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The 5 Most Exotic French Bulldog Colors

In this article, we invite you to embark on a vibrant journey into the world of Exotic French Bulldogs. While we’ve already explored the distinctions between standard and rare French Bulldog colors in a previous blog, this time our focus turns to the intricacies of exotic Frenchie colors. From chocolate to platinum Frenchies, we’ll unveil the genetic secrets behind their coats, debunk myths about health concerns, and witness how responsible breeding contributes to their uniqueness.

Basic Genetics Behind Exotic Coat Colors

French Bulldogs boast an extensive palette of colors and patterns, which is a result of intricate genetic workings. To understand exotic colors in more depth, let’s study some basic genetics first (don’t worry we’ll keep is short and sweet!).

Elizer, a beautiful merle Fluffy puppy

Within a Frenchie’s genetic makeup, color traits occupy a specific location on chromosomes known as a locus. These loci serve as compartments, hosting two gene variants called alleles—one inherited from each parent. Each locus is responsible for a different color, and together they make up the final coat color of a French Bulldog.

Every color is represented by a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, denoting whether a Frenchie carries or exhibits a specific color trait. Uppercase indicates the absence of the trait, while lowercase denotes the presence of the color trait. For example, a solid blue French Bulldog has two copies of the ‘d’ allele in the D-locus resulting in the d/d gene, while puppies with a D/d gene are only a carrier of blue.

Understanding recessive and dominant alleles is also key. Recessive alleles require two identical copies from each parent to manifest their color traits visibly (like d/d for blue). Other more exotic colors such as Lilac, Isabella and Platinum emerge from the combinations of such recessive allele pairs, contributing to their rarity. In contrast, dominant alleles like Brindle and Merle demand only a single gene copy to be present in a Frenchie’s coat.

What are the 5 Most Exotic Frenchie Colors?

1. Chocolate French Bulldog

Fenton, available French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies
Fenton, choco French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies

The mesmerizing Chocolate French Bulldog boasts a rich, chocolate brown colored coat. What makes this hue truly exceptional is the presence of the rare chocolate gene, which comes in both testable and non-testable variants. The non-testable chocolate (co/co) results in a darker color also known as cocoa, and can be detected by the “red eye glow” test using a flashlight. On the other hand, the testable chocolate (b/b) gene is an even rarer variation and results in a stunning light chocolate hue. These Frenchies often have light colored eyes like green or even yellow, and they tend to come with a tan or merle pattern.

2. Lilac French Bulldog

Lilac Frenchie puppies with Sandra 🙂

The Lilac French Bulldog exhibits a captivating light gray coat with silver shine. This enchanting color emerges from the combination of the blue (d/d) and non-testable chocolate (co/co) genes, which they need to inherit from both parents. The lilac hue, coupled with beautiful light eyes glowing red, makes these Frenchies a sought-after treasure, especially their variations of lilac and tan and lilac merle.

3. Isabella French Bulldog

Isabella French Bulldog - TomKings Puppies
Laikan, Isabella French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies

The Isabella is a rare and distinctive color variety of the French Bulldog breed, showcasing a unique grayish brown coat. Their genetic makeup is similar to that of lilac Frenchies’ but is a rarer combination of the blue (d/d) and testable chocolate (b/b) genes instead of co/co. Often dubbed the “true lilac” or “double dilute,” Isabella Frenchies are a testament to the exquisite genetic combinations that define the breed.

4. New Shade Isabella French Bulldog

Brielle, available French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies
Brielle, new shade Isabella French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies

Introducing the New Shade Isabella French Bulldog—a lighter, goldish-brown variant. This unique hue is classified as a “triple dilute,” combining testable and non-testable chocolate with the blue gene (dd/bb/coco). The result is a pale, almost ethereal coat color, complemented by mesmerizing green, amber, or blue eyes. The New Shade Isabella French Bulldog stands out as a testament to the intricate interplay of multiple recessive genes.

