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French Bulldog Shows: How to Prepare Your Frenchie?

If you’re a proud owner of a French Bulldog and you’re interested in showcasing the beauty and charm of your furry companion, participating in dog shows can be a rewarding experience. These events not only provide a platform for Frenchie enthusiasts to display their dogs but also foster a sense of community among dog lovers. In this article, we will guide you through the process of preparing your beauty for a successful French Bulldog show.

What are dog shows? Which are the most important dog shows in the US?

Dog shows are competitive events where purebred dogs are evaluated according to specific breed standards. Judges assess each dog based on various criteria, including appearance, movement, temperament, and adherence to breed-specific traits. Some of the most important dog shows in the US include the The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, the AKC National Championship and the The National Dog Show.

Draven, available French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies
Draven, French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

As one of the oldest and most prestigious dog shows in the world, Westminster is a dream stage for every breeder and Frenchie owner. Held annually in New York City, this iconic event showcases top-notch dog breeds competing for the coveted Best in Show title. In 2022, a cream French Bulldog called Winston took home Reserve Best in Show, the second-place award, and won the Non-Sporting Group for two years in a row!

The AKC National Championship

Organized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), this national championship brings together the finest dogs from across the country. With multiple events and categories, it’s an exciting opportunity to witness some of the most promising Frenchies in action.

The National Dog Show

The National Dog Show is an esteemed annual event featuring dogs of various breeds. Organized by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia, this traditional event takes place on Thanksgiving Day and enjoys widespread popularity among dog enthusiasts and viewers alike. In 2022, the National Dog Show was won by a French Bulldog for the very first time: no other than the adorable cream Frenchie Winston!

Credits: Steve Donahue/National Dog Show

French Bulldog show standards

Before entering your Frenchie into a dog show, it’s essential to understand what judges will be looking for and familiarize yourself with the breed standards. These standards outline the physical characteristics and temperament that define the ideal French Bulldog. In addition to a muscular body, smooth coat, square head with large bat ears and a short wrinkled nose, a Frenchie must also have a standard color. For a full description of the official standard of the French Bulldog visit AKC’s website.

Attending a dog show as a spectator can be immensely beneficial before actually competing with your Frenchie. Observing how other dogs are presented and how judges evaluate them will give you valuable insights. You’ll see how such an event works, what the requirements are (desired appearance, structure, movement and temperament) and what the winning dog looks like.

Here’s a video to give you an idea:

Steps to prepare your Frenchie for a dog show

Preparing your Frenchie for a dog show requires careful attention to various aspects of their health, training and presentation. Let’s break down the steps to make your Frenchie show-ready!

Frenchie health and wellness

Any responsible dog parent will do what it takes to keep their Frenchie healthy and happy, but if you want to excel in the dog show ring, you need to take it to the next level. Here we’ll only mention some of the essential practices, check out our Ultimate French Bulldog Care Guide for more tips!

1. Regular vet check-ups: Regular visits to the vet are paramount to your Frenchie’s health. By staying on top of their check-ups and keeping up-to-date on vaccinations is crucial in ensuring a long and happy life for them.

2. Grooming: Regular grooming sessions are a must to maintain your Frenchie’s picture-perfect appearance. Brush their coat gently to remove loose hairs, clip their nails to a comfortable length, and don’t forget to clean their adorable bat ears.

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3. Diet and nutrition: A well-balanced diet is the cornerstone of your Frenchie’s vitality. Consult with your vet to create a tailored diet plan that suits your Frenchie’s specific needs. Whether it’s dry kibble or home-cooked food, ensuring the right nutrients are in their diet will keep them at their best.

4. Exercise: Regular exercise is essential to keep your Frenchie in top physical condition, promoting muscle tone and overall well-being.

Amadeus, available French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies
Amadeus, French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies

5. Mental stimulation: A happy Frenchie is a healthy Frenchie! Engage them in mental stimulation activities and playtime to keep their minds sharp and spirits high. A mentally stimulated dog is more likely to perform well during the show.

6. Monitor weight: Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for your Frenchie’s overall health and show performance. An overweight dog may struggle with mobility and endurance, affecting their agility and confidence in the ring.

