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Brindle French Bulldog

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Color: Brindle

The brindle pattern is by far the most common in French Bulldogs. Brindle Frenchies have a dark base coat with light fawn hairs all over their bodies resulting in light streaks. BrindleFrenchies come in various color variations which we’ll detailed below, black brindle is only one of them. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or a unique looking puppy, a brindle French Bulldog could be a great choice either way!
We will have brindle French Bulldog puppies for sale soon, contact us for more info!
Average price:
– Boys: 4,300-4,900 USD
– Girls: 4,600-5,200 USD
Brindle puppies

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Blue brindle French bulldog - TomKings Puppies
Black brindle color French Bulldog TomKings Puppies

What exactly is a Brindle French Bulldog?

You can recognize a brindle French Bulldog by light irregular streaks all over their dark base coat. The color of the brindle pattern is usually a light shade of fawn, while the base coat may vary: the standard is black but other colors like blue, chocolate and lilac are also possible. Depending on the mixture of the dark and fawn hairs, Brindle Frenchies can be very dark or very light. They usually have a black nose and dark colored eyes. Brindle is by far the oldest and most common pattern in French Bulldogs. To this day, it is one of the few accepted colors and patterns by kennel clubs along with fawn, white and pied (as opposed to blue, chocolate and lilac colors). So if you’re planning on competing in dog shows with your puppy one day, a black brindle Frenchie could be the one for you!

and you

The pros of having a Frenchie (short summary)

There are countless reasons to get a Frenchie, we will only
mention some of them here. The first one has to be their funny and lovable personality! Frenchies are without the doubt one of the most social and friendliest dog breeds, who are also very smart and easy to train. French Bulldogs are small and usually don’t weigh more than 30 pounds, which makes them very popular. It’s easy to carry them wherever you go and they easily fit in a small apartment. They are a flexible breed who don’t need much exercise, they will adapt to your lifestyle whether you like to spend you free time indoors or outdoors.
Not to mention their cuddles are the best!

Brindle French Bulldog - TomKings Puppies
Black brindle Frenchie TomKings Puppies
Blue brindle French Bulldog - TomKings Puppies
Black brindle Frenchie TomKings Puppies
Sierra, available French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies

Color variations

Black brindle French Bulldog

Black brindle Frenchies have a black base coat with light fawn hairs all over their bodies forming light streaks. Black brindle Frenchie puppies may also have a white chest or other small areas of white. They usually have a black nose and dark colored eyes.

Blue brindle French Bulldogs’ brindle pattern is also made up of light fawn streaks but they have a grey base coat with a bluish shine in the light. Depending on the amount of fawn hairs, these streaks may appear either all over their bodies or on certain areas only. Blue brindle Frenchies are much more common than solid blue Frenchies, in fact the brindle patterns may appear on a blue puppy later on as they age. Blue brindle Frenchies also tend to have a white chest or other small areas of white.

Blue brindle French Bulldog - TomKings Puppies

Pied Brindle French Bulldogs

Pied French Bulldogs’ coat color is predominantly white, with clearly marked patches of another color like black, red or blue covering parts of their head and body. Pied Brindle Frenchies look the same except for the light fawn brindle patterns in the colored patches, mostly on their back. The way the patches are distributed and the proportion of the white and the other color on the coat can be quite variable from Frenchie to Frenchie.

Chocolate brindle French Bulldog

Chocolate brindle French Bulldogs have a chocolate brown base coat with light fawn streaks all over their bodies. The chocolate gene is considered rare in the Frenchie world so these puppies are quite unique.

Reverse brindle French Bulldog

As opposed to brindle Frenchies, a reverse brindle French Bulldog’s base coat is predominantly of a fawn or cream color with dark usually black streaks all over their bodies. Reverse brindle Frenchies are much harder to come by than brindle Frenchies.

Brindle French Bulldog - TomKings Puppies

Tiger brindle French Bulldog

As the name suggests, tiger brindle French Bulldogs have a
heavy pattern of light fawn streaks all over their dark-colored bodies, resembling the coat of a tiger.

Lilac brindle French Bulldog

Lilac Frenchies usually have a solid light grey coat, but
sometimes light streaks may appear on them producing a lilac brindle French Bulldog. These Frenchies are very unique as their parents have to be blue and chocolate, or at least a carrier of the rare chocolate gene.

How much does a Brindle French Bulldog puppy cost?
As brindle French Bulldogs are the most common of all the colors, you can get your hands on one of these beauties for a relatively low price. Black brindle Frenchie puppies are considered standard for the breed while blue brindles are more unique, which is reflected in their prices as well: Black brindle Frenchies: Boys: 3,990-4,290 USD – Girls: 4,290-4,690 USD <> Blue brindle color Frenchies Boys: 4,690-5,290 USD – Girls: 4,990-5,490 USD
Do Brindle French Bulldogs Shed?
Brindle French Bulldogs, like any other Frenchie tend to shed throughout the year, more so in the spring and fall. During this period, they change their coat almost completely, replacing it with shinier, brighter and nicer fur. It's important to brush your puppy's hair at least two or three times a week using a Furminator. That will remove the undercoat that has fallen out but is still in the hair.
Sierra, available French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies
Brindle French Bulldog - TomKings Puppies

How can I have a TomKings Brindle Frenchie?

When looking for a brindle Frenchie, you will most likely come across cheaper offers than the prices detailed above. You should always be careful with these as there are many unethical breeders who don’t do health checks on their parent dogs so their pups end up with serious health issues. Make sure to do your research and get your brindle Frenchie from a reputable breeder, and you will have a happy and healthy furry family member for at least a decade. We usually have brindle French Bulldog puppies available every couple of months, there’s a waitlist for our upcoming litters that allows you to see them before the public presentation. So, if you’re looking to buy a Frenchie and have fallen in love with the amazing brindle pattern, we encourage you to send us an inquiry on our website or reach out via one of these contacts:

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[email protected]  via email
We will help you find your dream Brindle Frenchie!

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Lifetime health guarantee on genetic illnesses
Lifetime free online vet assistance
Lifetime free breeder’s help
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Our puppies are very well socialized with children and other dogs
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AKC registerable
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Price: Average price: Boys: 4,300-4,900 USD --- Girls: 4,600-5,200 USD USD
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