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Best friend
"Our Frank is the best, sweetest, cutest dog ever and we couldn’t be more happy with him and our entire experience!"
Scottsdale, Arizona

Your best friend

is raised by
Tom Kings Puppies

Premium quality French Bulldogs from Europe

Superior puppy raising and care until 12+ weeks

Lifelong health guarantee and continous support

Our Frenchies are destined to make your life pawsome

Our Frenchies are destined to make your life

Are you ready to do the same?

As a trustworthy elite breeder-family of French bulldogs, we dedicate our lives to raise healthy, balanced, and well-mannered furbabies for future owners. We love them from the moment they are born and we genuinely care for them like family members. This love doesn’t cease if a potential owner shows up: we want our babies to live in forever loving homes with people who never stop caring for them.
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Why adopt a French Bulldog (puppy parents share their views)


Make yourself the best possible parent for your Frenchie furbaby by learning about them!


Tom Kings Puppies is a small elite breeder since 2009 with a family of more than 300 happy Frenchies worldwide

Award- winning

Award-winning bloodline,

guaranteed health

Every Tom Kings parent dog have passed a rigorous selection and examination process before we started our elite breeding program to build the healthiest and most Frenchie-authentic gene pool for our Tom Kings babies. All of our adult dogs and puppies get the highest quality food and supplements to ensure immaculate health, and they are checked by our vet on a weekly basis. Our purebred furbabies come with a Tom Kings Health Guarantee, that is valid against all genetic illnesses.

Loving family

No kennels,

but green garden and a loving family home

Strong musculature with great immune system, and well manners won’t develop in crowded spaces, called kennels. Instead, we treat all of our dogs and pups as family members, let them roam freely in our vast green garden and rest with us in our house. They can play as much as they want and we raise them by teaching all the good manners among dogs and people, including children.

Maternal love

12 weeks of maternal love

and professional care

Spending 3 whole months after birth with their caring mother and siblings ensures that Tom Kings puppies develop a healthy dog-personality and a well-balanced nature. Before joining their new families, they get all the puppy vaccinations, are dewormed and treated against parasites. Their potty training starts early on, so you’ll have an easy job to make your little angel reliably house-trained.

New home

Arriving safe

and sound to their new home

Our puppies are delivered by experts of pet transport to ensure they don’t experience stress even amid longer flights. They travel in a temperature-controlled and pressurized room (not stacked on top of suitcases), and they are watched all along the flight. During layovers, the puppies are taken off the plane and placed in a pet hotel, where they are given fresh food, water and lots of pampering.

Your love story begins and continues with the family’s support

Oh, those moments at the airport when a Tom Kings puppy first meets their new family, are sweeter than any airport scenes in romantic movies. It’s true and mutual love at first sight, but it doesn’t stop with that: you’ll become a member of the Tom Kings Family, a supportive worldwide collective of Tom Kings French Bulldog owners and us, of course. Feel free to reach out to us any time with your questions or to share your joy: we answer you immediately 16 hours a day.

To have a Frenchie is like to have a
a new life

No more days without a laugh and heartwarming moments: your Frenchie will be one-of-a-kind when it comes to their personality. A grunting piglet with an attitude to make you smile no matter what. A clownish princess who has the biggest heart and helps to open yours each and every day. Frenchies are the true masters of making your days worth-wile.

Where do our puppies live worldwide?


Available Puppies

Brando, the gigolo

French Bulldog,



Einstein, the smart

French Bulldog,




Why Tom Kings Frenchies really make a difference


Potty training in progress

Well-balanced nature

Got all the puppy shots

Sociable with children 
and other dogs

Trained for good manners

Get the guide today to help you raising, training, loving, and caring for your Frenchie on the highest scale.

We share your journey of a lifetime with

Frenchie furbaby​

Instead of saying sayonara, Tom Kings family assists your parenting all the way

Lifetime health guarantee

Your puppy is given a very vital head start to a long and healthy life and is guaranteed against any incurable and debilitating genetic disorders per contract.

Lifetime free breeders’ help

As a responsible breeder, we give immediate and expert support 16 hours a day, responding to any health, behavioral and practical issues with your Tom Kings Frenchie, no matter their age.

Lifetime free vet consultancy

With a Frenchie expert veterinarian on board, Tom Kings is ready to discuss any health-related questions and give you detailed, professional advice.

How to become a parent to an amazing Frenchie puppy?

It takes only 1 week from the first aww to the first hug

Pick one of our furbabies

Contact us about the puppy you are interested in, and we will send you the adoption details. Get to know your future pup via video chat and their family by joining the Tom Kings Frenchie Family Facebook group.

Paperworks and deposit

We send you the health guarantee and the adoption contract along with the invoice. Firsthand 20% deposit is needed through PayPal.

Shipping and documents arranged

We transport your puppy to almost any international airports worldwide, and for that, we arrange their microchip, passport, health certification, and flight ticket. 5 days prior of transporting your puppy the rest of the price should be paid via PayPal.

Welcome your Frenchie lovebug

As your Tom Kings Frenchie is about to land, make sure you to have the right food, snacks, some water and a towel to welcome them at the airport. We gladly help you with all the necessities.



All the puppies which are presented here, on our website and have a green dot to their profile pic are currently available for adoption. On our Instagram and Facebook page however, it may take a while as we update our previous posts, so please make sure you check here if a particular puppy is still looking for a loving parent.

We are located in the southern part of Hungary, Europe, the puppies are raised in a vast family ranch.

International shipping costs to major airports are included in the prices shown at each puppy.

Officially no younger than 12 weeks old puppies can enter the USA, and other countries have similar restrictions. By the age of 12 weeks, our puppies got all compulsory shots, which means you don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars for vaccinations. The next shot is due only when they are 10 months old. Until 12 weeks they remain with their mom and siblings, learn social skills and their potty-training is started, so you’ll have an easier job to successfully house-train your puppy later. To ensure that you don’t miss any of their childhood cuteness, you can Facetime/Skype with them before your puppy is transported to your home.

We use PayPal that acts as a reliable payment insurance and a solution against scams as it keeps your money pending until you get your puppy. We receive your payment only after you have confirmed that your puppy has arrived in your arms safe and sound. Tom Kings is a well-known name within Frenchie owners, as many of our -now grown up- pups have their own Instagrams with thousands of followers. You can check them by using our map and perhaps even find someone close to your home, who already owns a Tom Kings Frenchie. Contact them via Instagram or start building relationships on our Facebook group with the Tom Kings Family of French bulldogs worldwide.


Our story

Tom Kings’ high standards bring joy to every owner

As devoted lovers of dogs and especially the French bulldogs 10 years ago, our family has started to breed our own puppies to make other people happy with healthy and loving Frenchies. Originally, we are two brothers: Tom and Geri. Tom has a degree in animal science, therefore he puts his professional mind alongside with his big heart into raising Frenchies. Geri, an Olympic athlete in freestyle wrestling, is a master of endurance when it comes to the daily care of puppies besides running the family business.
We at Tom Kings set very high health, genetic and wellbeing standards to make sure that all our dogs feel like family members while living a happy, fulfilled life and enjoying parenthood of beautiful furbabies. Instead of kennels or crates, we raise them in a vast, green garden with plenty of place to roam around and we let them sleep and rest in a cozy, large family house where our dogs and pups can socialize with humans of any age. Because well-balanced doggos come from well-balanced family backgrounds.

Adopt a Tom Kings puppy and enjoy the support of a worldwide Frenchie family!

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Don’t miss out Your Ultimate Guide to Adopting a Frenchie e-book
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