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Adopting a puppy

Boy or Girl Frenchie? We help you decide!

Many future parents who have already decided to welcome a sweet little Frenchie pup into their homes will soon face another question that might get them thinking. You may have already asked this yourself: should you get a boy or a girl? Does gender even

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Frenchie Fitness: Dog Nutrition

Maintaining healthy body weight is not only crucial to human health, but it is the same with dogs. Overseeing the amount your Frenchie consumes day by day will help to avoid becoming overweight and prevent many health issues, like high blood pressure, problems with insulin,

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Training your puppy

What to do if your dog chews on everything

A Frenchie can chew on things for many reasons. Between the age of 2-6 months, they are teething. It’s a natural process when puppies chew on everything. But if your dog is already past this age, he is clearly full of energy which he cannot

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Food Aggression And What To Do About It

If your Frenchie has reached the level of aggression when he bites you during feeding, that is a serious condition, and you need to seek professional help. What to do if your Frenchie has food agression? If you haven’t reached this state yet, but your

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