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TomKings’ French Bulldog Stud Service

If you are about to breed French Bulldogs, and you are looking for an ethical, champion breeder, your are at the right place! We are proud of our strong, healthy and beautiful studs. Now you can order their frozen semen, and become a proud TomKings parent too! 


Lilac and tan

French Bulldog,


Price: 3500 USD

Location: Neosho, MO


Lilac merle and tan Fluffy

French Bulldog,


Price: 5000 USD

Location: San Francisco, CA



French Bulldog,


Price: 5000 USD

Location: Chicago, IL


Fawn merle

French Bulldog,


Price: 2500 USD

Location: Las Vegas, NV


Isabella and tan

French Bulldog,


Price: 3000 USD

Location: Atlanta, GA


Lilac and tan Fluffy

French Bulldog,


Price: 5000 USD



French Bulldog,


Price: 2500 USD

Gannikusz (Big rope French bulldog)

Lilac and tan

French Bulldog,


Price: 2500 USD


Blue and tan Fluffy

French Bulldog,


Price: 5000 USD

Stud Contract and Info

Shipping time:

3-4 days to US. If you need the semen to be shipped elsewhere, please contact us for shipping times!  

How to handle frozen semen:

The frozen semen is stored and shipped in special containers. In this form, semen can be kept for many years! Please make sure that your vet clinic is able to store frozen semen, as we ship the package directly to your vet.

Litter guarantee: 

Successful insemination can only be guaranteed if the dam has given birth by cesarean section up to two times. In our experience, a dam can only tolerate a maximum of three cesarean sections in her lifetime. Any more than that and you would be risking the life of both mother and puppies. We also do not recommend inseminating a dam younger than 18 months old otherwise we cannot guarantee that her insemination will be successful. 

If your female had progesterone testing proven by the original veterinary document, but she doesn’t conceive on her most fertile day(s), we will re-breed free of charge at her next season. Please note if shipping of semen is needed, then Buyer is responsible for the shipping cost. Without progesterone testing, we do not guarantee the litter, and the stud fee along with any shipping fees are not refundable. 2 healthy puppies are considered a litter. If less than 2 healthy puppies are, a free repeat breeding will be given, just pay shipping.


Stud fee and shipping fee is due in full when placing the order. The shipping fee covers the expense of an insulated semen shipping container.

The Basics of Responsible Frenchie Breeding

Breeding French Bulldogs is definitely not easy: it requires a lot of time, energy, money as well as special methods from breeders. First of all, the female Frenchie needs to be artificially inseminated with the semen of a healthy and strong stud. Because of the Frenchie mom’s narrow hips and the pups’ big heads, she cannot deliver them naturally so the breeder also needs to have a C-section done on her. The puppies are usually born 58-63 days after insemination, which means that from the 58th day someone must watch the mom at all times. Since it’s difficult to predict when exactly the pups will arrive, having a reliable and always available vet is key! 

When the time is near, the breeder needs to prepare a special whelping box for the pups with a heat lamp above it and a separate lockable cage or room for the mom. After the surgery, the female Frenchie needs some time to heal so it is the breeder’s sole responsibility to care for the pups in their first few weeks. They need to be fed every three hours and supervised constantly; they cannot be left alone with their mom as she might accidentally roll over and smother them. You should also make sure that she eats a lot even if she hasn’t got any appetite so that she has enough milk. As the puppies get bigger and stronger, they need to be regularly checked by a vet to make sure they are developing well and to administer the necessary shots and health screenings.

Sebastian, available French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies

What is the usual litter size of French Bulldogs?

French Bulldog litters are generally smaller than in other dog breeds, the moms having 4 to 6 puppies on average during a pregnancy. There are of course smaller and bigger litters too, so don’t be surprised if there’s only 1 or even 10 pups! Basically anything is possible between those two numbers.

How to choose the best Frenchie Stud for you?

When looking to find the best French Bulldog stud, first you need to know what a perfect male Frenchie looks like. You can recognize them by having a short, stocky body, short legs, large head, short nose, small ears and short tail. The next step is to consider any flaws that your female Frenchie may have as you’ll need to complete those with the stud’s characteristics to achieve the proper French Bulldog look. This means that if your female Frenchie is larger in size, you should choose an extra small male and vice versa. The same goes for the other parts of the body: a long nose requires an extra short nose while long legs require extra short legs and so on. 

When it comes to colors, it takes some diligent research on dog DNA to produce a desired color or pattern. Even if two Frenchies of the same color are mated there’s no guarantee that the puppies will have that particular color! There are also some important rules that every Frenchie breeder should follow. For example, merle French Bulldogs should only be bred to a dog with a solid coat color to avoid double merle puppies who often have sight and hearing impairment.

About TomKings Kennel - Why Choose Us?

As devoted lovers of dogs and especially French Bulldogs, 10 years ago our family started to breed our own puppies to make other people happy with healthy and loving Frenchies. Originally, we are two brothers: Tom and Geri. Tom has a degree in animal breeding so he puts his professional mind along with his big heart into raising Frenchies. Geri, an Olympic athlete in freestyle wrestling, is a master of endurance when it comes to running the family business.

As reputable French Bulldog breeders, we at TomKings set very high health, genetic and wellbeing standards to make sure that all our Frenchies feel like family members while living a happy, fulfilled life and enjoying parenthood of beautiful fur babies. Instead of kennels or crates, we raise them in vast, green gardens with plenty of space to roam around and we let them sleep and rest in large family houses where our dogs and pups can socialize with humans of any age. We believe that well- balanced puppies come from well-balanced family backgrounds.

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