What to do if your dog chews on everything

A Frenchie can chew on things for many reasons. Between the age of 2-6 months, they are teething. It’s a natural process when puppies chew on everything. But if your dog is already past this age, he is clearly full of energy which he cannot release in other ways.

You know, we have an old saying here: a tired dog is a good dog. If your Frenchies is chewing on everything, that is a sign that he has lots of pent-up energy.

How to stop your dog to chew on everything

First of all, you need to exercise him often. You need to increase his exercise and his training as well. Take him for long walks in the morning, instead of the quick, 10-minutes pee-break. A 10 minutes walk 2 or 3 times a day is just not enough for a dog. He will be stressed due to all the pent-up energy and this leads up to health issues in the long run.

Play with your dog daily. This way he not only gets tired physically but mentally too. Take him to run free dog fields, dog school, and organize lots of activities together.

In case you really must leave him alone for hours, make sure he has chew toys available at all times, especially when teething. Rotate the toys to provide novelty. There are toys in which you can hide some dog treat, and he must get it out by chewing.

When possible, put items you don’t want your dog to chew away or out of reach. If this is not possible, keep your dog out of the area with gates or by closing doors. When you aren’t home, confine your dog in a safe area.

And most importantly, don’t blame the dog for being a dog! Give him toys to chew, reward him for chewing those, and prevent access to other items.

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