Meet the Team of TomKings Puppies - TomKings Blog

Meet the Team of TomKings Puppies

TomKings Puppies started as a small family business founded by two brothers, Geri and Tom more than ten years ago. As the demand for TomKings Frenchies has suddenly increased the last couple of years, the team needed to grow as well. Last year, we released a short documentary in which we briefly introduced all the colleagues who work on creating happy Frenchie families every day. This time, we decided to reveal some more about everyone: meet the team of TomKings Puppies!

TomKings Tom and Sandra

Meet the Team of TomKings Puppies - TomKings Blog

Tom: “I have loved caring for animals since I was very young. I have a degree in animal breeding and always dreamt of living on a huge farm surrounded by a lot of animals. So, it was an obvious move to start TomKings with my brother.”

Sandra: “When I was a little girl, I spent a lot of time with my mom’s friend who was a Frenchie breeder and even attended dog shows with her. So, my love for French Bulldogs stems from a very early age.”

Meet the Team of TomKings Puppies - TomKings Blog

Sandra: “We’ve been together for 6 years and agreed right from the start that neither of us could imagine life without having dogs in it. Since then, we do what we love every day: our hobby which is our job at the same time. Tom oversees the whole breeding process and I help with the puppies as well as answer our Frenchie parents’ questions.”

Tom: “What we love most about breeding Frenchies is being able to give all that joy and love that we receive from them to other people day by day. We are always waiting for the photos and videos with the new families. If we had to start all over, this would be the path we would choose again.”

Meet the Team of TomKings Puppies - TomKings Blog

TomKings Geri

“I was a professional freestyle wrestler for 25 years, my best result being a 7th place at the Beijing Olympics. I majored in economy and studied in Iowa for half a year.⁠ More than 10 years ago I fell in love with French Bulldogs together with my brother Tom, which hasn’t changed ever since. ⁠

I manage the team of TomKings and consider every puppy, adopter and colleague my family. I work every day to only have satisfied customers, happy and healthy puppies and successful and enthusiastic colleagues.⁠

Meet the Team of TomKings Puppies - TomKings Blog

I love playing table tennis with my colleagues and traveling with my wife Nori and my daughter Elza.⁠ The happiest moment of my day is when we receive positive feedbacks from the adopters!”

TomKings Tony

Meet the Team of TomKings Puppies - TomKings Blog

“I studied Physical Education and Geography at Teacher Training College, during which time I spent 10 years at our local rowing club. During our active years I became national champion several times with different crews.⁠ When I finished my college and rowing career I moved to the UK where I lived for nearly 10 years, running several successful businesses.⁠

I met Geri and Tom 7 years ago and I was fascinated by their passion for French Bulldogs. I visited them many times and we quickly became friends.⁠ When I had the opportunity to join their family business I immediately said yes.

Meet the Team of TomKings Puppies - TomKings Blog

I have been helping with customer service and my goal is to find the most loving homes for our beautiful fur babies. I am happy to answer all inquiries through calls or messages!”

TomKings Adam

Meet the Team of TomKings Puppies - TomKings Blog

“I have been in the field of logistics for nearly 10 years. For a long time, I was working in a multinational company but my dream was always to become an active member of a family business.

I first met Geri at a wrestling training, after which we ended up in the same circle and got to know each other better. After some time, we both thought that it would be great to work together, and that’s when he offered me to join TomKings. I immediately said yes, which I consider one of the best decisions I have ever made. Since then, I’ve been organizing our Frenchie puppies’ travel to their forever homes.

Meet the Team of TomKings Puppies - TomKings Blog

In a nutshell, I am a sports fanatic and I’ve been in love with dogs since I was a child. I believe that everyone needs to have a furry friend to feel the love they can give. They are simply perfect!”

TomKings Csongor

Meet the Team of TomKings Puppies - TomKings Blog

“I majored in Marketing. I love doing all kinds of creative stuff, like putting together cute and funny Frenchie content to share on our Instagram and Facebook pages. I am also responsible for the development of our website and various IT projects within the company.

In my spare time, I enjoy singing and making new hits on my guitar. I used to have a trash-pop band and we managed to get to the top 50 in X-factor a few years ago. ⁠

Meet the Team of TomKings Puppies - TomKings Blog

I met Geri through a mutual friend to whom I’ll be forever grateful because I ended up in a fantastic team. Apart from my amazing colleagues and the daily dose of Frenchie cuteness, I love working here because I get to solve all kinds of professional challenges from which I always learn a lot.

Since I joined the team of TomKings, I completely fell in love with Frenchies and I’m looking forward to becoming a Frenchie parent myself sometime soon.”

TomKings Dan

Meet the Team of TomKings Puppies - TomKings Blog

“I majored in History and studied Commerce and Marketing as well. Then I spent several years around Europe playing American Football topping it with the privilege to be captain of the National Team.

I met Geri two years ago and was impressed by the quality of the company, and the enthusiasm towards lovable Frenchies thus elevating the future adopter’s life and spreading joy. It was a no-brainer to join, since then I’ve been helping with customer service amongst other fields.

Meet the Team of TomKings Puppies - TomKings Blog

It is rare to find such great people and their quality shows in their work and in their honest motivation to provide healthy and happy Frenchies to the adopters.”

TomKings Adri

Meet the Team of TomKings Puppies - TomKings Blog

“I majored in English Language and Literature and then studied English teaching but I soon realized that it’s not what I’m dreaming of. Being an animal-lover, I always imagined a profession which is related to them in some ways. As I also love communicating with people, I can safely say that when I joined the team of TomKings a year ago, my dream came true. ⁠

I answer inquiries about our puppies and make Instagram stories to brighten the days of our followers. Several months ago, I started organizing TomKings Frenchie meet ups too. These events aim to build a stronger link between our Frenchie Parents and they also provide a great opportunity for our Frenchies to make new friends.

