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How to introduce a new family member to your Frenchie

Bringing in a new family member (a second French Bulldog, a cat or a newborn baby) is a big joy and excitement for all of you. However, remember that for your older puppy it’s also a threat of losing your love and attention. Read our step-by-step tips from our experts in the next series of our mini-training course.

Introducing your second Frenchie

Having two Frenchies in your family is always better than one, they can play and have fun with each other. But unless the new pup is very young, you’ll need to be cautious when you bring in the second French Bulldog.

Anybody would be irritated by the idea of having competition, and Frenchies are no different. If you miss these steps, the older puppy you will want to protect their territory and might fight with the new pup.

Choose a neutral place for the first meeting

You can easily avoid it by making them meet at a neutral place. It can be a nearby park or even the place in front of the house. Avoid making them meet in your garden or in the house.

Your second pup is normally in a carrying bag, first put down this bag close to your first Frenchie. He or she will be intrigued by the newcomer, and will have the chance to get used to the new smells.

Make sure to keep them both on leash or none of them. Look at their behavior, if your first puppy is happy, you can let the new one out of the box.

Monitor how their ‘friendship’ progresses and stay alerted to step in if the older puppy gets irritated. They normally don’t offend young pups, but in some cases, the second pup’s behavior provocates the old Frenchie.

An other source of conflict is when the baby wants to play a lot with the older puppy. In this case, tell the baby to stop, and leave the older dog alone. 

Do the same if you see them fighting, be very consistent with stopping them from that.

Introducing a newborn baby 

Frenchies are very friendly with children and babies, still, follow these easy steps when you have a newborn baby in the family.

Don’t keep the baby away from your pup, but let him or her smell the child. He or she will get used to the smells, and they will love each other forever.

If a child comes to visit your family, always ask them not to hug your puppy too tight, and to avoid screaming and unexpected gestures.

Introducing a cat

Fortunately, French Bulldogs get along with cats easily. Just like when you introduce a new dog, make them meet in a neutral place. Let them smell each other as a start. 

There are three key elements of success when you introduce them to each other.

  • Do it gradually.
  • Be patient
  • Monitor as things progress.

Whoever the newcomer is, you always have better control over your older pup, so monitor and manage them first.

Read here our general tips to follow for successful Frenchie training.

The article was written based on the experience of the Tom Kings Puppies Team. Tom Kings Puppies have been breeding French Bulldogs for 10 years on their farm. All the pictures in the post belong to them and show a puppy from their breed. Check their available puppies here, or if you have any questions or comments let us know below the article.


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