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TomKings Puppies are growing – in a happy and healthy way

We’ve been humbled by the steeply growing demand for TomKings puppies in the past few years, while we have remained fully committed to the ethos of ethical breeding. How can we help several families around the world to adopt a happy and healthy Frenchie fur baby and still follow our very strict code of breeding ethics? How do we grow and still maintain our high standards giving the undivided attention to each puppy and adopting parent they deserve? In this article, we answer all the questions with full transparency.

First of all, what is ethical breeding?

In short, it’s to prioritize the interest of the breed and the animals over the business interests.

It means that our goal is to maintain the high quality of the breed and raise healthy and happy French Bulldog puppies. We achieve this goal by having our own strict guidelines of

– the selection process of the puppy parents,
– the feeding and healthcare protocols of the babies
– the space they need to play and grow healthy muscles
– the attention we give to the puppies and the puppy moms (we keep the number of litters from a mom to four in total, and then we either find a loving family for her or she stays with us)

We believe that ethical breeding is the only way of breeding, and as we’ve all been animal lovers since we can remember, we couldn’t do it in any other way.

TomKings Puppies are growing while our pups receive the same amount of love and care

When the two ex-Olympic athlete brothers Geri and Tomi started TomKings more than 13 years ago, they had the mission of raising healthy and happy Frenchies and finding a forever loving family for them. Tomi has a degree in animal breeding and moved to a farm to live with the puppies as family members giving them all the love, care and space they need.

As adopting parents all over the world had an amazing experience of the whole process and were over the moon with their healthy and beautiful puppies, the news of TomKings spread fast.

The happy puppy parents wanted to have their second Frenchie from us, and they recommended us to their friends. We’ll always be grateful for the endless positive feedback and love from our clients, which resulted in a steep increase in the demand for more puppies.

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As ethical breeders, we had to refuse many families who wanted to have a puppy from us, as there wouldn’t have been enough space for them on our farm.

This is when Geri’s mom said she would be happy to raise puppies on her farm. Then Geri’s cousin wanted to raise one and more and more dog lover friends said that they would do anything to spend the first three months with sweet TomKings fur babies.

This was the perfect solution that everybody could benefit from. Tomi supervises the whole breeding process and trains the nannies (how we call them) who give all their love and attention to a TomKings puppy of a premium bloodline. While our dear customers, the puppy parents get a healthy, happy, well-behaved and socialized family member.

Is TomKings a business or a family?

We have never thought of ourselves as a breeding business but as a large family with all the nannies, the Frenchies and the puppy parents all over the world. The puppies are related and we’re all connected in the endless love for French Bulldogs. We give lifelong help to the parents and answer all the questions in the TomKings Frenchie Family closed Facebook group of 4,200 members.

We assist the future parents and show them the babies via videos. We also keep in touch with our 150,000 followers on Instagram and regularly publish blog posts on how to raise and train a healthy French Bulldogs.

At the same time, we’re also a business: to be able to deliver the maximum value in each area, we work with a close-knit team of Frenchie lovers. We’re proud to give work directly or indirectly to people who all share the same passion and want the best for the puppies and the puppy parents.

One thing hasn’t changed and will never change though: we raise healthy and happy puppies to find forever loving families for them. And it’s not only because we follow our strict guidelines, but also because we follow our hearts.


6 thoughts on “TomKings Puppies are growing – in a happy and healthy way”

  1. Love you guys , never give up on you loving happy healthy frenchies. You almost make me cry when I read about your dedication . Keep up the good work with your knowledge and the love and protection you give each and every puppy.
    Thank you Colleen Dean and Audie

  2. Kathryn Mavar

    My Emmett is a healthy, happy, crazy boy of 7 months. I can’t thank you enough for his even nature, his silliness, his handsome markings and Bela’s attention to detail on my behalf. I have told anyone who asks where he comes from and why given the opportunity, where I would go for a sibling. Your care and attention to providing healthy happy puppies is unmatched as far as I’m concerned. Keep up the good work and good vibes.

    1. Thank you Kathryn so much for your lovely words! Emmett is a lucky boy to have such a loving family like yours, we are sending lots of hugs to him!

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