Tom Kings Puppies FAQ 2

Questions and answers from the deposit to arrival


As soon as we have a litter with the color(s) and gender(s) you've requested, and they are already 6 weeks old (At that age their body rates are about the same as they will have as an adult) we will send you pictures of them. You can decide to pick from that litter, or you can decide to wait for the next one.

The exact date depends on the color and the number of the puppies will be born in the next litters, the color and gender you choose, and the people who are already on the waitlist, because they can decide to get a puppy later.

The deposit is completely refundable until you choose your puppy from a litter.

The older are the puppies the more difficult is finding them new homes. 
Deposit is for holding the puppy for the buyer and paying the expenses of shipping and documentations, therefore if you've already chosen you puppy, the deposit is non-refundable anymore. 
We use PayPal so the deposit is kept pending by PayPal until you confirm them that your puppy has arrived safe and sound in your hands. 

You have already paid 250 USD from the deposit, now you have to extend it to 20% of the total purchase price (in about a week). 

Since we have too many inquiries coming in for new pictures/videos of our available/ reserved babies we can only provide videos every 2 weeks upon request. We will try to send them as soon as possible but you will have them in maximum 5 days (TomKings Puppies’ first priority is to breed healthy puppies and Frenchies, so we spend most of our time with our Frenchies. In case of new litters, family events and other reservations it can take up to 5 days to provide the pictures/videos.)

Of course we know how important it is to see your chosen puppy in a live video call. We try our best, but we can not make a promise, since Tom is really busy.

We have too many inquiries coming in for new pictures/videos of our available/ reserved babies, so we can only provide videos every 2 weeks upon request. We will try to send them as soon as possible but you will have them in maximum 5 days (TomKings Puppies’ first priority is to breed healthy puppies and Frenchies, so we spend most of our time with our Frenchies, in case of new litters, family events and other reservations it can take up to 5 days to provide the pictures/videos.)

If you are wondering that you can change the Puppy's name or not, well yes, you definitely can. In case most of our Puppies' names are changed after adoption. It really doesn't bother the puppies, because they are very smart, they can learn new names easily. We have broad experience about this matter, and I can assure you that even 2 year-old dogs can learn to adapt to a new name. 
The other aspect, although at Tom Kings Kennel we speak good English, we still pronounce names differently. Therefore, for the puppy, even if the name remains the same, maybe it doesn't sound the same. Still they understand and obey it.

We let our puppies travel when they are 10-14 weeks old. 
At that age they are still tiny but they have already all the shots needed, so you don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars to your vet! And we start potty training too 🙂
Please read our blog post about the topic:
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You can get your puppy later if you wish,  if we have extra space for your puppy. 
(older puppies need to have a special care because they are bigger than the others and they need more training)
We usually charge 60 usd/ week for raising a puppy upon request. 


Puppies can travel the following ways (all are completely safe and enjoyable for the Frenchie).

Puppy transport
Frenchies are traveling in a temperature-controlled and pressurized space of the airplane. They are not at all stacked on top of suitcases, they don’t feel cold or hot. There are expert companies in puppy transport who watch them during the period of the flight. The puppy is absolutely treated as a human passenger: during layovers, they are taken off the plane and placed in a pet hotel, where they get fresh food and water.

Traveling with a nanny
This can happen when at least four puppies are traveling together. The puppies can either be with the nanny in the cabin or in a special space like in the above case when they travel without the nanny. Approximately bimonthly, Geri, the founder of Tom King Puppies travels with the puppies to check if the process goes well and to hand over puppies himself to the happy parents.

In each case, the puppy is in a portable travel crate supplied and paid by us.

Our puppies are our children, we would never risk their health, we deliver them by the experts of pet shipping, and there is always someone with them during the flight. More than 300 of our puppies live all over the world already, we never had a single issue 🙂

Flying in an airplane is just as safe as traveling in a car and possibly less stressful then a long car ride. A lot of people think animals are drugged, put in a box, tossed around with the rest of the baggage or left in hot planes for hours etc.. If this was true then we would never ship our puppies!! After almost 6 years of shipping puppies all over the USA and Canada we have never had one problem besides normal flight delays and that is fairly rare as well.

Your puppy will not be stacked on top of suitcases. Airlines have special places for pets so that they will be protected from cargo and luggage. It is temperature controlled and pressurized just like the cabin. Puppies are never drugged.
They’re shipped in a new airline approved plastic crate in which they can easily look out on the sides and on the front, with food, water and a blanket. During layovers the puppies are taken off the plane and placed in a temperature controlled holding room until they can be put on their connecting flight.

