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Do French Bulldogs Get Along With Other Dogs?

When considering adding a French Bulldog to your family, or maybe getting your current Frenchie a new furry friend, you may be left wondering: Do French Bulldogs get along with other dogs? This is a natural and important question for pet owners who envision a peaceful home full of the laughter and happiness that come with having multiple pets. This article dives deep into how Frenchies interact with other dogs, providing insights from our experience at TomKings Puppies. Whether you’re a seasoned Frenchie parent or considering your first, you’ll learn how to create a balanced and happy coexistence for your furry family members.

About Frenchies in a Nutshell

If you’re a Frenchie lover, you probably know that these dogs are far more than just pets; they are furry children with a unique charm that’s impossible not to fall in love with. Renowned for their sociable and friendly nature, these little pups have a big heart, getting along wonderfully with just about everyone – from kids and the elderly to other dogs, cats, and even rabbits. It’s safe to say that this breed truly embodies the idea of a ‘social butterfly’ in the canine world.

Hero, available French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies
Hero, French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies

Playfulness is another essential part of the French Bulldog personality. These dogs thrive on fun and games, and benefit greatly from having a constant playmate, whether it’s a fellow furry friend or their beloved human. They are known for their moderate energy levels, although that can vary from one Frenchie to another. Their enthusiasm for play and affection makes them one of the best companion dogs, capable of fitting into various family dynamics.

Frenchies form extremely strong bonds with their family members, becoming devoted and inseparable companions to their human counterparts. Their need for attention is significant, stemming from a deep-rooted desire to be part of family activities. Their loyal and devoted nature, however, comes with a slight downside: without the necessary interaction and companionship, Frenchies may experience separation anxiety. That’s where a potential furry sibling may come into the picture.

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Compatible Breeds for French Bulldogs

Thanks to their friendly nature and charismatic personality, French Bulldogs usually get along effortlessly with a wide array of dogs. However, it’s worth mentioning that some dogs might find Frenchies a bit puzzling. This is often due to their unique body language and lack of a tail, which can lead to misunderstandings, or their distinct breathing sounds that could be mistaken for growling by other breeds. That’s why dogs with similar traits, such as other bully breeds tend to have a better understanding of Frenchies, making for smoother interactions. 

Below we will list a couple of dog breeds that typically get along well with French Bulldogs. Please note that these are just examples of the canines suitable for Frenchies, highlighting the breed’s capability to form friendly relationships with a diverse group of dogs. Members of our TomKings Frenchie Family have also shared their experiences (and cute pictures!) about the topic, visit our Facebook group if you’re curious about them! 

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Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier, much like the French Bulldog, boasts a cheerful temperament that makes them an ideal companion for the sociable Frenchie. Both breeds exhibit a playful and affectionate nature, thriving on companionship and interaction. Their similar energy levels ensure that neither is overwhelmed by the other’s presence, ensuring a smooth relationship. 


Pugs and Frenchies also share an undeniable affinity, largely due to their endearing temperaments and love for human companionship. Both breeds are known for their laid-back nature, making them perfect lounge companions for each other. Their similar energy levels mean they enjoy the same pace of life, often preferring a cozy cuddle session over vigorous exercise. 

Do French Bulldogs Get Along With Other Dogs? - TomKings Blog
Penny and Pugsley, John’s fur babies

English Bulldog

Being close relatives, it’s no surprise that English Bulldogs get along particularly well with Frenchies, having numerous similarities in appearance and temperament alike. The English Bulldog’s gentle nature complements the French Bulldog’s playful spirit, creating a balanced relationship where both can enjoy each other’s company in perfect harmony. 

This is what Jessamyn shared in our Facebook group:

“It’s only been a couple of days since Beauregard (formerly Kellan) arrived in our lives but I couldn’t be more pleased with how quickly he became fast friends with my 2yr old English Bulldog Orson Wellington. Orson LOVES soccer balls, but we also bought a big rainbow ball as a “neutral ball” for them to learn to play together. Even since filming this yesterday, Beau is no longer afraid of the soccer balls and Orson is loving the rainbow ball too. My sister Amber Parnell and I hoped that they would become best friends but even we couldn’t have predicted how well O-Beau gets along!”

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are known for their ability to get along with virtually any dog, just like the French Bulldog. This breed’s friendly and patient nature makes them an ideal playmate for the Frenchie, encouraging gentle play and mutual respect. 

One of our pups called Davis spent several days with TomKings Nelli, and was completely obsessed with her Golden Retriever called Toblerone.

