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How to Convince Your Partner to Get a Frenchie

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Embarking on the journey of Frenchie parenthood isn’t always a solo decision. In fact, many of our potential adopters share with us their struggles in convincing their partner to welcome a Frenchie into their lives. So, if you’re also dreaming of adding a French Bulldog to your family but need to get your partner on board, you’re definitely not alone!

In this article, you’ll learn how to navigate your conversations with understanding, patience and a bit of Frenchie magic. We will also share some real experiences from our TomKings Frenchie Family Members who successfully adopted these tips and convinced their partners to get a Frenchie!

1. Understand and Address Your Partner’s Concerns

The key to any successful conversation about expanding your family with a Frenchie lies in understanding and compassion. Start by gently exploring why your partner might be hesitant about bringing a French Bulldog into your lives. Is it the fear of not being ready for the commitment? Perhaps concerns over the extra workload, a busy travel schedule, or maybe the financial side of pet ownership? It’s crucial to listen actively and acknowledge their feelings. Remember, their concerns are valid, and addressing them directly can pave the way for a meaningful discussion. 

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Knox with parents, Sabrina and Andrew

If they’re worried about readiness, remind them that no one ever feels 100% prepared for significant changes, but together, you can learn and grow. For concerns about the extra workload, let them know that you’re fully prepared to handle the responsibilities that come with pet ownership: from daily exercises and training to feeding and vet check-ups. If travel or long work hours are the issue, researching doggy daycare options or a reliable pet sitter can offer reassurance. And when it comes to finances, create a detailed plan that outlines the expected costs of owning a Frenchie, including food, vet visits, and insurance, and how you can adjust your budget to accommodate these expenses.

Offering solutions and compromises shows your partner that you’re not just in love with the idea of a Frenchie, but are also considering the practicalities of integrating one into your lifestyle. 

2. Highlight the Benefits of Owning a Frenchie

Bringing a Frenchie into your family isn’t just about getting a pet; it’s about enhancing your life with countless emotional, health and social benefits. So, as you discuss the possibility of adopting a Frenchie with your partner, remember to highlight some incredible French Bulldog pros .

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French Bulldogs are wonderful emotional support dogs, as they have a special knack for sensing your mood, providing comfort and companionship exactly when you need it most. With their affectionate and comical nature, they are a constant source of love and laughter, helping to alleviate stress, anxiety, and loneliness. Tell your partner to imagine sharing your days with a companion who not only brings joy into your home but also supports your emotional well-being in ways you never thought possible.

You could also mention the added bonus of improved health that dog parenthood can bring both you and your partner. The moderate exercise that a Frenchie requires encourages you both to lead a more active lifestyle. Whether it’s enjoying a leisurely walk in the park or engaging in playful activities at home, these shared moments not only foster a stronger bond with your furry friend but also promote physical and mental well-being for everyone involved.

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Charlee Mae, with her forever-daddy, Alan

Finally, let’s not overlook the incredible social benefits. Your Frenchie will naturally attract attention and spark conversations, making them perfect companions for social outings. This can significantly enhance your social life, helping you connect with a community of fellow dog lovers. The friendships you build through these interactions can enrich your life in countless ways.

3. Present It as an Opportunity to Strengthen Your Relationship

Another great way to convince your partner to get a Frenchie is by presenting dog parenthood as an opportunity to enhance and strengthen your bond. From the challenges to the countless joys, it can offer a unique opportunity to grow closer together, especially before having kids

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Explain that adopting a Frenchie can bring an element of shared responsibility into your relationship, similar to raising a child. It’s a commitment that requires teamwork, communication, and mutual support. Moreover, overcoming challenges together, such as managing your Frenchie’s behavior problems, can strengthen your problem-solving skills as a couple. Not to mention that celebrating the successes, like mastering a new trick or successfully potty training your pet, can become a source of shared pride and joy. 

4. If You Have Kids, Join Forces with Them

French Bulldogs are known for being one of the best family dogs of all breeds. Their gentle nature, coupled with their friendliness and patience, makes Frenchies exceptional playmates for children of all ages. If you have kids, make sure to highlight these qualities to your partner, and also consider the positive impact a Frenchie can have on their development.

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Archie, from TomKings Puppies with his bestie

Studies have shown that dogs have an amazing effect on children’s psychological development: they’ll be happier, more compassionate, and will also have higher self-esteem and better cognitive skills. Having a Frenchie is also a great way to teach kids about taking responsibility and considering the needs of another creature. They’ll even develop a stronger immune system and will be less likely to become allergic!

