The daddy of hundreds of Frenchies – Tom, from TomKings Puppies

It’s not easy to schedule an interview with TomKings Puppies Co-Founder Tomi Kiss. He prefers to be where he belongs to: on the farm with his beloved pups. He is the man behind hundreds of happy and healthy French Bulldogs he and his team have been raising on his farm for long years. We asked him about his love of animals, a day (and night) on the farm and the future plans of TomKings.

The daddy of hundreds of Frenchies - spotlight on TomKings Puppies Co-Founder Tomi Kiss - TomKings Blog

The beginnings

Almost every kid loves animals and wants to have a pet, but they very rarely actually take care of them. Tomi (after whom the company was named) has loved caring for animals since he was very young.

“I was around 5 years old, still in kindergarten, when my dad brought me a dog from France, we named him Pamela. Unfortunately, she died during giving birth to her puppies and I didn’t stop until I found a cat in the neighborhood who had just had babies. I took the puppies several times a day to her so that she can breastfeed them together with her kittens.”


Tomi hasn’t changed since then. When there is new litter he doesn’t leave them to anybody else in the team. He is with them day and night, and every three hours he helps the puppies eat properly. He measures them before and after breastfeeding and if they need it, he gives them extra milk supplement.

The daddy of hundreds of Frenchies - spotlight on TomKings Puppies Co-Founder Tomi Kiss - TomKings Blog
Feeding the babies every three hours has its price:)

“The mothers gave birth to their babies by Cesarean section (as the head of French Bulldogs is quite big), so they need a few days until they get used to the new situation and can take care of their pups. Every mom is different. Some of them wouldn’t let their pups go, others seem quite careless.” – says Tomi who is, in fact, the mom and dad of these pups in the first few weeks.

He started Tom Kings Puppies with his brother Geri (who most clients communicate with) after a very successful career in sports: he won the European Junior Championship in freestyle wrestling. He retired after his spine had to be operated.

“I have always dreamt of living on a huge farm surrounded by a lot of animals. So it was an obvious move to start TomKings with my brother.”

Even if Tomi was apparently born to be with animals, he also pursued university studies to have a degree in animal breeding. His love of animals and years of experience are now supported by his professional knowledge of the various technologies, hygiene, how to keep them healthy and the recommended space for a litter. “Anyway, I give them much more space than officially needed. Their muscle and body can grow better if they have the space to move and we can radically decrease the chance of infections and diseases.”

The daddy of hundreds of Frenchies - spotlight on TomKings Puppies Co-Founder Tomi Kiss - TomKings Blog

Tomi is in touch with several vets, he knows who to turn in various cases, but there are some tasks he would never outsource. “I cut their nails at least four times before they leave and regularly clean their ears. I wouldn’t leave it to others.”

When I ask him how difficult it is to let the puppies go when they are adopted, he tries to be diplomatic. “It’s good to know that they’ll be part of a loving family where they are in the focus and get a lot of love and care. I accustom them to the crate and prepare them for the trip. The biggest reward is when we get photos from their parents and I can see that they enjoy their life.” – smiles Tomi. “I believe that each pup finds his or her best parent, and we would never give them to someone we feel would not take the most care of them.”

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The farm is currently being enlarged to add an extra grassy field for the pups to run. Tomi is in the constant search of the most exquisite breeds so that TomKings can raise the most beautiful Frenchies. “We have a very good network now, so we are the first ones to choose the Frenchie parents from a new breed.”

Before I leave him to his puppies I ask Tomi how exhausting it is to take care of so many young puppies. “I never think of this.” – he says. “This is my life and I am lucky to do something I love doing.”

The daddy of hundreds of Frenchies - spotlight on TomKings Puppies Co-Founder Tomi Kiss - TomKings Blog

The article was written based on the experience and the services of the TomKings Puppies Team. TomKings Puppies have been breeding French Bulldogs for 10 years on their farm. All the pictures in the post belong to them and show a puppy from their breed. Check their available puppies here, or if you have any questions or comments let us know below the article.


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