5. Platinum French Bulldog

Platinum French Bulldog - TomKings Puppies
Platinum French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies

The Platinum French Bulldog is the epitome of rarity and luxury. This exquisite color results from combining lilac or Isabella with the cream gene (dd/bb/coco/ee). Their white coat is adorned with a silver hue, creating a visually stunning contrast. Platinum Frenchies are highly prized for their unique appearance, and their distinct coloration sets them apart as true gems in the French Bulldog world.

+1 Fluffy French Bulldog

Andrei, available Fluffy French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies
Andrei, Fluffy French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies

While not a color per se, the Fluffy French Bulldog deserves an honorable mention. These delightful canines carry the L-long hair gene, resulting in a luxurious, long-haired coat. Fluffy French Bulldogs stand out due to their rarity and distinct furry coats, capturing the attention of Frenchie enthusiasts globally.

Fluffy Frenchie
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Benefits of Having an Exotic French Bulldog

Frenchies are already very special with their distinct look, no matter their color. But if you’re looking for a true gem, an exotic French Bulldog is your best option! These exotic Frenchies often possess captivating, pale-hued eyes, such as mesmerizing shades of blue, green, or gray. With a dog like this by your side you’ll feel like a star as you’ll be stopped all the time when going out. If you’re a breeder, an exotic Frenchie could be the crown jewel of your breeding program.

Moreover, the pride of ownership that comes with an exotic Frenchie extends beyond their physical appearance. Their playful and affectionate personalities, coupled with their stunning looks, create an unparalleled bond, enriching your life with joy, companionship, and endless admiration for these rare and remarkable companions.

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Exotic French Bulldog Prices

The allure of exotic French Bulldog colors comes with a price tag reflecting their uniqueness and rarity. Compared to standard colors, these rare variants command a significantly higher value, read our detailed article about French Bulldog prices.

For instance, a solid lilac Frenchie puppy’s price may typically start around 6,000 USD, while a lilac merle’s price can escalate up to 8,000 USD due to its distinctiveness. The rarest and most sought-after colors, such as platinum, Isabella and fluffy variations, hold immense value among breeders, resulting in substantially higher prices. Prospective buyers should anticipate prices starting from 6,000 USD, reaching up to 12,000 USD for these extraordinary breeds.

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The scarcity of these colors, coupled with the meticulous breeding practices required to produce them, contributes to their elevated prices. Ethical breeders invest considerable time, effort, and resources to ensure the health, temperament, and breed standards of these unique pups, thereby justifying the higher price point.

Exotic Frenchie Colors and Health Issues

Misconceptions often circulate regarding the health of exotic French Bulldogs, particularly concerning their recessive genes and susceptibility to skin and coat issues. Contrary to common belief, our experience contradicts these rumors.

There are also some common misconceptions about merle French Bulldogs having more health issues than other colors, but the truth is that the merle gene itself doesn’t cause any problems. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that because of how dominant the merle gene is, merle Frenchies should only be bred to a dog with a solid coat color. The reason is that two merle Frenchies will likely produce double merle puppies who often have sight and hearing impairment.

So, with meticulous care, proper health checks, and adherence to responsible breeding standards, exotic French Bulldogs thrive, demonstrating that the rarity of their colors doesn’t compromise their well-being. While any breed might have specific health considerations, the prevalence of issues among exotic Frenchies isn’t significantly higher when bred ethically.

Exotic and Responsible Breeding Can Go Hand in Hand

In the realm of French Bulldog breeding, there unfortunately exist unethical experiments, such as creating mini French Bulldogs by purposefully breeding Frenchies with the dwarfism mutation gene. However, it’s essential to shed light on the positive side—responsible breeding can seamlessly align with the pursuit of rare color variations. Ethical French Bulldog breeders understand the significance of maintaining the breed’s integrity, health, and well-being. It’s a testament to the dedication and responsibility of ethical breeders that rare-colored Frenchies can be bred in a manner that upholds the breed’s excellence.

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