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French Bulldog Mixes: 10 Facts You Should Know

When it comes to French Bulldogs, their popularity knows no bounds. These adorable, bat-eared dogs have captured the hearts of dog lovers around the world. But did you know that there’s a whole world of French Bulldog mixes waiting to be explored? In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of French Bulldog mixes and uncover 10 facts you should know about them.

About Designer Dog Breeding in A Nutshell

Designer dog breeding involves crossing two purebred dogs of different breeds to create a unique and often adorable hybrid. While there is some controversy surrounding designer dog breeding, there’s no doubt that these mixed-breed dogs bring their charm and individuality to the table. Let’s explore some of the most popular French Bulldog mixes and discover what makes them special.

1. Frenchton

Frenchton. Source:

The Frenchton is a delightful blend of the French Bulldog and Boston Terrier. This mix is known for its petite size and irresistible cuteness, characterized by its expressive eyes and a charming combination of the French Bulldog’s sturdy build and the Boston Terrier’s distinctive tuxedo markings. Frenchtons are incredibly friendly, making them perfect companions for families and individuals alike.

2. Frenchie Pug (Frug)

Frug. Source:

The Frenchie Pug, or Frug, combines the French Bulldog and the Pug. This mix results in a dog that’s not only adorable but also endlessly playful, boasting a stout, compact frame reminiscent of both parent breeds. Frugs are known for their joyful disposition and expressive facial features, making them the center of attention wherever they go.

3. French Bullhuahua

French Bullhuahua. Source:

The French Bullhuahua is a pint-sized powerhouse, created by crossing the French Bulldog with the Chihuahua. These compact, lively pups have big personalities and an undeniable charm, often inheriting the Chihuahua’s prominent ears and the French Bulldog’s endearing wrinkles. They’re the perfect choice for those seeking a small dog with a big heart and an unmistakably captivating appearance.

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4. French Boodle

French Boodle. Source:

French Boodles are the result of combining the French Bulldog and the Poodle. Their appearance often features the French Bulldog’s distinct bat ears and a curly coat inherited from the Poodle, resulting in a uniquely stylish and fluffy companion. With their intelligence and trainability, these dogs are quick learners and make excellent companions for families and individuals alike.

5. Frengle

Frengle. Source:

The Frengle is a spirited mix of the French Bulldog and the Beagle. Their playful and friendly nature makes them a hit with everyone they meet, showcasing the Beagle’s expressive eyes and the French Bulldog’s endearing facial structure. Frengles are known for their boundless energy and love for outdoor activities, embodying a joyful and dynamic appearance that matches their vibrant personality.

6. French Bullweiler

French Bullweiler. Source:

For those seeking a strong and loyal companion, the French Bullweiler, a mix of the French Bulldog and Rottweiler, might be the perfect choice. These dogs are known for their protective instincts and unwavering devotion to their families, often inheriting the Rottweiler’s robust physique and the French Bulldog’s distinctive face, creating a striking and protective appearance.

7. French English Bulldog

French English Bulldog. Source:

The Frenglish Bulldog is the result of crossing the French Bulldog with the English Bulldog. The outcome is a muscular and robust dog with a loving and gentle demeanor, featuring the signature wrinkled face of both parent breeds. Their distinctive appearance and friendly personality make them a cherished addition to any home, exuding a classic bulldog charm with a unique twist.

8. French Pomerdog

French Pomerdog. Source:

The French Pomerdog, a mix of the French Bulldog and Pomeranian, combines the best of both breeds. These dogs boast a fluffy and abundant double coat reminiscent of the Pomeranian, along with the French Bulldog’s endearing bat ears. Their lovable character and fluffy appearance make them an irresistible choice for dog lovers seeking a furry companion.

9. Frorkie

Frorkie. Source:

Frorkies are the delightful offspring of the French Bulldog and Yorkshire Terrier. Their lively and spunky nature makes them a joy to be around, often featuring a compact size with a blend of both parent breeds’ distinctive physical characteristics. They’re small in size but big on personality, perfect for those looking for a vibrant companion with a charming appearance.

10. Frenchie-Pei

Frenchie-Pei. Source:

Last but not least, the Frenchie-Pei is a unique mix of the French Bulldog and the Shar-Pei. With their distinctive wrinkled appearance and friendly disposition, these dogs bring a touch of the exotic to your home: they often display a unique combination of the Shar-Pei’s distinctive wrinkles and the French Bulldog’s endearing features.

