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At Ethical Frenchies, their passion revolves around cultivating robust, joyful, and affectionate French Bulldogs, placing ethical principles above mere profits. As devoted French Bulldog breeders, they take immense pride in personally nurturing each puppy within the confines of their home, ensuring they receive the full extent of care and affection they rightfully merit. This nurturing setting grants them priceless insights into the distinctive personality of every puppy, enabling them to pair each one with its ideal forever home. Their hallmark lies in their unwavering commitment to openness and integrity, differentiating them within the realm of Frenchie breeders. The well-being of their French Bulldogs remains their paramount concern, as they adhere to conscientious breeding methodologies that preempt prevalent health concerns, thereby securing the highest caliber of puppies. Opting for Ethical Frenchies assures the inclusion of a well-adapted and affectionate companion within your family circle, a choice built upon trust.

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Blue and tan French Bulldog - TomKings Puppies

Have you heard about TomKings Kennel?

As devoted lovers of dogs and especially French bulldogs, 10 years ago our family has started to breed our own puppies to make other people happy with healthy and loving Frenchies. 
As responsible French bulldog breeders, we at TomKings set very high health, genetic and wellbeing standards to make sure that all our Frenchies feel like family members while living a happy, fulfilled life and enjoying parenthood of beautiful fur babies. Instead of kennels or crates, we raise them in a vast, green garden with plenty of place to roam around and we let them sleep and rest in a cozy, large family house where our dogs and pups can socialize with humans of any age. Because well-balanced puppies come from well-balanced family backgrounds.


Patricia, the princess


, French Bulldog,



Fredy, the champion

Blue fawn

, French Bulldog,



Steven, the charming

Blue fawn merle

, French Bulldog,



Larry, the unique

Lilac merle

, French Bulldog,



Theodore, the terrific

Blue merle and tan

, French Bulldog,



Kenny, the funny

Blue merle

, French Bulldog,



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