TOP 7 Small Dog Breeds to Love and Live With

TOP 7 Small Dog Breeds to Love and Live With

When choosing a family pet, there are many factors to consider. There are dozens of small dog breeds, all with different looks and personalities. The size of the dog, the weight, the length or shortness of its coat, its breed characteristics and, of course, the temperament of the breed are all important factors in the choice. To help you make your choice, we’ve put together the seven most popular small dog breeds, so you can easily see their differences.

Why is it great having a small dog? (which stays small forever)

In our urbanizing world, we are forced to live in smaller and smaller spaces. And small flats are notoriously uncomfortable to share with a large dog. However, residents of large urban apartment blocks do not have to forego the joys of dog ownership if they choose a suitable small dog. Not to mention the fact that small dogs can keep their owners happy for years longer than their larger counterparts! So let’s take a look at our top seven favorite small dogs, and as a bonus, we’ll tell you what our personal favorite is!

Janet, available blue French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies
Janet, available blue French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies

1. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas originated in ancient Mexico, where the species was bred for both pet and eating. The Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed, and many people love it for that reason. Chihuahuas come in both short and long coat varieties, but both are light brown in color. Their large, erect ears can hear the slightest noise, making them an excellent guard dog. It has the enormous courage of a guard dog and can attack even a large dog. His voice is high and shrill and is often audible, and many people find the constant shrill barking of a Chihuahua annoying.

Chihuahuas have also been considered a luxury dog in recent decades, with many celebrities including Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Madonna carrying chihuahuas in their handbags. This is possible due to the light weight of chihuahuas, with the average chihuahua weighing between 3 and 6 lbs. The real breakthrough came with the movie Legally Blonde, in which Elle Woods, a pretty law student, dressed her pet in unique outfits. 

2. Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie for short, was bred in 19th century Scotland for use in textile mills. Mice and rats can easily run under the feet of a larger dog, so a new, smaller breed was needed that was equally strong-willed. The Yorkshire Terrier is the smallest dog breed in the world, measuring between 7 and 9 inches and weighing up to 6 lbs.

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It has a very strong sense of self and requires its owner to take it seriously as a watchdog and companion dog. When meeting other dogs, the small Yorkie tends to think of itself as larger than it is and even overestimates its size. He will block the path of even large Great Danes or sheepdogs with cocky confidence, while barking to let us know who is the boss in the field. As you would expect from a true terrier, he will defend his home and family at all costs, even if it means taking the risks. If you want to keep a Yorkshire Terrier as a family dog, it’s a good idea to set limits early on to this little runt’s dominant behavior.

3. Havanese

With European roots, the Cuban bichon Havanese, is a versatile animal that will suit any dog lover who wants to live with a trouble-free and loving charmer. When it comes to being trouble-free, the Havanese leaves nothing to be desired. Smart, lively, playful, child-friendly, happy and last but not least a real charmer. He is always in a good mood and is ready to fool around with his human “pack leader”. Although very alert, he is not aggressive. The Havanese does not bark, but if he is not sufficiently stressed and receives too little attention, he may bark to attract attention. Open to strangers and other animals, this confident guy is welcome everywhere.

The Havanese is small, compact bodied with short legs. He has a shoulder height of 11 inches and weighs up to 13 lbs. Although this small four-legged dog is a “bichon”, it comes in more than just white, but also in shades of brown, gray, beige and spotted. Its coat may have little or no undercoat. Its soft outer coat is thick, up to 7 inches long, and can be smooth or wavy.

Sapphire, available Fluffy French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies
Sapphire, available Fluffy French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies

4. Bolognese

At first glance, the Bolognese dog looks like a real lapdog. At second glance, however, it becomes clear that the Bolognese is much more than that! This friendly and playful four-legged companion is a great animal companion for young and old alike, and its open character makes it a fun companion wherever it goes. The Bolognese is versatile and a great companion for novice dog owners. He can open up wonderfully in a family environment. It is also an ideal choice for families with children, as it loves to play and cuddle with children.

