“Frenchies are our links to heaven” – All about TomKings Family and their French Bulldog puppies

We are an elite French Bulldog breeder founded in 2009 by two brothers Geri and Tomi, after they had retired from their professional sports career. Today the family has grown to over 400 pups and their parents worldwide. What’s the secret? How have we gone through the ups and downs and most importantly how this global family supports each other, for better or worse.

For better…

We have never thought of ourselves as a French Bulldog breeding business. We have always had a never-ending love for Frenchies so we didn’t want to simply breed and sell them. Instead, we decided to raise the healthiest and happiest puppies on our farm, to find a forever loving family for them.

We have given them the best quality of food, vitamins, a lot of attention, and care. We don’t keep our babies in a kennel, they live and play with us freely as a family member. Our care doesn’t stop when the puppy finds his or her new home: we keep in touch with the parents, help with the training and any questions they have. 

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As our puppies are related, we think of ourselves as a big family, and it has been proven several times how strong this bond is.

In our closed Facebook group, our more than 2,600 members are in close contact to get an answer to their questions not only from us but from the other puppy parents. We can’t stop looking at the adorable pictures of the sweet babies and remember how little they were a few months before.

Our Instagram page has a community of almost 120k members all sharing our love for these little adorable clowns. 

We have always wanted to give back, so a while ago started this blog where our expert team shares tips and knowledge on how to raise, train, and entertain a French Bulldog. We’re absolutely humbled by the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the articles, and our Frenchie Love book available on Amazon.

..or worse

Life is not always easy and the family is there when you need them. The group gives emotional support when someone loses their furry friend, or goes through a difficult period. And sometimes we need help too.

  • We strongly fight against unethical breeding, and unfortunately, we occasionally have to face scammers. One of them claimed they got a genetically ill puppy from us and tried to prove it with photos. It was evident to us and all the family that they didn’t treat the poor baby well, and very soon the whole community was there to save the pup. (We have a guarantee against genetically ill puppies, but it has never happened as every TomKings parent dog has passed a rigorous selection and examination process, and they come from an award-winning bloodline.)
  • Recently, another scammer launched a website using the photos and text from ours. Soon after asking for help in the group, we had over 60 comments on the proposed solutions, and we successfully reported the site.
  • The parents love the TomKings Frenchies so much, that they often ask for a second (or even a third!) baby, which is the best thing to do as they get on very well with each other. Except…when one of the pups fell out with another in the same family. We quickly contacted another family who could take the ruthless pup, everyone was very helpful and all the family members, human and furry alike, went on living a happy life.


The worst thing for us – as for many of the world – certainly was March 2020 when airplanes were suddenly stopped due to Covid. This also meant that our pups couldn’t travel to their families, but fortunately, everybody was absolutely understanding. Soon after we had our first Zoom TomKings Family meeting that everybody has great memories of (we should do it again!).

We spent the weeks of the lockdown streamlining our processes, focusing on how to serve and help the family even faster and more efficiently.

Growing family

The family has grown in every sense: as the demand for our puppies increased, we involved more farms with resident nannies, still overseen by Tomi, to make sure each Frenchie has enough space to grow and play.

We also have a fantastic team of Frenchie lovers answering the questions of parents, writing articles, and being in contact with those who want to adopt a pup from us.

Meanwhile, a human baby has arrived, Geri’s beautiful daughter is 2 years old and shares the love of French Bulldogs with her dad.

11 years after the start, we have a global network of loving puppy parents, a growing team, and thousands of fantastic testimonials. But we still don’t think it’s a breeders’ business. It’s still a family.

The article was written based on the experience and the services of the TomKings Team. TomKings have been breeding French Bulldogs for 11 years on their farms. Check our available puppies here, or if you have any questions or comments let us know below the article.


4 thoughts on ““Frenchies are our links to heaven” – All about TomKings Family and their French Bulldog puppies”

  1. Lovely article. I was sick that your website was scammed. Glad it got fixed. Happy holidays from Lola and me (Helen in Durham, NC)

    1. Thank you for your kind words about our blogpost. 🙂 Yes, fortunately we managed to ban the scammers’ website, they have learned their lesson that there is only one TomKings in the world. 🙂 Happy holidays to you and sweet Lola!

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