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Why Adopt a French Bulldog: Frenchie Parents Share Their Views

Frenchies Have a Lovable Personality

One of the most frequently mentioned reasons for choosing a French Bulldog is their lovable and funny personality. These dogs are known for being social, friendly, easy to train, and incredibly smart. Their unique character traits make them a joy to have around and bring a lot of laughter and love into their owners’ lives.

Christian, available French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies
Christian, French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies

Frenchies have so much personality and every day I find myself laughing at Buster’s behavior and am amazed at how well he’s adapted to our family. He always brings us and everyone he meets joy, he’s great with other animals and situations of every kind. We can’t imagine a day without him now! Also, this is our first dog as a couple and is training us for future adventures (aka children).” (Maja)

Now that she is here… incredibly smart, so full of personality, perfect size and exercise needs, unbelievably affectionate. I love that they are attention grabbers in public, I have met new people… and I had no idea they had such a “cult” following. Now going to be my forever breed! I want # 2!!! Perfect size for me. Easy to train.” (Helen)

Obsessed with their face, color, Loooove their personality (calm and playful ‘Carter The Calm’) and their versatile size. Now that we have him, he is the most lovable, funny, cuddle bum, beautiful friend and companion.” (Margarita)

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“We chose a Frenchie because of their size and personality because we live in an apartment. We wanted a dog that would be active with us but also enjoy some lazy days. They are also so friendly and good with kids, so we would never have to worry about taking him anywhere!” (Ashley)

Frenchies Have a Small Size

Another significant reason why many choose a Frenchie is their small size. French Bulldogs are typically 11-12 inches tall and weigh no more than 30 pounds. This makes them perfect for apartment living and easy to carry around, whether you’re traveling or just taking a walk in the park. Their compact build allows them to fit comfortably into smaller living spaces, making them an ideal choice for city dwellers and those with limited space.

Edwin, available French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies
Edwin, French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies

I chose the breed due to size, smart, and personality. I love their comical and compact looks. I also did not want a breed that required a lot of grooming like my terrier.” (Helen)

I chose a Frenchie because of their size and I’ve heard they’re a great pup option for the city since I live in an apartment in Chicago.” – (Maja)

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A friend of mine had one and I absolutely fell in love! I had been a big dog person before this and had never considered a smaller dog. But once I started doing the research it was everything I needed and wanted. Smaller. Good companion. Good traveler. Friendly. Sweet.” (Shayne)

I chose this breed because I loved their little faces and compact build! I’d always been a big dog kind of person (Rottweiler, mastiff) but that required more yard space, so I started researching a smaller breed and went for it!” (Tenae)

Frenchies Have Minimal Grooming Needs

One of the many conveniences of owning a French Bulldog is their minimal grooming requirements. With the right diet and brushing about once a week, Frenchies don’t shed much and are easy to keep clean. This makes them a low-maintenance option for busy individuals or families who want a pet without the added stress of constant grooming.

Hazel, available French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies
Hazel, French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies

I’m so glad I did because this boy is hands down the most well rounded, easy temperament. He’s a clown that is smart, well behaved, and surprisingly quite athletic. They never slobber, easy to groom, and small enough to go anywhere. What more could you want?” (Jennifer)

Yeah, no grooming, and mine doesn’t even shed. She’s so clean even inside her ears.” (Jackie)

Frenchies Are Great with Kids and Other Pets

French Bulldogs are known for their friendly nature and ability to get along well with kids and other pets. This makes them an excellent choice for families and those who already have other animals at home. Their gentle temperament ensures that they can be trusted around young children, and they often form strong bonds with other dogs and cats in the household.

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My Frenchie LOVES my kids! He protects them. He does whatever they want with him, like staying in a certain position lying on bed. When my girl takes baths, he patiently waits staring at the door for an hour just there… waiting for her. My kids are EVERYTHING to him. He waits on the door for them to come back from school. It is an amazing bond.” (Maria)

Loves, loves small children. If the doorbell rings Lola assumes it is her “girl squad” and she gets massively excited! These pups come well socialized to children. I think it is their strong start on the farm from TKK children and adults.” (Helen)

She is amazing with people and other dogs, runs forever every day with her furry friends. Oh my God, I can go on and on ❤️. (Nike)

Are French Bulldogs Good With Kids? - TomKings Puppies Blog

It’s only been a couple of days since Beauregard (formerly Kellan) arrived in our lives but I couldn’t be more pleased with how quickly he became fast friends with my 2yr old English Bulldog Orson Wellington. … My sister and I hoped that they would become best friends but even we couldn’t have predicted how well O-Beau gets along!” (Jessamyn)

Frenchies Are Wonderful Companions

French Bulldogs quickly become cherished members of the family. Their loyal and affectionate nature means they form deep bonds with their owners, providing companionship and comfort. In today’s fast-paced world, loneliness can be a significant issue for many people, and French Bulldogs excel at reducing feelings of isolation. Whether you’re facing a tough day or just need a cuddle, a Frenchie is always there to offer unconditional love and support. They truly are one of the best companion dogs of all breeds!