Meet the Team of TomKings Puppies - TomKings Blog

I also manage our Facebook group which is called the TomKings Frenchie Family. I love organizing contests in it and my heart always melts when I see videos of our Frenchie Parents about their first happy moments with their furry babies.”

TomKings Bea

Meet the Team of TomKings Puppies - TomKings Blog

“I majored in English Language and Literature and spent 8 months near London working as an au pair. I never thought that I’d find a job which would unite my love for animals and the English language until December 2020 when I joined the team of TomKings Puppies.

Most of the time I answer inquiries about our puppies and forward our Frenchie parents’ questions to our vet and our experts Sandra and Tom. Last year, I started writing blog posts for our website, which I enjoy doing a lot! I always try to find the most interesting topics for present and future Frenchie parents, and educate them about this amazing breed with Sandra’s help.

Meet the Team of TomKings Puppies - TomKings Blog

I completely fell in love with Frenchies and I consider myself very lucky to be part of this big Family. The highlight of my days is when I see the happy parents’ posts about their puppies in our Facebook group!”

TomKings Marko

Meet the Team of TomKings Puppies - TomKings Blog

“At TomKings I am responsible for finding loving families for these wonderful babies. Outside of work, I am passionate about strength training and have competed in powerlifting for years, I own world and European champion titles. I believe that fitness and personal growth are essential to overall well-being, and I am committed to pushing myself to new limits both in and out of the gym.

My role in the company involves getting to know the puppies and families, understanding their individual personalities and needs, so that I can match them with each other. I believe that every dog deserves a loving home, and I am passionate about finding the right fit for both the puppy and the family. I am dedicated to making sure that the adoption process is smooth and stress-free for both sides.

I am grateful for the experiences and opportunities that my job and my athletic pursuits have given me. It’s a rewarding experience to see people find their perfect Frenchie and making it happen. Working with French Bulldogs has been a truly fulfilling experience, and I look forward to continuing to connect our babies with loving families.”

TomKings Vivienne

Meet the Team of TomKings Puppies - TomKings Blog

“After graduating from high school, I moved to the UK where I completed a 3-year college program in Travel and Tourism Business Management. I gained some really valuable experiences over these years. Additionally, I worked as a manager in a seaside hotel, which gave me an early taste of a business and team-centered lifestyle. That was a huge opportunity but also a significant challenge and responsibility at the same time.

Since I was 19, I’ve been traveling extensively around the world, giving me the chance to learn about different cultures and traditions. Most of our dogs find loving families in America, which is why working at TomKings was such a huge motivation for me. It had always been my childhood dream to go to America, which finally came true in 2017, and I already can’t wait to go back. I loved every minute of it!

Pets have been part of my life since I was born, and I’ve always adored each and every one of them. Observing their different personalities and the love they provide has been a priceless experience. So, it was a no-brainer for me to join TomKings, where my main goal is to help everyone work together as a well-coordinated, real “super team” on a daily basis. Our goal is the same: to give healthy and beautiful French Bulldogs to the best families around the world!”

TomKings Jason

Jason, from TomKings Puppies

My roots trace back to the heartland of the United States. Raised in Nebraska, I later embarked on a thrilling journey that led me to Colorado, splitting my time between Boulder and Breckenridge. Growing up in Nebraska’s serene countryside instilled a profound love for nature and animals in me, especially dogs.

I’ve taken diverse paths, earning a B.S. in Finance and a University of Cambridge CELTA certification for teaching English. Entrepreneurship is another facet of my life, managing various small businesses that brought unique challenges and rewards. Beyond work, I’m an avid snowboarder, scuba enthusiast, and intrepid traveler. Geopolitics piques my intellectual curiosity, and I have a genuine fondness for poker’s strategic nuances.

My journey eventually took me to Hungary, where I now reside with my wonderful wife, Eva, and our three amazing children. Our shared passion for exploration has led us to beautiful destinations worldwide, including Saint Lucia, Cozumel, and Alaska, where our children were born.

Life has taken me on a remarkable journey, filled with rich experiences, diverse cultures, and the unwavering companionship of our furry friends. Now, as part of the TomKings family, I’ve found a role I’m truly passionate about – helping our Frenchies find loving homes and spreading joy through our furry companions. It’s a journey I’m excited to continue, one adventure at a time.

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The Team of TomKings Puppies
The Team of TomKings Puppies


2 thoughts on “Meet the Team of TomKings Puppies”

  1. Jackie DeArmond

    Hello, Everyone at TomKings! We got Louie LeBleu just over a year ago & he not only healed a broken heart (our beloved English Bulldogs died in 2019), but he created his own place in our home & in our hearts. He also introduced us to the most amazing experience – owning a Frenchie! He will be undergoing surgery to correct all of the issues that accompany a brachycephalic breed. I’m so scared that something could go wrong. He has been the most amazing little creature! Thank you for providing such wonderful creatures. He is our family. We are moving from the US to France; so, if you ever need someone to coordinate anything in France, let me know!!!
    All the best…
    Jackie DeArmond
    Carlisle, PA

    1. Hi Jackie,

      Thank you for your kind words and offer. I’m sure Louie LeBleu has the most amazing life with you and I cannot thank you enough for taking care of him so well and loving him so much. I’m sure everything will be alright with his surgery, please keep us updated about him. 🙂

      TomKings Team

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