes a beautiful baby to his parents. All the papers are ready, the plane tickets are booked, and the crate is delivered. Tomi gently pushes the pup into it, rewarding him, so that he is accustomed to the new situation by the time of the trip.

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11 AM

We go round to clean the pups’ place. The newborn babies are kept in the house and only a few carers are allowed to touch them after careful hand sanitization. But hygiene is crucial for all the other litters, as is preventing diseases and infection. We not only give a huge space for each Frenchie, but also clean their place several times a day.

A day on the TomKings Puppies farm - TomKings Blog

12 AM

The third round of feeding the newborn puppies today. Tomi gives formula milk to a lazy little baby who hasn’t eaten enough. He uses a dam, warm cotton towel to stimulate the pups to pee and poo (usually mum would stimulate them).

13 PM

Geri checks the new posts in the Tomkings Frenchie Family Closed Facebook Group. We think of our pups, and their parents as one big family, and our care doesn’t stop when the babies are adopted. Geri answers some questions in the group, but fortunately, the more than 400 members also help each other.

The dad of a newly adopted pup posted some cute photos, Geri shows them to Tomi. It’s lovely to see how she gets on in her new home and how her parents love her.

14 PM

The vet arrives to check the newborn babies and give vaccination to the pups from an other litter. He finds everything in order and promises to return soon. We work with the best vets we really trust, as our mission is to raise healthy pups.
Tomi spends some time with the puppies, he enjoys playing with them and noticing the subtle differences in their personalities.

A day on the TomKings Puppies farm - TomKings Blog

15 PM

It’s very important for us to give honest and up-to-date info about our pups to the potential parents and everyone who is asking about them. So we take photos and record videos of the babies, and upload them to our Instagram profile and the website. They are so excited about the photo session – which is just a game for them – that it always takes some time until we can catch a moment when they are still.:-)

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A day on the TomKings Puppies farm - TomKings Blog

16 PM

Geri shows a beautiful boy via Skype to a client who already adopted a boy from us and now wants to have the second pup. We have clients from all over the world, and they can see the puppies via Skype or Facetime as many times as they want. Geri talks about the puppy’s personality, and they can see him running and making funny faces. Geri offers them the option to think about it for a while, but the client has already fallen in love with the little rascal.

A day on the TomKings Puppies farm - TomKings Blog

18-21 PM

The newborn puppies are breastfed again, and Tomi is there to watch and help. Meanwhile, all the other puppies get their dinner before going to bed.

Some of the babies get an extra round of feeding in the evening before their night sleep.

It’s the end of the day for us, but not for Tomi: he wakes up every three hours for the feeding, even during the night.

This has been our day on the farm; busy but joyful and rewarding. See our available puppies here.


10 thoughts on “A day on the TomKings Puppies farm”

  1. Marcia Houston

    What a great way to live. To be around this sweet, happy & caring energy is the best.
    I am wondering if you check out the parents – to be, to see if they will care for these precious little ones correctly.
    I’m so grateful for allowing me to see a day on Tom Kings Farm. 💖❤️🤗♥️❤️💖❤️♥️❤️💖

    1. Thank you for your very kind words! 🙂
      We have a huge community, that we call TomKings Family, where our members are in close contact, so we can be sure that our puppies live their best life! 🙂

  2. Too cute, love this!! Best breeder out there. My Gracie girl is priceless!! Cant wait to get another one day. 🙂

  3. Always very interesting and good to know. I’m tired just listening to your
    “Typical” day😍

  4. Deborah Shakar

    Amazing way of life. I’m coming back as a TKK caretaker. Appreciate the blogs and constant learning.
    Thx Tuckers Mom

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