He is the sweetest, funniest, kindest, most lovable companion ever!! I ride horses competitively and he goes everywhere with me. He’s just so easy and happy to go wherever I do. I love to watch people light up when they see him. Louie has definitely never met a stranger for sure. He’s great with kids. He’s great with other dogs. He’s just the greatest decision I have ever made!! I am ready for a second one!!!” (Shayne)

Everly, available French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies
Everly, French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies

I’m glad I got a Frenchie because she has turned out to be my best friend. She has been the most loving and snuggly dog. Snuggles from a Frenchie are life-changing.” (Stephanie)

I am divorced and live alone. While my family are within 45 miles it is my two Frenchies who are the everyday constant I have in my life. They provide structure, companionship, and rhythm to my day. Because of them, I never come home to an empty house. I would be lost without my little pack!” (Helen)

Frenchies Are Amazing Emotional Support Dogs

French Bulldogs are not just beloved pets; they also make exceptional emotional support animals. Their affectionate and intuitive nature allows them not only to provide significant comfort and companionship to their owners, but greatly enhance their mental well-being. From helping cope with anxiety and stress to dealing with depression and PTSD, you can always count on your Frenchie for support in difficult times.

Koda, available Fluffy French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies
Koda, Fluffy French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies

Finn is a certified emotional support animal and I take him everywhere with me. The great joy that it brings me to have him with me at work is immeasurable! I work in a high stress industry and Finn is a constant source of stress reduction.” (Kourtney)

We got Mickey because my husband battles severe depression, and his job keeps him on the road a lot, and he gets lonely out there. So Mickey goes on the road with him, going from state to state, and Mickey loves it. He was a perfect fit for my husband, and those two are inseparable. The bond they have is absolutely beautiful.” (Candita)

Mabel and Norman are the MOST amazing companions ever!! They always want to be wherever my husband and I are at. We have both been diagnosed with PTSD – my husband from defending our country and me from my time as a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Anytime my emotions aren’t in check, Mabel and Norman stay by me and comfort me and they do the same for my husband as well. Life would not be complete without them.” (Jessica)

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Available Puppies

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Adopting a French Bulldog can bring immense joy, companionship, and laughter into your life. Our TomKings Frenchie Family members have shared their heartfelt experiences, highlighting the many reasons why Frenchies are such a wonderful addition to any home. Whether it’s their lovable personality, small size, or their ability to enhance emotional well-being, a French Bulldog can be a perfect companion for anyone. If you’re considering adopting a Frenchie, we invite you to join our TomKings Frenchie Family and experience the joy of having a sweet Frenchie in your life.

Important Update for Future Puppy Parents

Starting from August 1st, 2024, new regulations will require all puppies to be at least six months old before they can travel to their new loving homes in the US—this is a change from the current age limit of just under four months. Read this article to learn all the important details about the new regulations.

If you want to enjoy the puppy phase, we encourage you to reserve your chosen puppy by July 10th. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare for their arrival and enjoy the special moments of their early puppyhood. You can send us an inquiry on our website or reach out via one of these contacts:

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Ralph, available Fluffy French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies
Ralph, Fluffy French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies

The article was based on comments from the TomKings Frenchie Family Facebook group and written by the TomKings Puppies team, who have been breeding French Bulldogs for over 13 years on their farms. All the pictures in the post belong to them and their customers, and show puppies from their breed. Check our available French Bulldog puppies, or if you have any questions or comments let us know below the article.


32 thoughts on “Why Adopt a French Bulldog: Frenchie Parents Share Their Views”

  1. I would love to adopt a French bulldog, but everyone wants a high price, I lost my English bulldog of 18 years, can someone help me

  2. I would like to adopt another puppy as my mom is in the hospital and she my Jasmine is taking it hard she staying close to my dad want let him out of her site. She is very smart little cookie I can’t thank her enough to be the best friend to my dad but I don’t want her to be sad. My dad will not let her be by herself in this tough time for us.

  3. Super adorable dogs! Greatest companion! I can bring my frenchies with me almost any where! Everyone loves them! Small cute and yet a manly dog as well! Great companionship. Super happy with my Frenchie puppies. Glad to have chosen Tom kings kennel to select my puppy from!

