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8 Best Frenchie Christmas Gifts in 2022

‘Tis the season of chasing Christmas gifts for our loved ones, including our favorite four-legged family members. When we asked our Instagram followers, more than 95% of them voted that they would buy a gift for their Frenchie! If you also want to treat your puppy this year with something special but don’t have an idea yet, our list of Frenchie Christmas gifts will save you some thinking. We didn’t forget about your Frenchie lover friends and family members either!

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1. Dear Santa I Can Explain Dog Bandana

If Frenchies could speak these words would definitely suit them! They are always up to some mischief, but even Santa wouldn’t be able to resist their cuteness. If you’re looking for some festive clothing for your Frenchie to snap a picture with the Christmas tree, this easy-to-wear bandana could be a great choice.

2. Holiday Fair Isle Dog PJs

There’s nothing like opening presents in festive PJs on Christmas morning! Your Frenchie will look super sweet in these cozy and warm fleece pajamas, while the fair isle print will definitely add some holiday spirit to your pooch.

3. Gingerbread Train Hide & Seek Puzzle Plush Dog Toy

Dogs never get bored of new toys, so getting them one for Christmas is always a good idea. This fun and beautiful puzzle plush dog toy will definitely keep your Frenchie entertained during your Christmas meal! It comes with three gingerbread mini-plush toys which you should hide in the gingerbread train base and then give to your puppy to get them out. Holiday fun guaranteed!

4. Custom TomKings Puppies Frenchie Hoodie

If you want to treat your sweet TomKings Frenchie with something truly special, get them a cool custom hoodie featuring their name. The cool design will make your Frenchie baby stand out of the crowd, and the soft inner fleece will keep them warm and cozy in the cold season!

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5. Human & Dog Tree Sock Set

You’ll probably agree: wearing matching outfits with our dogs is fun! Any Frenchie parent would go crazy for these adorable matching Christmas tree socks, making it a truly ideal gift for them. We are definitely ordering these!

6. “Pawprints” Box Picture Frame

Frenchie parents’ phones are full of pictures with their fur babies. Most of these definitely deserve being displayed on a shelf or wall, so getting your pet lover friend or family member a cute picture frame is an amazing idea. This one will certainly warm their heart whenever they look at it!

7. Red Plaid Personalized Tumbler

Another brilliant way of using Frenchie photos is by putting them on things we use frequently, like a mug or a tumbler. This double-walled, stainless-steel tumbler can not only feature a picture of a pet but their name or a cute phrase too. One can never go wrong with a personalized gift, so this tumbler could be perfect for your loved one too! 

8. Custom TomKings Puppies Canvas Portrait

If your friend or family member has a TomKings Frenchie, they will definitely appreciate any piece of art featuring their baby. If you’re looking for something truly unique and beautiful, take things to the next level with this amazing custom canvas portrait of their Frenchie! Make sure to use a quality picture and place your order in time for it to arrive before Christmas!

Which Frenchie Christmas gifts are your favorite? Let us know in the comment section and make sure to also read our tips to make this holiday with your Frenchie more memorable.

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