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[Tutorial] A Frenchie-friendly vacation

Find below all our articles which help you enjoy the vacation with your French Bulldog. Frenchie friendly hotels, dog sitters, pet insurance – read about everything here. When planning your vacation together with your pup, choose a hotel that he or she will also love.

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Frenchie-friendly vacation

Your puppy is a family member, so it’s obvious that she or he goes on vacation with you. Have a look at our tips on how to organize a real Frenchie-friendly vacation. Vacation with your French bulldog Fortunately, French Bulldog is a very friendly, easy-going

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Pet insurance for your Frenchie

Our pups have no social security but illnesses, injuries can happen. You have to take your furry baby to the vet which will eventually cost you a couple of hundred or thousand dollars – depending on the issue. This is when pet insurance can help

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What to do when your Frenchie gets scared? - TomKings Blog
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How to carry your Frenchie in your car?

Each state has their own regulations on transporting pets, but regardless of the legislation, there are some safety tips to consider. It’s also important to make the trip comfortable and enjoyable for both you and your Frenchie boy or girl. Your Frenchie puppy is a

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French Bulldog Theft: How to Prevent It? 7 tips

Many Frenchie parents fear to lose their dog in a burglary (or dognapping). It even happened to Lady Gaga’s Frenchies, Koji and Gustav last year, who were violently stolen from her dog walker. Luckily, the story had a happy ending as both of them were found

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