  4. Tashia Williams

    I just had to put 2 if my dogs down in less than a week of each other. Now I only have one dog and she is very sad, shes never been an only dog. I really want to adopt a frenchie for me and for my Zowie, so shes not lonely. If I lose her I dont know what I’ll do. So please help me adopt one.

  5. I really want a French bulldog so bad but every time I try to adopt they’re always international scams and they’re really expensive :/ they are beautiful dogs

    1. We’re sad to hear that. There are so many scams in the World nowadays, we are all afraid of them.
      How can you be sure that we are legit?
      1. Check the Facebook group we created for our buyers
      2. Check our Facebook reviews what we got from our buyers
      3. Connect our buyers on Instagram
      4. Pay With PayPal
      5. Read our testimonials
      6. Call our previous buyers
      7. Read our first book on Amazon

      Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

      1. sheila spooner

        Tomkings, I’ve followed y’all for some time now, and love how healthy looking and happy your Frenchies’s are. My best friend , cocoa is 14 now and she is moving much slower lately. Still the sweetest baby ! Some time in the future I would love to adopt another best friend hopefully from y’all . I live in Watermill NY , on a small farm with my family . Please let me know how I can keep in touch and ask questions , to other families that have adopted from tom kings kennel . Thank you sheila B

        1. Hi Sheila,

          I’m sure Cocoa has the best life with you and we would be very happy if we could find your dream puppy one day. 🙂 I hope you like our Facebook group, feel free to reach out to the members. 🙂

  6. Tom,

    I am interested in adopting/fostering a frenchie. I had 1 but lost to a tragic event and would love that loving personality around again.

    1. Hi Ethan, we are very sorry for your loss, I am sure you will find your loving Frenchie! I have just sent you an email!

  7. Shakeera Grier

    Hi yes I’m interested in getting Bulldog for my 10 year old Lil girl she a only child and she keep asking me for a dog. Can you help me with her dream

    1. Hi Piercarla!

      Thank you for your comment, we have sent you an email about our puppies. We are looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂

  8. Michael Ferreira

    I personally know of a friend from CT, USA that purchased a puppy from you. I have a male blue who will be turning 6 this month.
    I noticed your section here on adoption, I’ve always had interest but the ones that I was directed too had tons of medical issues. I’m looking for a companion for my boy Jinx. Please advise, thank you.
    Mike from MA, USA

    1. Hi Michael,

      We have sent you an email. 🙂 I can’t wait to find the perfect little companion for sweet Jinx.

  9. Susan Gruening

    I’ve been trying to purchase a Frenchie for a long time. I’ve spent a good deal of time talking to Tom. Please, I really have been dreaming for a French Bullldog forever.
    Thank you for considering me.,

  10. Matt Kozminski

    I followed Tom Kings on instagram, shortly after getting Stella, our First Frenchie from what ended up being a less that reputable AKC breeder. I thought to myself, when it’s time, the next one should come from TKK.

    About two years ago, sadly, I lost my black lab to cancer. We already had our 5 year old Stella, ( again … she is not a TKK Pup) , who continued to have significant health issues. But I knew we wanted to get another French Bulldog.

    My Wife and I had our reservations about sending money and getting a puppy from abroad, Tony and Geri immediately put our minds’ at ease. The TKK Facebook Group shares so many stories of successful, happy and healthy arrivals to the US.

    I was also surprised and pleased with that fact that she was not more expensive than getting a high quality pup in the US, including shipping and brokerage fees! Frankly I though she would have been ALOT more expensive.

    As a Result we got our Elena… she is our “soul dog” the most wonderful, happy and very healthy Frenchie. Our Elena turns two on June 11th, 2024.

    Today we decided to get Elena and Stella a baby Sister, Nara. Who we hope to have stateside early July.

    To those of you reading this, and have the same concerns that we had. Don’t worry… it will be an exciting and joyful experience dealing with the whole TKK family. To put into perspective… we got a pup from them 2 years ago, and here we are… doing it again, and without a single reservation! As I said to Tony today ” When you are getting a puppy from the best breeder in the world… it’s not a question of yes or no, it’s a question of which one to get!”

    We are forever grateful For Tom, Geri, Tony and the team and that we took the leap and put our trust in TKK, Elena has changed our lives, Stella is happier and healthier since Elena arrived and we are overjoyed and excited to welcome Nara into our family.

    With truly heartfelt Thanks,
    The Kozminski Family
    Naples, Florida, USA

    1. Dear Kozminski Family,
      We are truly honored by your comment – thank you so much for your kind words and for making our day better. We are so happy to have you guys in our family.
      Sending belly rubs for Elena and Stella!

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