Highlighting the bond between your children and a potential furry sibling can be a powerful argument in convincing your partner. Especially with your kids expressing their eagerness to share their home with a Frenchie, it can really pull at your partner’s heart strings, and make the idea feel like a family decision that benefits everyone.

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Available Puppies

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That is exactly what happened to Amanda: “I was the partner who didn’t want to get ANY dog. I was convinced because my spouse was showing pictures of the puppies on the website to our son and our son started hypothetically naming them. We ended up putting a deposit down on Dozer that evening. Today, my relationship with Dozer…. Well let’s just say I absolutely LOVE him! We’ve only had him for 3 weeks and I’m already on board for a second one.”

Dozer, from TomKings Puppies with his bestie

5. Show Your Partner How Amazing Frenchies Are

Never underestimate the power of visual charm when it comes to convincing your partner about adding a Frenchie to your lives. If you keep sharing adorable photos and heart-melting videos of Frenchies with them, they will eventually also fall in love with these dogs’ unique personalities and amusing facial expressions. Social media is a gold mine for such content, we suggest following our Instagram account where we share the cutest Frenchie pics and videos every day.

That is exactly what Lynn did: “My husband was dead set against one of our own because we have 2 cats. I kept showing him pictures of different TKK pups but he wouldn’t give in and I was so sad. Finally, he said okay and I got Frankie! My husband was a little standoffish at first but now he just LOVES him!!”

Shantal had a similar experience: “I brainwashed my partner and his two daughters by showing everyone frenchie videos every day, and talking about what we would name our frenchie 😛😛 the girls started asking when the frenchie was coming home. It worked!”

Attending local French Bulldog meetups like the TomKings Frenchie Meetups can also be a game-changer. It’s an opportunity not just to see these adorable creatures in action but to witness the joy and companionship French Bulldogs bring to their families.

Here’s Stephen’s story with the neighbor Frenchie: “My wife Kristy Dean and I were always big rottweiler lovers. I’ve always loved big dogs. I was driving home one day and she was at the corner pointing to a frenchy with great excitement!! She said, this is what we need. I said very cute but i dont know… lol. Then roughly a week later after she started her research on frechies and saw this adorable neighbor frenchy yet again. She shows me a bunch of frenchies. Over and over again for days. lol. So i say, find me a frenchie that looks like a rottie and we will get it. Needless to say, she found one and he is the best son (dog) we could have every asked for!!!!! Allen Diggs melts our heart daily.”

6. Try Dog-sitting a Frenchie for Real Experience

One of the most effective ways to understand the true joy of owning a French Bulldog is by experiencing it firsthand. If you have friends, family members, or even acquaintances who are proud parents of a Frenchie, consider asking them if you could dog-sit for a short time.

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This trial period can help bust any myths or concerns your partner might have about dog ownership, especially regarding French Bulldogs. But most importantly, it can provide them with a real-life glimpse into the joy that a Frenchie can bring, like it happened with Thomas:

“I didn’t want to take care of a dog. I always loved animals but didn’t want the extra work and when I had little ones I was running from baseball, soccer, wrestling and was never home. My oldest moved out with his girlfriend and they got a Tomking frenchie. They asked me to babysit the puppy and I spent more than a few evenings watch television with a puppy curled up next to me. The wife and the remaining 2 kids said can we get one too? Now we have 2 Tomking frenchies love them very much. Don’t know what I would do without them.”

It’s Important to Make the Decision Together

While French Bulldogs truly make wonderful additions to any home, you should remember that adopting a Frenchie is a decision that significantly affects your family’s dynamic and lifestyle. So, it’s essential that both you and your partner are fully committed and informed about what Frenchie parenthood entails. This journey, while filled with joy and laughter, also comes with a lot of responsibilities. If you make this decision as a team with open hearts and minds, you can ensure that when you do welcome your new furry friend into your home, it’s with a strong foundation of love and excitement for the adventures that lie ahead.

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The article is based on the expert knowledge of the TomKings Puppies team who have been breeding French Bulldogs for 13 years on their farms. All the pictures in the post belong to them and their customers, and show puppies from their breed. Check their available French Bulldog puppies, or if you have any questions or comments let us know below the article.


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