TomKings Puppies in the lockdown (a sneak peak to our life and plans)

After recovering from the first shock of COVID19 and the lockdown, we started to work on how to improve our services even further, had an amazing Frenchie Family Gathering online with many of you, and started to work on a series of training videos.

Everything happened so fast in mid-March and when we got the news of the lockdown and flight cancelations to the US, we had to tell the prospective puppy parents that they won’t be able to meet their best friend. That was a heartbreaking period for all of us.

We won’t upload new litters onto our website until we don’t know for sure that they are allowed to travel to the US. 

We have waitlist now for our upcoming colors. It works with 250 usd deposit – goes towards the full price and people on these waitlist have the priority to choose from the litter.
If you are certain that you want to have a Tomkings puppy in the future I would recommend you being on the waitlist because we get many inquiries for our future litters and the deposit is refundable until you don’t pick a puppy. We already have few adopters on our waitlist and they enjoy priority to choose from our upcoming litters. Most likely we will have available puppies around September.

Meeting the TomKings Family

We have always said that we are a large family with the pups and their parents. We raise our puppies on our farm as family members and think of the puppy parents as a big family. In these challenging times, this has proved to be even more important.

We had been planning a meeting with TomKings Puppies and parents in the US, but in the lockdown, we turned this into an online family gathering. We were so happy to see each other, and the puppies who all started their lives on our farm. We had amazing feedback from the community, who appreciated our help on training and raising their pups. Based on the success of the first meeting, we’ll do these gatherings regularly.

Planning for the future

We use this period to improve our processes and be able to give an even better service to our clients. We work on implementing a new system so that we can get back to all your questions and be able to help quicker. We kept the whole team together and everybody is busy learning the new system.

We started to shoot a video series on training your pup. We already have extensive tutorials in our blog, and now, to help the parents, we prepare a range of how-to videos to make it easier for you to raise a happy and healthy Frenchie.

On a personal level

We live in the countryside, in a beautiful natural environment, far from the city, so it’s easier to keep safe from the virus. We’re in self-isolation and follow strict sanitizing practices, on top of our normally strict procedures. Our co-founder, Geri could spend more time with her little daughter, Elza, who is just under one year old, and – lockdown or not – the world is opening up for her day by day.

We couldn’t be more grateful to our clients, the puppy parents, the TomKings Frenchie community for your love and support. The lovely photos of your puppies, the caring messages we received from you have kept us going.

The article was written based on the feedback from the clients of TomKings Puppies Team in the Tomkings Frenchie Family Facebook group. TomKings Puppies have been breeding French Bulldogs for 12 years on their farm. All the pictures in the post belong to them and show a puppy from their breed.  Check the upcoming colors here, or if you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.


15 thoughts on “TomKings Puppies in the lockdown (a sneak peak to our life and plans)”

  1. Michele VanderLinde

    I actually received Kai (Icy) a day or two before the lockdown for shipping happened. I’m so grateful for this because I’d have terribly upset to have missed out on a couple of months of his life. He has brought endless joy to our home with his bright blue eyes and crazy personality. He makes us smile everyday. He has been great company for my older Frenchie Stitch as I’ve had to work from home. It’s been obvious from day one with Kai that he received a lot of care and love during his time at TKK.

    On another note, i so enjoy the extended family I have gained through TKK and fellow TKK frenchie owners. The love, advice and support is amazing.

    I’ve missed seeing TKK new puppies and look forward to upcoming litters. Could you all post the parents of new litters and when we’ll get to see them?
    Thanks a bunch to the TKK team. Best of luck to your future business! XOXO

    1. Thank you Michele for your comment and love, we are very glad that that Kai arrived safe and sound just in time! 🙂
      We have a long waitlist now, so this is why we don’t post our new litters.
      Hopefully the travel ban will be lifted soon and everything goes back to normal!
      Thank you

    2. Dear Michelle,
      Hi, I’m looking to get a TKK pup. I already have a Frenchie, Buddy. Buddy is 12. You mentioned in your text that you have Stitch. I was wondering what Stich’s reaction was and is he happy? Is he jealous of your baby? Buddy has been an only for 12 years and is very spoiled. I’m so crazy about him. But I think a puppy might be good for Buddy, liven him up and play with him. If you have a minute text me and tell me how Stitch is doing! What color is your baby, what’s his name? Best regards, are we sick of the virus already, please! Haha Dana

  2. Thank you so much, I feel like so much part of the family just in the past six months or so that I have been communicating with you on frenchie I was so happy to come across your family via through a couple I saw on the street with one of your frenchie and knew right then where I was going to get my best friend!! The coronavirus hit us like overnight the most amazing situation on the planet I could possibly dream of mask , social distancing… but people are being creative which is fun for me from a creative artist so I am still interested in the blue fawn and I love the clown 🤡 Personality and the pied I am planning on putting a deposit on one by June 1, for I have been patient with myself I will continue to be patient I know that things will change, and I look forward to my little Friend!! I have so many plans for him on teaching him, loving him, and knowing that it’s just him and I, and the beach full of friends where I live oh hell the neighborhood is going to talk about him!!! I wish your family all the health and happiness and freedom that this planet has.

  3. Erika Adamovic

    I’m so happy that I joined the Tom Kings family during this quarantine time that we all are in right now. It brings a lot of happiness to me to have made the descission to adopting a furbaby from you. Now it takes patience! Let’s hope it will be sooner than later. ”This” can’t go on foreverer and there is always a light !:) My hart is full of love and I’m more than ready when the time comes.
    Take care & stay safe


    1. thank you Erika, you are going to be a great Frenchie Parent!!! 🙂
      We are glad that you are part of the Family!

  4. I sent an email earlier today explaining what I am searching for. If you have that sort of Frenchie to send when puppies are allowed to be flown to the USA, I would love it. (A testable chocolate Fluffy).

    1. Thank you for contacting us! I’m pretty sure that we’ll find your perfect fluffy TomKings puppies! 🙂

  5. When will you be having more (Blue) litters? I’m very interested to get one for Christmas as a present.

    1. Hi Johnny,
      Yes, we are expecting beautiful blue litters soon! 🙂
      Please contact us and we can talk about the details.

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