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At TomKings Puppies we don’t think of ourselves as professional breeders even if we have been raising the healthiest and most beautiful puppies for the last 10 years. We are frenchie-lovers and our main goal is to find a forever loving home and family for the puppies we breed on our farm. It’s important for us to know that they will have a happy life even after they leave the farm and from time to time we like to see how they are doing. 

Our wonderful babies start their life on our farm and then are adopted by wonderful people. They live all over the US and the world, but as they are from the same Kennel, we are a big family too! And as good families do we like to share stories and pictures of our children. Here is a selection of happy puppies growing from a small baby to a smart boy or girl we are so proud of them all!

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Cinna from Texas

We still remember when Cinna was a little cute puppy who loved to play with almost anything.

She has become a real beauty and apparently, she enjoys driving with her mum, Arielle. An awesome photo of the two of them!

Norman from Phoenix

An always playful little cutie, Norman lived in our house as well where our puppies live freely as part of our family.

So good to see that he has grown to be such a beautiful boy of Alisa – and he still loves to play.

Rascal from L.A.

Little Rascal is looking forward to seeing his new home in L.A. This is his first day with Rick and his family.

And here as a smart, wonderful, but still adorable grown-up!

Cooper from New Jersey

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Cooper has always loved to be outside. We don’t keep our puppies in kennels, they can live freely on our farm. Look at those eyes!

He still enjoys nature: stylishly dressed on the beach.

Looking forward to a ride with James.

Celebrating with Jenna. Great to see them together.

Cruz from San Antonio

Little Cruz was a real thinker when living on our farm.

This is his first day with his parents, Katie and Kurt – being in good hands.

He has grown into such a smart boy!

Stitch from Mexico

This cute baby loves to sit where his wonderful family members sit.
He especially loved to have their armchair for himself when he was small.

Thanks to Maria and her family he has grown into this adorable beauty.

BoThang from Louisiana

BoThang has always been an unstoppable explorer.

He lives happily with Deborah in Louisiana.

Luna from Massachusetts

This cute baby girl always knew how to get what she wanted.

And it seems it hasn’t changed since she found her forever loving home with Keri. Adorable!

We’d like to thank all the fantastic adopters for being caring parents and for loving these guys so much, we’re happy to see how much they have grown. Tom Kings Puppies are all over the US and the world and we find it important to keep track of the growing family. See below where our babies found a forever loving home.

The article was based on the photos taken by or provided to the Tom Kings Puppies Team on their farm and their clients who kindly shared their photos with us in the Tomkingskennel Frenchie Family Closed Facebook Group. Tom Kings Puppies have been breeding French Bulldogs for 10 years on their farm. All the pictures in the post show a puppy from their breed. Check their available puppies here, or if you have any questions or comments let us know below the article.


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Claudio, the charmer

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James, the joker

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Caleb, the captivating

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Imogen, the irresistible

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