How Frenchies put up with extreme cold/hot weather [and how to help them cope]

Our furry friends suffer from extreme temperatures (highs or lows) the same way as we do. They can’t tell us though, so check out signs of when they are too hot (or too cold) and our expert tips to keep your Frenchie at optimum body temperature and happy.

How Frenchies put up with extreme cold/hot weather [and how to help them cope] - TomKings Blog

When does it start to get too hot for French Bulldogs?

Frenchies have a hard time reacting to heat – or any harsh change in weather, and can, therefore, overheat very easily if in a climate that is quite hot. It’s great to keep an eye on them during the summer months where being out at a park or in the sun can really have an effect on your poor pup if they are left unattended for too long.

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What signs will my Frenchie make when they are too hot?

  • They may start to foam at the mouth.
  • Your pup can have a hard time breathing and therefore pant more often and louder.
  • Their tongue hangs loose and is discolored. 
  • They are drooling much more than usual.
  • Lethargy or weakness in movement.
How Frenchies put up with extreme cold/hot weather [and how to help them cope] - TomKings Blog

How can I help my Frenchie keep cool?

  • Avoid walking or running with them in hot weather as this will raise their temperature even more. They are like kids and run around until they can, so be careful to stop them:) In big cities be mindful of the hot pavement that can hurt their feet.
  • Put your pup in the shade and try to shield them from the sun or hot pavements that they may stand on.
  • Make sure they have constant access to plenty of water to keep hydrated.
  • Give them a refreshing ice cube to lick. There are great cooling harnesses you might consider.
  • Let them rest on a damp, cold cloth or towel. 
  • Spray them with a light sprinkle of cold water. You can easily set up a puppy pool for them: fill a plastic dog litter with lukewarm water, so that they can cool themselves.
  • If you have air conditioning, make sure that’s turned up to keep your pup stay cool. Be careful, however, and stop them from being too close to the source of cold air, or lie under the air con. Be aware of the differences in temperature: if you take your pup from outside, make sure he or she can get used to the colder temperature, otherwise, they can easily get sick.
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Now, to the other side of the spectrum, brrr!

When does it start to get too cold for Frenchies?

In the autumn to winter months or when the temperature drops to around 10 Celsius degrees, your furbaby could be cold outside. Suddenly going for your usual Frenchie stroll can start to get difficult for your cute pup, but following these tips will help them stay as active and curious as usual!

How Frenchies put up with extreme cold/hot weather [and how to help them cope] - TomKings Blog

What signs will my pup make when they are too cold?

  • They won’t want to go outside! If it’s too cold, your Frenchie will much rather stay cozy indoors.
  • When they do go out, they move slower and lift their paws off the ground.
  • They could start to shiver (poor pup!).
  • They may bark or whine.
  • Their body will feel colder than usual.
  • They may curl up to try to keep warm.

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How can I help my Frenchie stay warm?

  • Purchase a snug winter coat for them to slip on for your strolls and adventures 
  • Keep your walks/outings with them short so that they don’t freeze! In big cities, make sure that especially cold pavement doesn’t hurt your pup’s feet.
  • Wrap your pup up in a warm, cozy blanket, making sure to keep their vulnerable stomach and chest areas toasty
  • Purchase waterproof Frenchie boots to help them gallop in the snow without fear of getting too wet or cold
How Frenchies put up with extreme cold/hot weather [and how to help them cope] - TomKings Blog

And that’s it! Paying close attention to your pup in changing weather conditions will mean they stay happy, active, and ready to explore no matter the conditions!

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The article was written based on the experience and the services of the TomKings Puppies Team. TomKings Puppies have been breeding French Bulldogs for 12 years on their farm. All the pictures in the post belong to them and show puppies from their breed and puppy parents. Check their available colors and prices here, or if you have any questions or comments let us know below the article.


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  1. Don’t have one yet but I’m happy to learn all these things before I get one and reading up on things when you post on Instagram and Facebook 😊 leelee_69

    1. We not only help families find their furry family members, but one of our main goal is to provide all the necessary knowledge. 🙂
      So please feel free to contact us if you have any question!

  2. Thank you so much for that info!! I worry about my grand pup, Blu during the Southern California heat. He LOVES to play ball but I always worry about him. You’ve confirmed I’m doing the right things to keep him safe! ☺️ Thanks again for these informative posts!

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