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[Tutorial] Raise a healthy and happy Frenchie

We all know that raising a French Bulldog is an incredible joy and a huge responsibility at the same time. While many of the things come naturally, – and you should listen to your instincts – it’s natural to have several questions. We give lifelong support to the parents of the Tom Kings pups, so we receive several questions and in this tutorial, we answer them to help you raise a healthy and happy Frenchie.

No wonder that puppy parents want to be prepared for the arrival of their baby. In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of what to do and what to buy before you meet your puppy.

Grooming can be a challenge at the beginning but following a few simple steps, it becomes a real joy for both the parents and the puppy.

Some drooling is normal and lovely, but what is it becomes too excessive?

Even the most loving parents make some unintentional mistakes.

As the French Bulldog is a relatively small, and precious breed, it’s easy to steal them. Take these steps to avoid dog theft.

Some parents complain about their puppy eating poop. Read here what to do to stop this annoying habit.

Hopefully, everything will be all right with your Frenchie, but you’d better be prepared for the worst. This is where pet insurance can give you peace of mind.

Our furbabies are part of the family, and we love to surprise them with gifts.

Funny, wise and lovely quotes about Frenchies that we all agree with.

There are quite a few celebrities who share the love and passion for French Bulldogs.

These Frenchies are celebrities in their own right!

The article was written based on the experience of the Tom Kings Puppies Team. Tom Kings Puppies have been breeding French Bulldogs for 10 years on their farm. Check their available puppies here, or if you have any questions or comments let us know below the article.


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