What’s better than a Frenchie? Two Frenchies!

Many of our clients who raise a wonderful French Bulldog soon realize they want to adopt a sister or a brother. No wonder: these puppies are so friendly and adorable that you can’t resist the temptation to double or triple the joy. We know it too well: on the TomKings Puppies farm we are always surrounded by several babies and enjoy every minute of our time with them. In this article, we share with you some essential pieces of advice on when and how to adopt your second puppy if you want to grow the family.

What’s better than a Frenchie? Two Frenchies! - TomKings Blog

Why adopt more Frenchies?

Apart from the extra love and joy a second Frenchie will give you, they also entertain each other and play with each other; they never get bored which eventually makes your life a lot easier. Raising two Frenchies doesn’t mean double cost or energy versus raising one as you already have many of the equipment and arrangements for one. Your lifestyle will not change dramatically after adopting your second puppy.

What’s better than a Frenchie? Two Frenchies! - TomKings Blog

Easier to socialize the second puppy

When adopting the second puppy, pick one who is younger than six months, as your first Frenchie will accept him or her quicker. As your first puppy is already socialized, you will have an easier time to train the newcomer as he or she can also learn things from the first Frenchie. Frenchies usually get on well with other puppies, but they have their personality, and two dominant types can end up fighting a lot. Always consult the breeder about the character of the puppies and tell them about the Frenchie you already have.

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There a few precautions to keep in mind when introducing them to each other for the first time

What’s better than a Frenchie? Two Frenchies! - TomKings Blog
– Make them meet in a neutral place, not at home, as otherwise, your first puppy might feel his or her territory threatened.
– Either keep both of them on the leash or none of them, don’t control one of them more than the other.
– During the first period, your first Frenchie might get jealous, so it’s vital to treat them equally, and not to give more love to the second one who is usually younger and smaller.

What’s better than a Frenchie? Two Frenchies! - TomKings Blog

A boy or a girl?

Probably the best you can do is to adopt one of each gender as in our experience a boy and a girl pup get along very well. It’s also a good idea to adopt two of them at once; when they are from the same litter, they know each other well, so it will be easier to socialize them in their new home. They even travel together which is very reassuring for them. (For this reason, we do our best to make them fly in pairs if possible, even if they belong to two different families.)

If you are thinking of having a second or third puppy, send us a message, and we’ll help you decide.

What’s better than a Frenchie? Two Frenchies! - TomKings Blog

The article was written based on the experience and the services of the TomKings Puppies Team. TomKings Puppies have been breeding French Bulldogs for 10 years on their farm. All the pictures in the post belong to them and show a puppy from their breed. Check their available puppies here, or if you have any questions or comments let us know below the article.


16 thoughts on “What’s better than a Frenchie? Two Frenchies!”

  1. We just adopted a boy and girl from the same litter. They are approx 9 weeks old. My wife just read it’s not a good idea to adopt litter mates. Is this true for Frenchies?

    1. Hi Chad,
      absolutely not true, it’s ideal to have two pups from the same litter, they are already socialized and are used to each other.
      let us know if you have concerns.

      1. Hi,

        I’m actually in a similar situation— I recently adopted two Frenchie sisters. I was wondering if you could shed more light on some of the issues of raising them together, or if you knew of any resources for that? Most articles I’ve found just talk about raising one puppy, or about introducing a second one later.

          1. Hi there. Looks like we can’t join since we don’t have pups from you. We have the same question. We are considering being home a boy and girl pup at 9 weeks old and we are reading all kinds of things on the internet. Some say it’s great. Others say things like the pups will become attached to each other and not love their owner. They become distant and disobedient? Opinion? Advice?

          2. Hi Curt,

            It’s always advantageous to have more than one Frenchie actually. They won’t get bored when you’re not with them, they can always entertain each other. Not to mention how sweet they can be, when they snuggle close to each other. They won’t love you less and won’t get distant in any way. 🙂 Please do join our Facebook group, it’s not a problem that you don’t have a Frenchie from us, you only need to answer the entry questions. 🙂 You can check out families with more than one Frenchie and you will be able to read their experiences. 🙂

            You can join the group here:

        1. Dianne Schwarz

          We have a 2+ y/o male Frenchie; our first little dog and he is amazing! I’m retired and my husband works from home. He goes everywhere with us! We are thinking of getting another Frenchie, a girl. We want to do what is best for our boy. Are two happier than one!?

          1. I truly believe that two Frenchies are happier than one as they can play together and cuddle together at night or at daytime naps which is the sweetest thing ever. Also, as we mentioned in the article, they never get bored as they have a friend to play with 🙂

  2. Hi Tomkings,

    Thank you for your article. We are currently debating on getting a second Frenchie. Our current Frenchie is an all white three-year-old neutered male. Our puppy is adorable yet he’s an Alpha, bossy and demanding, and can easily get jealous, needing a lot of attention. We’ve recently socialized him and he does well with other dogs at the dog park. We’d love to get a second but aren’t sure if he would enjoy the second himself or prefer being the only “child,” at this point. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you

  3. I have a neutered almost 2 year old frenchie. I want to get another one. I am not interested in breeding. Am I better off with 2 males or 1 male & 1 female

    1. Hi Linda! If you don’t want to have more puppies later, it’s best to have two boys or two girls. We would be more than happy to help you with that, please write us an email on [email protected]! 🙂

  4. Aldrich Garcia

    Looking to acquire a French bulldog,let me know if there’s any available thanks doesn’t matter the gender , thanks

  5. Hi, I have 2 beautiful baby boys coming to live with me this week, 9 week old brothers, in my head I’m thinking I’m doing the best thing for them by taking them both, but I’ve just read that they can become aggressive towards each other, is this true please?

    1. Hi Keighlea,

      Well, male Frenchies are prone to have fights over dominance even brothers. In a pack, there is always a pecking order, one dog is always higher in the hierarchy than the other, so it is completely natural for males to be fighting for leadership.

      If one of your boys is showing dominance that is only a problem if that crosses a line. In every situation like this, you have to step in, since you are the unquestioned leader, the highest in the hierarchy. Step in, tell your puppy off, you can even grab him to show your status, and send him away. I know it is hard for your soul, but it has to be done. With this method, you print in different behavior in him and you can make sure that when you are present, they won’t fight. Of course, it’s not always the case, it also depends on your fur babies’ temperament, if they are mild tempered, it’s possible that there won’t be any issue, there will be playtimes only, we have seen examples for that too. 🙂

      We have a blogpost about how a Frenchie parent can become the pack leader, I believe that will be very helpful for your situation. 🙂
      You can read it here:


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