Extra food is taped to the side of the crate in the event of an unexpected layover/delay. Shipping pups takes a lot of time and planning. Pups must be taken to the vet just before shipping to get a shipping health certificate.

Please send the rest of the amount to PayPal latest 5 days prior the shipping (through the same invoice on which the deposit was made)!

As soon as the shipping company notifies us about the flight date, we'll contact you. You will know the exact date of arrival at least 10 days before it occurs. 

In some of the cases, you get an email or a call from the airline detailing the documents you should obtain, the place where you have to go to clear customs and where you then have to go to pick up your puppy. In other cases, though, you have to call the airline to get this piece of information. At Tom Kings Puppies we always send a detailed email to our clients on what to do.

You can usually check the map of the airport online and be prepared where to go and how much time it takes. Make sure you are looking for Cargo and not the normal Arrival section at the airport.

We do our best to arrange everything for you and inform you about all the steps. We send you a couple of emails with all the necessary pieces of info:

-In the first email we inform you about the arrival time, phone number of the airline, airwaybill number, flight numbers.
-In the second email, we inform you about the necessary items to take with you (including the documents).
-Photo of the puppy at the airport. (In some cases number 2 and 3 are included in one single email.)
-The day before the journey we email you the photocopy of all the necessary documents you will need at the airport. We cannot send it earlier as there is a last medical checkup after hich we get the last stamp in the passport.

We are not just breeders who raise and sell dogs. 
Our goal is to have only healthy and happy puppies and satisfied adopters, who are more like our family than our buyers.
We are ready to do anything to reach that. 

We believe that one of the reasons that our Frenchies are so popular is that they a very well socialized.

We start socialize our puppies with other dogs and children as young as possible in order to have friendly and calm puppies.

Please watch this video of one of our Frenchies who lives in the States with his little buddy:
Watch it

Other dogs: 
Read it

Your baby gets this 2 times a day. Half a cup in the morning and half at night 🙂


We can ship to these airports in the States and Canada:
Atlanta ATL, Austin AUS, Boston BOS, Chicago ORD, Dallas DFW (+300 USD), Denver DEN, Detroit DTW, Houston IAH, Los Angeles LAX, Miami MIA, New York JFK, New York Newark EWR, Orlando MCO, Philadelphia PHL, San Francisco SFO, San Diego SAN, Seattle SEA, Tampa TPA, Washington IAD
Canada: Calgary YYC, Edmonton YEG, Montreal YUL, Toronto YYZ, Vancouver YVR
We can ship puppies to other airports just with 2 transfers which would take too long for the puppies so we don’t do it.

You have to take your copy of the pet passport to the customs office where they will stamp it. (The puppy can still be in the transit when you do this.) Then you take the paperwork to the air general and pick up your puppy. (This is a description from Lufthansa but the practice is very similar to other airlines.)

The only exception is KLM, where a broker is required who arranges customs in advance and gives you an entry number that you can show to the customs officer and get your puppy. A broker is also needed if you are a breeder. In both cases we can arrange the broker for you! Broker fee is 200 usd.

We will send you an "arrival information" email about whether you will need to have a broker to arrange the import documents in advance or you won't need it. (usually you won't need a broker)

It is a good thing tough, because you will get much faster at the airport, and all documents will be checked in advance by the broker. They take care of everything and make the process super easy for you .
We have done this process more than 100 times so it will be a smooth process and we arrange everything 🙂
You won't need to pay tax, because you are buying a pet and the price is lower than 10.000 usd.

A very helpful list from one of our dear clients, Candace:

-All of the paperwork for customs and pick up (ID, your passport – if you have one, pet passport, invoice, airwaybill number)
-Natural Dry Spray Shampoo Or Vinegar water (They sometimes are a little stinky from the trip)
-A small garbage bag (to dump all the shavings/trash into from the crate)
-Scissors to cut the zip ties off (sometimes waiting the few minutes on the customs person to find some is just too long)
-Bottled water and bowl
-Dog bed (we had a 4-hour trip back home and she slept almost the entire way home)
-Harness & leash (if you need to stop for potty breaks)
-Some extra Royal Canin food
-Wet Wipes
-There are some parents who arrange a PetSmart grooming service but many of you said that wipes or dry shampoo are enough.

It depends on your country’s regulations. In the States there is no tax for importing puppies. There is a handling fee about 70-120 USD, which you need to pay to the airline at the airport.

It depends on your country’s regulations. In the States there is no need for import permit. We arrange everything you need to have, you just need to drive to the airport, sign the papers and pick your puppy up.
Here you can find the regulations of 200 countries to import a puppy:

We highly recommend to have a pet insurance from the very first day your furry friend arrives to you.

Here you can find our blogpost about this topic:

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