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Welcome to TomKings Puppies!

We are dedicated to offering extraordinary French Bulldog puppies that capture your heart and become cherished members of your family. With over 13 years of experience, we take great pride in ensuring that each puppy embodies the qualities of health, temperament and beauty, making them the perfect addition to your loving home.

The Story

Our Story

TomKings Puppies was started by two brothers, Tom and Geri, who turned their professional wrestling careers into a lifelong passion for French Bulldogs. With remarkable success as athletes, including competing in the Olympics and winning championships, they channeled their dedication and expertise towards their childhood dream of raising happy and healthy Frenchies. Tom focused on breeding, while Geri connected with families who would treat the pups as their own children.

Over the years, as our breeding program has gained popularity the small Hungarian family business has grown a lot. To meet the needs of our customers and ensure the well-being of our puppies, we trained professional TomKings nannies and built a team of Frenchie lovers who communicate with customers and help them find their dream puppies. Today, we have happy adopters in all 50 states of the US and more than 300 TomKings parents from 45 countries, making us one of the most successful Frenchie breeders worldwide.

Geri and Tom at TomKings Puppies
Tom at TomKings Puppies
Geri at TomKings Puppies
Happy Frenchie Family - TomKings Puppies
Happy Frenchie Family - TomKings Puppies
Happy Frenchie Family - TomKings Puppies
The Mission

Our Mission

At TomKings Puppies, our mission is to create happy Frenchie families by finding the most loving homes for our puppies and providing exceptional service to Frenchie lovers. We are dedicated to breeding the healthiest and most beautiful French Bulldogs, and raising them as family members so that they bring joy to our adopters’ lives.

Additionally, we strive to bring about positive change in the world of French Bulldog breeding. Sadly, it has gained a negative reputation due to numerous scams and unethical breeding practices. Our aim is to change that by demonstrating that breeding can be conducted in a transparent, ethical and trustworthy way. Each member of the TomKings family works tirelessly to achieve that goal.

the program

Our Breeding Program

With over ten years of experience, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of quality and health in our breeding program. We carefully select our Frenchie parents based on health, appearance, and temperament to ensure the best offspring. From birth, our puppies receive round-the-clock care, nourishment and socialization. Our team of nannies, selected for their expertise and love of dogs, work closely with Tom to provide a safe environment for the puppies to grow and develop.

We collaborate with trusted veterinarians who conduct regular health check-ups, administer vaccinations and provide necessary medical care. When you choose a TomKings Frenchie, you can be confident that you are bringing home a healthy, well-tempered and beautifully bred companion.

TomKings Puppies Breeding program
TomKings Puppies Breeding program
TomKings Puppies Breeding program
TomKings Frenchie Family
TomKings Puppies Map
the family

The TomKings Frenchie Family

Choosing TomKings Puppies means joining our extended family. We provide lifelong support for our Frenchie parents, answering questions, offering training tips and healthcare advice with their babies. Our dog-loving colleagues are available 16 hours a day to assist you. We have created the TomKings Frenchie Family Facebook group, where adopters can share experiences, seek advice and connect with fellow Frenchie enthusiasts. We also organize regular TomKings Frenchie Meetups, creating a strong community for Frenchie parents to have fun and make new friends while their puppies play together.

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