How to groom your Frenchie

Obviously, like any other pet and human members of your family, your Frenchie pup needs regular grooming and bathing to keep his skin and coat healthy. Below we share our tips on how to do it so that you both enjoy it. 1. Start it

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Frenchie-friendly vacation

Your puppy is a family member, so it’s obvious that she or he goes on vacation with you. Have a look at our tips on how to organize a real Frenchie-friendly vacation. Vacation with your French bulldog Fortunately, French Bulldog is a very friendly, easy-going

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About TomKings

A day on the TomKings Puppies farm

The TomKings Puppies farm is always a busy place with healthy and happy Frenchies and a dedicated team of carers. Come and look behind the scenes and see what happens on an average day. 6 AM Tomi, the co-founder of TomKings, is already awake, helping

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What to do when your Frenchie gets scared? - TomKings Blog
Frenchie Products

How to carry your Frenchie in your car?

Each state has their own regulations on transporting pets, but regardless of the legislation, there are some safety tips to consider. It’s also important to make the trip comfortable and enjoyable for both you and your Frenchie boy or girl. Your Frenchie puppy is a

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Frenchie Lifestyle

Five misbeliefs about French Bulldogs

There are some common misbeliefs we often hear or are asked about French Bulldogs. As we have raised hundreds of happy and healthy pups on our farm, and are always surrounded by them in the house, we’d like to clarify some misconceptions and share the

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