Does French Bulldog Drool? Here’s What To Do With It

French Bulldogs drool, snooze, slobber…and we love them as they are! But what if drooling becomes excessive? What could be the reasons for that, and more importantly what to do to stop it or to avoid it? Our expert teams share their tips.

What to do if your Frenchie drools a lot? - TomKings BlogWhy do French bulldogs drool?

Some drooling is absolutely normal in case of any breed, not to mention French Bulldogs, who have a tendency of drooling more than other breeds due to their face shape. They have a syndrome called Laryngotracheomalacia or Brachycephalic Races Syndrome, which results in their nasal passages being very narrow. This is why they snore a lot; they breathe through their mouth and eventually could drool excessively.

What to do if your Frenchie drools a lot? - TomKings Blog

It also helps them with digestion and to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

However, there are some more serious cases when you should be more cautious and take the necessary steps.

These reasons include:

  • Injuries in the mouth
  • Rabies
  • Organ disease
  • Anxiety
  • Motion sickness
  • Heat stroke
  • Mouth disease

If you notice much more drooling than usual, talk to your vet to make sure it’s not caused by an underlying health issue. If it is, you’d better start the treatment as soon as possible.

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How can I stop my Frenchie’s drooling?

If you’re sure your Frenchie is healthy and still keeps drooling excessively there are some things you might have to consider.

What to do if your Frenchie drools a lot? - TomKings Blog

1. Check if you haven’t changed the cleaning detergent, washing powder or shampoo…

…you use for cleaning the house and your Frenchie’s stuff. Your pup might be sensitive to some of the ingredients in the new product. Switching back to the previous detergent or experimenting with something else can help if this really is the problem.

2. Unusual stress

Excessive drooling could be a result of unusual stress. If there has been a change in their daily rhythm, there are emotional disturbances in the family, or a new family member, a baby or a pet has arrived. As soon as the psychological problem is solved and your Frenchie feels safe, they will be back to normal in terms of drooling.

3. Positive stress and excitement

Positive stress and excitement can also be the causes of excessive drooling. When they see their favorite food or something the family eats and they want to have their share.
The same happens when your pup is excited about a new toy, or a guest who he or she loves and is happy to see again, or they are looking forward to an exciting program. This is a happy reason and they will stop naturally drooling.

What to do if your Frenchie drools a lot? - TomKings Blog

The article was written based on the experience of the TomKings Puppies Team. TomKings Puppies have been breeding French Bulldogs for 10 years on their farm. All the pictures in the post belong to them and show a puppy from their breed. Check their available puppies here, or if you have any questions or comments let us know below the article.


12 thoughts on “Does French Bulldog Drool? Here’s What To Do With It”

  1. henry dahrouge

    Hi I have a 7 month old boy frenchy. I noticed he just started drooling bad an nothing has changed he is eating playing drinking all normal..its bad have to keep wash rag to wipe it off.???

    1. Good question, thanks!
      Some puppies drool more than others, especially if they are hot in the flat. Try to take him out more times, and keep him on a cooler place inside, if possible. Check if he has any wounds in his mouth, anything unusual, on his teeth or tongue. Unusual color or plaque (even if he’s too young for that.) It can be caused by stress or throat infection, in this case, his mouth stinks. If you notice anything unusual, call your vet. I hope this helps. All the best to you and your pup.

  2. Hi. Our Frenchie is 4, 5 in a few weeks. He has days where he drools like crazy and days where he doesn’t. We’re not sure what sets him off. We’ve been observing him and now we think it might be something to do with his paws when too much pressure is put on them. We notice he licks his paws alot too. We’ve already taken him to the vets but they said it could be stress and anxiety. We think it’s something else. Not sure if it’s due to him being scared from a firework that was set off in November last year, was so loud it scared me too. He’s been very twitchy since. We honestly can’t figure it. Any advice would be great. Thank you

    1. Hi Jessica,
      these things can be caused by allergies too, you can change his food, or take him to another vet and don’t give up 🙂
      please write us you experience in email!

    2. Did you ever figure out what was wrong with your frenchie and excessive drooling? Mine only drools (more like constant dripping) occasionally. No vet can figure it out. It seems to happen after a longer walk on leash, not off leash though. Even in winter.

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  4. Hi my 18 month old Frenchie has suddenly begun drooling excessively since yesterday. She seems fine in herself and is eating and drinking normal. She had a poop before which was a yellowish colour and had the same substance as her drool coating it. I don’t know if she maybe has a cold as we are all ill at the moment and she was shivery earlier so I cuddled her in a blanket and it stopped within a few minutes. Should I be concerned or is this typical with cold/flu?

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