The best Xmas gifts for Frenchies and Frenchie-lovers

As Xmas approaches, we selected a few awesome gifts you can buy for your girl or boy and we haven’t forgotten the Frenchie-loving parents either.

Gifts for the pup

The perfect Xmas sweater

A stylish and warm Xmas sweater with snowflakes design on the back, and with a pom on the hood is a cute gift to your boy or girl. This piece by is handmade following the Fair Trade guidelines and is knitted by descendent’s of the Inca Indians.

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To keep them warm

This cosy red snowsuit from frenchieessentials will keep your pup warm and dry even during the winter walks and on top of that, they will look so Xmassy! It is fully lined inside, with an unimaginably soft and thick Sherpa Fleece. The Outer Shell is made from a soft, flexible, water-repellent Polyester/Nylon Blended fabric. The hood is removable, so your puppy can use it inside the house, during those cold nights.

To keep them well-fed

Your pup will always find a reason to eat, but with this personalized ceramic bowl, meal times become a real fun for all of you. You can order it with the name and the Frenchie type from Etsy.

Gifts for the Frenchie parents

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Ideas for yourself or the human family members addicted to Frenchies.

It’s hard to decide if this cute Frenchie face pillow will be a favourite of the human or the pet members of the family.

When it’s tea and coffee time, and your pups have their meal, you can join them with this stylish set.

A cool Kate Spade scarf for the cold winter nights. It’s warm, cuddly and looks awesome.

For the sporty members of the family, a baseball cap with a Frenchie design. Great for walking your beauty.

This makeup bag will cheer you up every time you use it during a trip or at home.

The gifts for Frenchie parents can be found via Amazon.

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You can also buy toys, bedding, pillows, harness for your pups. It’s better to give one gift to him or her at once and let them get used to a new item, before moving to the next one.

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The article was written based on the experience of the Tom Kings Puppies Team. Tom Kings Puppies have been breeding French Bulldogs for 10 years on their farm. Check their available puppies here, or if you have any questions or comments let us know below the article.


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Evelin, the joyful

Blue merle

, French Bulldog,



Lapis, the stylish

Blue and tan

, French Bulldog,



Delphine, the diva


, French Bulldog,



Griffin, the smart

Lilac and tan

, French Bulldog,



Daxton, the gorgeous

Lilac merle and tan

, French Bulldog,



Gwen, the blessing

Blue merle and tan

, French Bulldog,



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