This friendly dwarf dog looks like a larger cottonmouth. It weighs a maximum of 9 lbs, spread over a maximum of 11 inches of chest height, less than some cats. Despite its very small stature, this quadruped is very graceful, moving gracefully as if on tiptoe. It carries its tail on its back. It has a soft, slightly curly and all-white coat, which is fluffy and not close to the body, slightly shorter in the cheekbones. His nose and eyes are black. The curly, soft coat needs regular grooming, but has the great advantage of hardly shedding.

5. Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is very popular in its home country, the USA, while in Europe its popularity is slower to spread. Fans know what this exceptional four-legged friend is all about: the Boston Terrier is a trouble-free companion dog, with a lively nature and a unique expression that brings fun wherever he goes. The Boston Terrier is characterized by its stocky appearance, rectangular shape, chunky head, erect ‘bat ears’, short nose and short tail.  The Boston Terrier comes in three weight classes: <15 lbs (light), 16 lbs to 20 lbs (medium) and 20 to 25 lbs (heavy). The maximum height at the withers is 17 inches. No facial wrinkles. The short, smooth coat without undercoat may be of various colors, black or “seal” (black with reddish sheen) with patches of evenly distributed white markings.

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A Boston Terrier is a true companion in life: temperamental and always ready for fun, he enjoys making friends with people, his breed mates and other pets. Some individuals may have a hunting instinct outside the home. Although the Boston Terrier may be alert, it is not considered aggressive. Sometimes some individuals, especially males, will defend their territory from their breed mates. Although they will bark to indicate the presence of strangers, they do not bark continuously. As always ready to have fun, he is not a nervous dog, but rather a calm dog. 

6. Pug

Pugs are the clowns of the dog world. Not only do they make owners smile with their quirky little heads with deep wrinkles, snub noses and big black eyes, but above all they bring smiles to faces with their excellent sense of humor. Every day he comes up with new silly tricks and makes his owner laugh. Pugs are incredibly playful and, despite their short legs, love to move around. You wouldn’t believe how well they perform at obstacle courses, in dexterity games and even as a companion on short bike rides. But the Pug is also a very dignified breed of dog who appreciates calmness. He sleeps a lot and likes to snore in his basket, on the sofa or on his owner’s lap.

The ideal weight of a Pug is between 14 and 18 lbs and the maximum height is 14 inches. Compared to its small body, its head looks quite large. It features a short, blunt muzzle and a flat black nose with large nostrils. The pug’s small ears stick forward and droop.

Arlene, available blue merle French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies
Arlene, available blue merle French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies

7. Westie

Affectionately known to his fans, the white, bushy West Highland White Terrier is best known as a “Westie”. The fashion dog of the 90s is still very popular today, and no wonder: the Westie is an adaptable, mischievous little four-legged dog – with the typical stubborn charm of a terrier.

Despite its size, the Westie is still striking: its pure white coat shines from a distance and, combined with its dark eyes and black muzzle, gives it a distinctive look. Its coat is about 2 inches long, consisting of coarse, non-locine hairs with a soft, thick undercoat underneath. The tiny ears and the tail, up to 6 inches long, are upright. This snow white beauty has a maximum height of 11 inches and weighs between 15 and 22 lbs.

+1 Our Favorite: The Adorable French Bulldog

Our absolute favorite is of course the French Bulldog. The cheerful French Bulldog is a very lovely little dog, with a charming and flattering nature that will quickly wrap all dog lovers around his paws. Check out The 5 most beloved traits of French Bulldogs. The short, stocky build of the French Bulldog gives the impression of a muscular, stocky four-legged dog. At around 12 inches in height, a Frenchie weighs 17-30 lbs. The large bat ears on the angular head are striking, as are the typically short legs and short tail. The shiny fur without undercoat comes in a wide variety of colors from the usual black and white to beige, cream or dark spotted colors.

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French Bulldogs are easy-going, good-humored dogs, free from complications. They are clever, friendly, enjoy hours of affection and are easy to train. Unfortunately, as they are prone to breathlessness, they prefer short walks and bark very little. They usually get on well with other four-legged friends, are playful and attentive. As for their temperament, French bulldogs love children and have no hunting instinct, which makes them a good match for other velvet-nosed pets or the neighbor’s cat. In addition to these qualities, its size makes the charismatic French Bulldog a really popular city dog. Check out our blog about Bully Breeds.

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