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They specialize in the production of only the finest purebred AKC registered Frenchies, featuring rare coat colors, compact structures, and affectionate personalities. Their focus centers on achieving high-quality French Bulldogs through rigorous health and genetic testing, coupled with selective breeding. The overarching goal is to provide lasting companions to homes. To bring this vision to life, a world-class breeding program was established, upholding the highest standards to ensure optimal conditions for all puppies and adopting families. Their methods, standards, and vision all converge to distinguish their puppies from the rest, resulting in the revered bond between humans and dogs.

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Blue and tan French Bulldog - TomKings Puppies

Have you heard about TomKings Kennel?

As devoted lovers of dogs and especially French bulldogs, 10 years ago our family has started to breed our own puppies to make other people happy with healthy and loving Frenchies. 
As responsible French bulldog breeders, we at TomKings set very high health, genetic and wellbeing standards to make sure that all our Frenchies feel like family members while living a happy, fulfilled life and enjoying parenthood of beautiful fur babies. Instead of kennels or crates, we raise them in a vast, green garden with plenty of place to roam around and we let them sleep and rest in a cozy, large family house where our dogs and pups can socialize with humans of any age. Because well-balanced puppies come from well-balanced family backgrounds.


Dane, the king

Blue merle Fluffy

, French Bulldog,



Kurt, the energetic


, French Bulldog,



Rick, the social

Blue brindle

, French Bulldog,



Andy, the adorable

Blue merle and tan

, French Bulldog,



Tibor, the terrific

Lilac merle and tan

, French Bulldog,



Bellamy, the beautiful

Choco and tan

, French Bulldog,



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