Summertime with your Frenchie

The parents in our Tomkingskennel Frenchie Family FB group post adorable photos of their cuties enjoying summer. We show a selection of these below, but first, and also see how we should take care of our boy or girl in the summer heat. The TomKings Puppies Team share their expertise on how to keep your Frenchie cool.

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Frenchies love to be outdoors, play with us and the children so they also enjoy summer. Except for the heatwave, when we have to take extra care of them. They can easily overheat due to their thick undercoat so we recommend the following precautions during the hottest months of the summer:

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  • Always have fresh drinking water for your Frenchie, so that he or she can serve himself or herself. If you go out, don’t forget to check if he or she has access to water in restaurants or at your friends’ places.
  • Never ever leave your Frenchie in your car by themselves, not even when you just pop into the grocery store for five minutes.
  •  They like to cool themselves by laying on cold flooring, make sure they can find such an area in the house. Alternatively, you can buy a cooling gel mat to lay on.
  • If you play outside be sure to have “refreshment” breaks when you can give him or her ice cubes, or your Frenchie can use a kiddie pool set up for him or her. They love to be in shallow water, so we always prepare a small pool with water level reaching up to their tummies.
  • Frencies will love to go to the beach with you, but be careful: they can’t swim. You can teach him or her to swim while he or she can wear a life vest, but always supervise him or her when in the water like you would do with a young kid.
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If you pay attention to the above precautions you and your Frenchie will enjoy summer just as these parents from our Tomkingskennel Frenchie Family.

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The article was written based on the experience and the services of the Tom Kings Puppies Team and the photos posted in their Facebook group. Tom Kings Puppies have been breeding French Bulldogs for 10 years on their farm. All the photos in the post show a puppy from their breed and belong to the parents in the FB group, thanks a lot for posting about your Frenchie. Check their available puppies here, or if you have any questions or comments let us know below the article.


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Dane, the king

Blue merle Fluffy

, French Bulldog,



Kurt, the energetic


, French Bulldog,



Rick, the social

Blue brindle

, French Bulldog,



Andy, the adorable

Blue merle and tan

, French Bulldog,



Bellamy, the beautiful

Choco and tan

, French Bulldog,



Paddy, the playful

Black merle and tan

, French Bulldog,



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