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What Can French Bulldogs NOT Eat?

The appetite of a Frenchie is like a bottomless pit. They can eat anytime, almost anything, and they are pretty opportunists when you drop something. Frenchies, especially at a young age, are not aware of any danger when it comes to eating. Therefore, you have to be his safe keeper and pay close attention to what you feed them. We collected a list of the most toxic food and drink you need to watch out for.

7 most dangerous food for Frenchies - TomKings Blog

7 most dangerous food for Frenchies

The digestive system of a dog works differently than ours. Frenchies are no exception, and in fact, they need greater attention due to their small size. Some foods are banned due to the suffocation risk or blockage in the intestines, while others contain toxic substances harmful to a dog’s health. If the owner does not pay attention, the result can be fatal in both cases.

If you think your dog has eaten something bad, don’t hesitate, but take him to the vet right away. Don’t wait for the first symptoms to start to show as it might be too late already.


We all love chocolate, right? But unfortunately, chocolate is toxic for dogs, and even the smallest amount can cause a significant illness. Chocolate contains substances like theobromine and caffeine that stimulate our heart and blood vessels. Yet, our puppies cannot metabolize them the same way as we do.

7 most dangerous food for Frenchies - TomKings Blog

The darker the chocolate, the more dangerous it is. The most common sign that your Frenchie has stolen some chocolate is that he starts vomiting, has diarrhea, and increased thirst. He is restless, constantly pants, and his heart rate is abnormally high.


Sweets made with granulated sugar are not only harmful to humans but also Frenchies. Cookies, cakes are no good for your baby, no matter how much he’s craving for it. Weight gain, diabetes, and cavities are some of the negative effects of sugar, but it negatively impacts their behavior too.

When we talk about sweets, we also have to mention artificial sweeteners too. Xylitol is a commonly used artificial sweetener that can cause liver failure in a Frenchie. It is used in sugar-free candy and gums, baked goods, and even in peanut butter. Therefore, if your baby loves peanut butter, always make sure to buy those made with other artificial sweeteners. Xylitol can also be found in toothpaste, so it’s not a good idea to use human toothpaste to brush your dog’s teeth either.

Giving candies to a dog is never a good idea, not even a sugar-free one. They can easily choke on a small candy or after swallowing it, it can easily block their tiny intestines that can only be removed surgically – if you reach the vet in time.

7 most dangerous food for Frenchies - TomKings Blog

Cooked bones

We learned from cartoons that dogs love bones. That’s right, but cartoons never mention how dangerous they are. Cooked bones are easier to chew, and the swallowed splinters can injure your baby’s gullet, stomach, or intestines. Splinters can do significant damage in a second, and you might not even reach the vet in time. Therefore, never let your Frenchie eat cooked bones, especially not chicken bones. Keep this in mind if your dog is on a B.A.R.F. diet.

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Milk and dairy products

Some dogs love to lick some ice cream, especially on a hot summer day. But dogs can be lactose intolerant, which means their stomach cannot process any milk-based product. If your dog has diarrhea after eating a dairy product or has allergic reactions like itching, he is most likely lactose intolerant. You must avoid giving him milk, cheese, ice cream, or any milk-based product.

7 most dangerous food for Frenchies - TomKings Blog

Fatty foods

Who could resist some crispy bacon, sausage, or a nice burger? Frenchies surely love these meals, but fat can cause pancreatitis in dogs. Fatty foods such as butter, oil, or grease must be avoided, just like any fried food, like french fries. These meals cause vomiting and diarrhea. If you’d like to learn more about dog calories, click here to read our relevant post.

Coffee, caffeine, and tea

Sounds strange to give coffee or tea to your baby, but the fact is that they do love the taste of it. But just because they love it, it doesn’t mean that it’s good for them. Dogs are more sensitive to caffeine than humans. Although one sip of coffee does not cause any major problem, letting them have a cup does. 30 minutes after drinking it your Frenchie becomes restless and hyperactive. As caffeine raises blood pressure, it can cause cardiac arrhythmia. It can damage major organs like the liver, heart, kidneys, and central nervous system. Caffeine can be found in many products, like tea and energy drinks. Not to mention the coffee grounds we put in the trash, which is an easy target for a curious dog.

7 most dangerous food for Frenchies - TomKings Blog


We know you are all responsible French bulldog owners and would never put your baby’s life in danger by giving them alcohol. But at this point, we need to draw your attention to products that contain alcohol in a hidden way. Alcohol is just as toxic to dogs as chocolate, even in small amounts. Syrups, raw bread dough can have ingredients that are poisonous for them. After consuming alcohol in any form, dogs will become disoriented and restless, start excessively pant, and vomit. If left untreated, alcohol intoxication can be fatal.

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  1. Happy you are providing this info. I’ve been researching you for a couple of years now but it’s a big decision to make. Having more info helps. I was curious though on your Instagram post today you had someone choosing a dog from a least a dozen. I know you are in another country so how do you go about doing this?

    1. Hi Cathy! We are very happy that you liked our article. 🙂 We would really love to hear all your questions and answer them, so could you please contact us via our email?

      Here is our email address:
      [email protected]

    1. Hi Dena!

      We feed our pups with Royal Canin Puppy Medium food between the age of 2 and 11 months. It can be changed to Royal Canin Adult or any quality dog food such as Acana or Orijen from 8 months. 🙂 Also, BARF diet is another great option. 🙂

  2. Great info! Thank you! You have shared what Frenchie’s can’t eat so could you do an article on what they can eat and best food to keep them healthy and their coats shiny. I’m feeding my Frenchie’s Nulo and now they are throwing it up wholesome. Frenchie’s are notorious for not chewing their food. I just began to gradually change it to Blue Buffalo since the kibble is smaller and they seem to be doing better on that. Please share thoughts on the best dry food, wet food or diet for a Frenchie. Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you so much for including the food that took my beloved Watty’s life, xylitol. So many people are unaware; it’s so important for this message, about all these foods, to get out there.

    1. Dear Dania,

      Yes, it is really important to bring everyone’s attention to the danger of xylitol. Like you said, a lot of people are unaware and so many foods contain peanut butter. Watty is the sweetest angel, the shiniest star in the sky. 🙂

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