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We are pleased that you’ve taken an interest in us. Behind every great company are great people, and we pride ourselves on our exceptional team. Our goal is to make a global impact, grow as a team, and remain passionate about our work. To date, our puppies are loved in 45 COUNTRIES, our website gets 100,000 VISITS monthly, we boast 180,000 INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS, and have cultivated a 8,000-MEMBER STRONG FACEBOOK COMMUNITY. Among our clients are celebrities such as actor NEIL PATRICK HARRIS, NFL players, renowned singers, and TV series stars. We look forward to potentially welcoming you to the TomKings Puppies family. If you don’t see an immediate role for you, don’t hesitate. We’re always eager to receive resumes and connect with talented individuals. If you’ve got the skills, we’re confident we can find the right spot for you. Initiate a conversation with us today!

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Our Core Values and Mission

We also want to make sure that our puppies continue to be healthy and happy in their forever homes, and that our adopters become part of a helpful and supportive community where we are all connected by the love towards Frenchies. Just like one big Family! 🙂

Our Core Values

Win-Win Thinking:

Our goal is to create a workplace where everyone comes out as a winner, whether it's colleagues, adopters, puppies and our partners.


We are committed to continuous learning and development. We support our employees to improve every day.


Honesty and open communication define our operations. We communicate transparently and respectfully to all stakeholders.

Positive Attitude:

We believe a positive attitude is crucial for success. We prioritize this value in all our activities.


We view our colleagues, adopters, and our French bulldogs not just as partners or pets, but as cherished family members.

Our Mission

To The Top Together:

We work and grow together to create something truly special. We aim to become the world's most famous and recognized kennel and French bulldog brand.

With a Hungarian Heart:

We are proud of our Hungarian roots. We do everything to present Hungary in the best light, whether it's dog breeding, business, or human values.

For Better Breeding:

We help dog owners, build a community, fight against frauds, and always ensure that our dogs are the happiest and healthiest.

Open positions

Open positions

If no current position seems like the right fit for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We always appreciate connecting with talented individuals and believe in finding the perfect role for every skill set.

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