The ultimate checklist to choose the right French Bulldog breeder

When you decide you want to buy a French Bulldog, you will find several breeders online. How to choose? How to know if they are really reliable? At TomKings Puppies we have heard terrible stories from clients who went through some horrible process before they turned to us.

How to find a responsible French Bulldog breeder?

We always recommend that you vet the breeder you find online, and don’t trust anyone simply because they have a large following, several good reviews, and a nice webpage. Unfortunately, these days any company can buy followers, reviews and testimonials to look credible. We are not saying they all do, but you cannot trust a company solely based on these factors. Instead, go through this checklist to be sure you are in contact with an ethical breeder who will give you a healthy pup.

The ultimate checklist to choose the right French Bulldog breeder - TomKings Blog

Are they ready to show you the pup via skype?

Unethical breeders and brokers try to escape your request to show the Frenchie live because the pups are not around them. They might even show someone else’s puppies. They tell you that the pups are sleeping, or the vet is with them, and offer you to send photos and videos instead.

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It’s absolutely fair to be able to see your pup several times before you decide to adopt him or her.

Are they pushing you to decide?

A breeder should be able to recognize when a Frenchie matches a parent, and shouldn’t force a deal when they feel you hesitate. If they tell you that there are other potential buyers so you should decide quickly, it’s a very good sign, that they just want to close the deal.

How much information do they give you?

The breeder should be able to answer all your questions with specific, and helpful answers. They should help you with choosing the Frenchie right for your lifestyle, family size, living conditions. Ask all the details about their birth, vaccinations, food, and personality and listen if the breeder only says some general sentences you can find on any website.

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How do they talk about the pups?

It’s a very important factor, as they treat them the same way as they talk about them. Do they know the puppies by name, do they know their personalities, do they sound they care? If they treat Frenchies like products, most probably they keep them in a kennel and think of them as products.

French Bulldog breeder - TomKings Blog

How does the breeder keep the puppies?

Ask all the details of how the pups spend their day, and what they do. You might think, it’s only the first months, and you will pamper yours, but the first period really counts a lot. If the pup is squeezed with his sisters and brothers into a small kennel, they cannot use their muscles and cannot grow as beautifully as opposed to being able to run freely. If they rarely see humans, they will be afraid of you, and you’ll need a longer period to socialize them.

What do other clients say?

As with any other service you want to see the experience of other clients. And unethical breeders know it! So they will be the first ones to establish a large social media community, buy followers, and fake testimonials and reviews, and even have a few reference ‘clients’ who are happy to testify how satisfied they are.

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Apart from reading testimonials (in the case of many breeders they are true!), look for their clients, who post about their Frenchie on their social media profile, who use their hashtag, or who are in a dedicated group keeping touch with each other. Our potential clients get access to our closed Facebook group of the Tom Kings puppy parents. You can see the feedback they give there, but you can also contact them in private to find out about their experience.

Is the breeder ready to help after you adopted your puppy?

As the pup will be a family member, it’s very important that you can still turn to the breeder, who spent the first weeks with him or her and who should have long years of experience with Frenchies. Ask before buying if you can turn to them after the adoption.

Find here our earlier article on the steps to follow when you buy a French Bulldog online, to avoid scams.

The article was written based on the experience of the Tom Kings Puppies Team. Tom Kings Puppies have been breeding French Bulldogs for 10 years on their farm. All the pictures in the post belong to them and show a puppy from their breed. Check their available puppies here, or if you have any questions or comments let us know below the article.

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