How to avoid French Bulldog Scams

It’s a big part of our mission to fight against French Bulldog scams to protect puppy parents and promote ethical breeding. ‘But they seemed to be so nice.’ – we hear victims referring to scammers, who obviously never look like bad guys. They know all

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French Bulldog Food Recipes - TomKings Puppies

French Bulldog Food Recipes

While dry dog food is a safe and convenient option for French Bulldogs, preparing homemade food is an excellent alternative. If you’re a Frenchie parent, you might find it hard to figure out how exactly you should cook for your fur baby to make sure

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About TomKings

TomKings Frenchie FUNiversity

As part of our mission, to raise a worldwide family of healthy and happy puppies and to give lifelong help to their parents, we launched TomKings Frenchie FUNiversity. In the past years, we have published several articles on the various stages of the wonderful journey

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