Do French Bulldogs Get Along With Other Dogs? - TomKings Blog
Davis sitting on Toblerone 🙂

Our TomKings Frenchie Parent Jeannine also regularly shares the most adorable pics of her Frenchie Aneth and her two Goldens, melting our hearts every time:

Do French Bulldogs Get Along With Other Dogs? - TomKings Blog
Aneth and her buddies, Jeannine’s babies

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier, with their spirited energy and petite size, pairs very well with the French Bulldog. Despite their size difference, Yorkies and Frenchies often share a similar level of energy and a fondness for play, making them compatible companions. 

Do French Bulldogs Get Along With Other Dogs? - TomKings Blog
Macho and his buddy, Vincent’s babies

Cane Corso

At first glance, the size and temperament differences between the Cane Corso and the Frenchie might seem challenging. However, the Cane Corso’s calm and confident demeanor actually complements the playful and affectionate French Bulldog really well. With proper introduction and socialization, these breeds can form a surprisingly harmonious and balanced companionship.

Do French Bulldogs Get Along With Other Dogs? - TomKings Blog
Marni and Luna, Sandi’s babies

Tips for Introducing French Bulldogs to Other Dogs

Once you’re ready to bring a second fur baby home, it’s essential to be prepared and ensure a smooth introduction for your pups. Below we’ll share a step-by-step guide on how to introduce a new family member to your Frenchie

1. Choose a Neutral Meeting Place

Begin introductions in a neutral area where neither dog feels the need to defend their territory. A quiet park or an unfamiliar fenced yard can provide a neutral ground for them both, reducing potential tension.

2. Keep Them Separated at First

Initially, keep your dogs separated, either by a fence or on leashes, allowing them to observe each other from a safe distance. This helps prevent any immediate confrontational behavior and allows each pup to get used to the presence of the other without directly interacting with each other.

3. Familiarize Them with Each Other’s Smells

Before allowing direct contact, swap blankets or toys between the dogs so they can become accustomed to each other’s scent. 

4. Monitor Their Interactions

Once you finally allow your pups to meet, closely monitor their body language and behavior. Look for signs of stress or aggression, such as stiff body postures, growling, or fixed stares. If you notice any of these signs, separate them immediately and try again later.

Urajiro French Bulldog - TomKings Puppies

5. Gradually Increase Time Spent Together

Start with short, supervised interactions, gradually increasing their length as the dogs become more comfortable with each other. 

6. Establish Yourself as the Pack Leader

Dogs are more likely to get along when there’s a clear pack hierarchy. By establishing yourself as the pack leader through consistent training and rules, you can minimize competition and encourage harmonious interactions. If play becomes too rough, intervene and separate your pups for a cooldown period.

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7. Use Positive Reinforcement

Always reward calm and friendly interactions with treats and praise to reinforce positive behavior. This encourages both dogs to associate each other’s presence with positive outcomes.

8. Continue Showering Your Older Pup with Love

To prevent jealousy, make sure to continue giving your older dog plenty of attention and affection. This helps reassure them of their place in your heart and home, reducing the likelihood of resentment towards your new pup.

By following these guidelines, you can help ensure that your Frenchie forms friendly and lasting relationships with other dogs, providing them with valuable companionship.

The Dynamics of Multiple French Bulldogs Living Together

Introducing a second Frenchie into your home will definitely enrich the lives of everyone involved, especially your first Frenchie. These little companions naturally provide each other with endless amusement and company, significantly reducing the chances of boredom and its associated troubles. The constant companionship means your Frenchies will be less likely to engage in destructive behaviors like chewing.

Dragomir, available Fluffy French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies

Moreover, the benefits of having two French Bulldogs extend beyond just playtime. Their daily interactions are also a form of exercise, reducing the need for numerous walks. Your new puppy will greatly benefit from the presence of an older Frenchie, learning through observation and imitation, which can ease the training process hugely. Not to mention that you’ll notice a definite increase in the overall happiness and well-being of your first Frenchie!

Conclusion: Yes, French Bulldogs Do Get Along With Other Dogs

In conclusion, the question of whether French Bulldogs get along with other dogs can be met with a resounding yes. These charming canines definitely have a way of bringing light and joy into any room, and this extends to their interactions with other dogs. Their adaptable nature and friendly disposition make them ideal playmates for basically any dog breed. Don’t forget that it’s crucial to select a breeder who places a high priority on proper socialization from an early age. This ensures that the new puppy is well-adjusted, friendly, and ready to integrate smoothly into your home.

Available puppies

Available Puppies

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Gloria, the lively

If you’d like to learn more about Frenchies, join our Facebook group called TomKings Frenchie Family to read our Frenchie parents’ experiences.

The article is based on the expert knowledge of the TomKings Puppies team who have been breeding French Bulldogs for 13 years on their farm. All the pictures in the post belong to them and their customers, and show puppies from their breed. Check their available French Bulldog puppies, or if you have any questions or comments let us know below the article.


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