7. Emotional well-being: Frenchies thrive on love and attention. Prioritize spending quality time with your furry friend.

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Training and socialization

Training and socialization are the cornerstones of a well-prepared Frenchie for the dog show spotlight. A confident and well-behaved Frenchie is more likely to leave a lasting impression on judges and fellow enthusiasts. Here’s what you need to focus on:

Obedience training: Teaching your Frenchie basic commands such as sit, stay, and come not only demonstrate discipline but also help you maintain control during the show. Practice these commands regularly, using positive reinforcement and treats to encourage good behavior.

Leash training: Practice walking your Frenchie on a leash, ensuring they stay close to you and remain under control. Then, teach them to walk in a circle without getting distracted. Once they master that at home, consider taking your Frenchie to new and unfamiliar places with different smells and surroundings and practice there too.

French Bulldog - TomKings Puppies
French Bulldog daddy at TomKings Puppies

Training to stand still: During the show, your Frenchie should be comfortable standing still for the judge’s evaluation. So, you should practice getting them to stand still in one place for gradually increasing durations. Use treats as rewards during these training sessions, starting with at least a couple of seconds and building up from there, up to about 3 minutes.

Socialization: Expose your Frenchie to various environments, people and animals to help them become more adaptable and friendly. This will help them develop good social skills, which are crucial in dog shows.

Practice showing teeth: It’s important to train your Frenchie to display their teeth calmly, as judges will want to examine his dental health during shows. Incorporate this into your training routine. 

Praise and patience: Remember to give your Frenchie lots of praise and be patient throughout the training process. Only practice when both of you are in the mood for practice. Dedicate 5 minutes every morning and evening for training sessions.

Preparing for the Show Day

To ensure a smooth experience on the day of the show, meticulous planning is crucial. Pay close attention to the following details to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for both you and your furry star:

Show essentials: Pack a bag with all the necessary items for the show. Include your Frenchie’s registration papers, vaccination records, and any required entry forms.

Proper equipment: Invest in a high-quality, well-fitted show leash for your Frenchie. 

French Bulldog - TomKings Puppies
French Bulldog mommy at TomKings Puppies

Grooming kit: Bring along a grooming kit complete with brushes and grooming wipes to keep your Frenchie in tiptop shape. 

Comfort items: Familiar toys can provide comfort to your Frenchie in the show environment, which can sometimes be overwhelming for them.

Snacks and hydration: You’ll need to keep your Frenchie hydrated throughout the day, so pack a portable water bowl and fresh water. Bring along some healthy, tasty treats to reward good behavior and maintain their energy levels.

On the Day of the Show

Show day can be a whirlwind of activity and emotions, but with the right preparation and mindset, you and your Frenchie can shine in the spotlight. Here are some essential tips to help you make the most of the day!

Arrive early: Arriving early at the venue allows you set up your area comfortably and acclimate your Frenchie to the surroundings. 

Understand the protocol: Each dog show may have its specific rules and protocols, so familiarize yourself with them beforehand. This includes the order of events, show ring procedures, and any specific requirements for your Frenchie’s category.

Keep your Frenchie and yourself calm: It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and pressure of the show, but remember to enjoy the experience with your Frenchie. Stay calm and positive, as your dog can sense your emotions.

Celebrate the experience: Participating in a dog show is a remarkable experience, regardless of the outcome. Celebrate the bond between you and your Frenchie, and cherish the memories you create together. Win or lose, the love and joy you share are what truly matter.

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After the show: learn from the judges’ feedback!

Once the show is over, take time to reflect on the experience. Judges’ feedback can provide valuable insights into areas of improvement for future shows. Learn from each event to help your Frenchie shine even brighter in the next competition!

Feel free to join our TomKings Frenchie Family Facebook group for further useful tips!

The article is based on the expert knowledge of the TomKings Puppies team who have been breeding French Bulldogs for 10 years on their farm. All the pictures in the post belong to them and their customers, and show puppies from their breed. Check their available puppies here, or if you have any questions or comments let us know below the article.


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