10 Facts about French Bulldog Mixes: Pros and Cons

Before you decide to welcome a French Bulldog mix into your life, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons. In the next sections, we’ll present ten crucial facts to consider.

Pros of French Bulldog Mixes

1. Unique Personalities

French Bulldog mixes often inherit the best traits of their parent breeds, leading to unique personalities and characteristics.

2. Potential Health Benefits

Crossbreeding can sometimes reduce the risk of hereditary health issues commonly seen in purebred dogs.

3. Variety of Sizes

French Bulldog mixes come in various sizes, so you can find one that fits your living space and lifestyle.

4. Unique Appearance

Each mix boasts a distinctive appearance, from the Frug’s wrinkled face to the Frengle’s expressive eyes, making them eye-catching pets.

Cons of French Bulldog Mixes

1. Variability

While variability can be a pro, it can also be a con. Due to the blend of different breed traits, it may be difficult to predict their behavior or appearance. That unpredictability in their temperament and actions may not always align with your expectations.

2. Health Risks

Although crossbreeding can reduce some health issues, there’s still a risk of inheriting problems from either parent breed.

As a responsible Frenchie owner, you must take precautions to ensure they stay cool and hydrated during hot weather. Avoid strenuous outdoor activities during peak heat, provide access to shade and water, and be mindful of signs of overheating, such as excessive panting or drooling.

3. Limited Availability

Finding a specific French Bulldog mix might be more challenging than obtaining a purebred Frenchie.

4. Cost Considerations

Depending on the rarity of the mix, initial acquisition costs may vary, potentially making some French Bulldog mixes more expensive to obtain than purebred Frenchies.

5. Training Challenges

While they’re intelligent, some mixes may inherit stubbornness or independence from their parent breeds, requiring patient training.

6. Ethical Considerations

You have to ensure the breeder practices responsible breeding to minimize potential health issues and ethical concerns associated with designer dogs.

Which One is Better for Me: Mixed or Purebred Frenchie?

Tavis, available French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies
Tavis, French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies

Choosing between a mixed-breed French Bulldog and a purebred Frenchie depends on your preferences, lifestyle and specific needs.

Consider a Mixed-Breed Frenchie if:

  • You’re open to a wider range of personalities and appearances.
  • You’re looking for potentially fewer breed-specific health issues.
  • You want a dog that can adapt to different living situations and socialize well.
  • You appreciate the unique and eye-catching appearance that mixed-breed Frenchies can offer.

Opt for a Purebred Frenchie If:

  • You prefer a dog with a predictable temperament and behavior.
  • You’re dedicated to the distinct appearance of the breed.
  • You seek a strong connection to the breed’s history, heritage and breed-specific qualities.
  • You want to minimize surprises related to size, energy level and grooming needs.
  • You value the extensive knowledge and resources available for purebred French Bulldogs.
  • You appreciate the sense of community and networking within the purebred Frenchie Bulldog community.
  • You have aspirations of entering your dog into French Bulldog shows or competitions.
  • You have plans for responsible French Bulldog breeding practices in the future and require a purebred dog with documented lineage.

Ultimately, the choice between a mixed-breed and a purebred French Bulldog should align with your expectations and what you’re seeking in a furry companion.

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Choose a Reputable and Ethical Breeder!

Regardless of whether you decide on a French Bulldog mix or a purebred, choosing a reputable and ethical breeder is paramount. Here are some tips to help you find the right breeder:

Research: Look for breeders with a positive reputation. Read reviews and ask for recommendations from trusted sources.

Ask Questions: You know you’re dealing with an ethical breeder if they inform you about the process in detail, answer all your questions and help you find the best match.

Health Guarantee: Ensure the breeder provides a health guarantee for their puppies.

By choosing a responsible breeder, you’re not only getting a healthy and well-cared-for puppy but also supporting ethical breeding practices.

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In conclusion, French Bulldog mixes offer a delightful blend of characteristics that can suit a variety of lifestyles and preferences. Whether you choose a mixed-breed Frenchie or a purebred, the love and companionship they bring into your life are priceless. Just remember to make your decision carefully, prioritize responsible breeding, and prepare for a lifetime of love and happiness with your furry friend.

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