Top 5 edible and toxic fruits for Frenchies - TomKings Blog

Top 5 Edible and Toxic Fruits for Frenchies

In our previous article, we already mentioned the 7 most dangerous food for Frenchies. But what about fruits? You might think, “Come on, dogs don’t eat fruit!” The ancestors of dogs were purely carnivores indeed, but the domestication process has changed their eating habits too. Today, we consider dogs to be omnivorous, and although it depends on individual taste, some Frenchies like to eat fruits occasionally. So which fruits are good to eat and which to avoid? We collected the top 5 edible, and top 5 toxic fruits for French bulldogs!

Top 5 edible fruits for Frenchies

Top 5 edible and toxic fruits for Frenchies - TomKings Blog
Apple, the perfect healthy snack

One apple a day keeps the doctor away! How many times have you heard this in your childhood? An old but gold proverb it is. Apple slices are ideal snacks not only for your child but your Frenchie as well. All you have to do is remove the core and the seeds, as the amount of cyanide in the seeds can be toxic for a small size dog. Apples are rich in fiber and low in fat and protein and prove to be a healthy treat to dieting dogs.

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Banana, the occasional snack

Bananas are also high in fiber but are also full of sugar, which makes this fruit high in calories. Due to this, only give a moderate amount of banana to your Frenchie. Banana is more of an occasional treat, not an everyday snack. Consuming large amounts of bananas can lead to constipation, just like for humans, but if your poor baby has diarrhea, it can help him feel better. Only the fruit is edible, so always remove the peel before feeding.

Top 5 edible and toxic fruits for Frenchies - TomKings Blog

Orange, another occasional snack

You can give some oranges to your Frenchie once you remove the peel, the pitch, and the seeds. Oranges are high in vitamin C, which is just as healthy for dogs as for humans. Vitamin C helps the detoxification process of the body by flushing the toxins from the body. Oranges are high in natural sugar, so be careful with the amount, especially if your dog is obese or has high blood sugar.

Pear, to promote healthy blood cells

Similar to apples, dogs can consume pears freely once you remove the seeds and core. Pears are high in many beneficial vitamins, like vitamin A, C, and K, and contain lots of healthy minerals, copper, and fiber. This combination of vitamins in pears promotes healthy blood cells and reduces the risk of stroke.

Top 5 edible and toxic fruits for Frenchies - TomKings Blog

Strawberries, to slow down aging

Strawberries are high in fiber, low in calories, and are full of antioxidants. You can give fresh strawberries to your dog without strict limits, but avoid canned strawberries as it contains lots of added sugar! The antioxidants in strawberries can help slow down the aging process, keep your Frenchie’s fur shiny, and strengthen the immune system.

Top 5 toxic fruits for Frenchies

Top 5 edible and toxic fruits for Frenchies - TomKings Blog


Avocado skin contains persin, and this toxin causes vomiting and diarrhea. So it’s best to keep avocados out of reach at all times. Avocado flesh does not contain any harmful toxins, but it’s best not to take any risk and not give any avocadoes to your Frenchie at all.

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Grapes are probably the most toxic fruit of all for dogs. It contains toxins that cause kidney damage which can even be fatal. So it might seem like a cute and funny idea to play fetch with a grape, but that could be a very dangerous game.

Top 5 edible and toxic fruits for Frenchies - TomKings Blog


Raisins are old grapes, says the joke. But it’s true and contains the same toxins. It’s another big no when it comes to Frenchies.

Passion Fruit

Although passion fruit is yummy, its small seeds are harmful to dogs when eaten in large amounts. The sad news is that it’s almost impossible to completely remove its seeds from the harmless flesh, therefore it’s best to avoid this fruit too. You should even avoid it’s juiced form as the seeds are blended with the flesh.

Top 5 edible and toxic fruits for Frenchies - TomKings Blog


Many of us use tomatoes in the kitchen in many forms. In tiny amounts, it won’t cause any serious problem for your Frenchie. But you should know that it contains a toxin called solanine which is dangerous for dogs when consumed in large amounts. The green parts of the plant contain even more solanine, therefore if you have a vegetable garden with tomatoes, make sure to keep your dog away.

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