Airport experiences

from TomKings Family members


KLM Location:

1600 M H Jackson Service Rd bldg B, Atlanta, GA 30337, USA


1) Please go to 1600-M.H. JACKSON SERVICE ROAD - bldg B, ATLANTA GA. 30320

2) Walk in the warehouse building and present your ID, terminal fee, delivery order (attached), power of attorney.

3) The airline will process the paperwork and will guide you with the rest of the process.

*The handling fee has been increased from $70 to $100 which you can pay with a credit card.


Mackenzie (KLM): "Be prepared to wait if you need to. It went as smoothly as it could have. Wait time was a little long."

Darius (KLM): "Puppy landed 8PM. I arrived at the airport at 9PM, and I had my puppy by 9:20PM. The process was easy. Because I used a broker, I only had to present my government-issued ID and pay the terminal fee ($70*) via credit card. You may need to sign a Customs Power of Attorney and provide the customs broker your TIN/SSN and a copy of your government-issued ID for tax reporting purposes.  The Delta Cargo staff were very friendly and efficient. Take a pair of scissors to cut the zip ties from the travel crate, and bring a small garbage bag to empty the paper shreds from the crate. Take a bottle of water and water bowl to offer your puppy. My puppy arrived clean and he didn’t smell, but I recommend taking unscented baby wipes just in case."

Luke (KLM): "ATL people were great and very friendly, it cost $70* dollars, no cash, only card. The flight landed at 1:15pm but I didn’t receive my puppy till 5:30pm as the airport had technical issues. But all of this didn’t even matter once I got Hugo he brightened the day and made everything worth it."

Haley (KLM): "We waited for almost 45 minutes after we checked in at building A before our paperwork was processed but after that I met my beautiful baby girl within 5 minutes! All of the customs people were nice but unfortunately they did not have any scissors for me to cut the zip ties on her carrier so my husband improvised. The handling fee that I was charged was $70 & they only took card due to COVID19. Overall my experience was okay."


KLM Location:

617 South Access Road, O'hare, Franklin Park, Il, United States (800) 996-8834 

*The handling fee has been increased to $150 which you can pay with a credit card.


Natalee (KLM) : "Don’t rush to get to the airport, it took 2 hours after his landing for my puppy to be ready to be picked up. Also, make sure you bring all items on the check list!"

Rachel (KLM): "Get there at least two hours after the flight lands."

Amanda (Lufthansa): "If you are getting more than one puppy or there is more than one puppy on the air bill, use the broker. Check the flight time and don't get there early. It took us about 3 hours after the plane landed to get our baby. You will do everything through the cargo warehouse; YOU DON'T NEED TO GO TO CUSTOMS! Print out and bring your puppy's passport. The handling fee was $100* and they didn't accept cash, had to be a credit card. The process was a little confusing, but would be a lot easier next time, now that we know what to expect.

Mariya (KLM): "I would recommend that they get there at least 2 hours after flight time and bring cleaning stuff for the puppy as they are stinky and water."

Woodrow (KLM): "Be certain whether or not you need a customs broker, to gain clearance for your puppy. Customs provided us with another customs broker, who ended up helping us out. I had to have customs print out some papers for me to fill out & sign, and send pictures of those to the customs broker. Then I had to pay $308 to the customs broker. As well as $90* to customs. This took around 2-2.5hrs."

Sarah (KLM): "Her flight arrived at 2:40pm and she was available for pickup at 3:30pm. The airline called me the morning of to confirm the pickup time. I had to wait about an hour and a half to get her as waiting area was really busy due to the holiday season and Covid restrictions. However, once I got to the customs check-in it was a really quick process and I had to pay $100* cargo fee. The workers were all very kind and helpful. I then got my puppy!"

Jeramie: "I picked my puppy up from IAH. I would highly recommend the broker. The broker kept me notified of what I needed to do and where I needed to be. They guided me step by step and kept me stress free."

Mary (KLM):
 "Please hire their broker so your experience is anxiety free!!! Take towels for your puppies just in case. Be patient with them, they are tired after the trip. "

Sandy (KLM): "The Houston (IAH) Airport Cargo area personnel were great. The broker sent directions shortly before plane arrival. I went to the area 2 hours early. I paid the cargo fees ($111) and returned to the car. The plane arrived on time, but the inspector at the airport was in no rush. I picked up my puppy 2 hours later without a problem. The crate was clean, and had freshly shredded dry newspaper inside and clean water in the bowls. The puppy was tickled to be removed from the crate andbegan puppy kisses immediately!" 

Azalea (KLM): "The process was so easy with the broker . She did everything. I would recommend this . She gave us step by step information. When we arrived to airport it was all done . I recommend paying online before getting there. We did it and it worked perfectly. The wait was the only thing we did but before we knew it they were handing over our angel . Overall amazing experience !!"

Davin (KLM): "In my experience at Houston international (IAH) I didn’t need to bring anything with me besides my license for the airport and my passport for customs. The pet passport was sent with my puppies paperwork so I just needed to pick it up from the airport, bring it to customs, then bring it back to the airport to finalize the pickup. They no longer take cash at the airport so they make you pay online but it wasn’t a hard process. Overall it wasn’t bad at all."

KLM Location:

5621 W Imperial Hwy, Los Angeles, Ca, Usa

*The handling fee has been increased to about $150-200 which you can pay with a credit card.


Carol(KLM): "This last time with my puppy was pretty easy thanks to TKK’s broker, Claudia! She takes the headache out of all the custom work! She does it all for you! There is a small fee for her but it’s well worth it! All we had to do is come to the airport with $140* terminal fee (cash only) and Identification. We used her two times! She communicates through customs for you! As well as everyone at TKK for all their communication and detailed emails you receive right before the delivery of the pups. It makes it easier when you have another family there who’s waiting for their TKK pup too! It takes a while for the puppies to get over to the cargo area after they clear customs! We waited about 2 hours. "

Christine (KLM)
: "The correct address will be helpful for future clients whose puppies fly KLM. They will be looking for the building that says, “AIR FRANCE”.... ( not KLM)....the address is:

5621 West Imperial Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045

They need to go here 1st..They explain the process and tell you what you need to do. They will give you a packet of papers, and then direct you to drive to “ Customs”; to get cleared and have one of the papers signed.. This the Customs address: ( it’s down the road less than 5 minutes from Air France):

US Custom’s and Border Protection
11099 S. La Cienega Blvd — Los Angeles, CA 90045

After you get the paperwork signed by customs, you return back to the Air France bldg you started to get your puppy ( this takes a while)"

Austin and Jordan (Lufthansa): "We read TomKings blog & brought necessary items; towels, treats, water, scissors etc. which was helpful. Defiantly recommend being patient during the process; we waited 3 hours after our pup landed for customs to process paperwork. The process worked quicker with a broker & one main person in charge.  There was $100* fee; we split it with the group of buyers. Customs is nice but ask a lot of questions so be prepared with paperwork & knowledge on the puppies!"

Joie (Lufthansa): "Our experience at the airport was fine. We picked up at LAX. It is about an hour drive for us. The entire process took about 2.5 hours. First stop was Lufthansa cargo, showed them our paperwork, then back in the car and a 10 minute drive to customs. There was one person in front of us, it took about 30 minutes, the lady at customs was very nice. Then back to Lufthansa cargo, paid $100* and they checked our paperwork again, unfortunately the lady helping me had made a mistake processing the person before us so another lady had to help her, it was about 45 minutes. And then I was giving my paperwork to go into the cargo area and sign our my puppy.
There was a very nice man working out front of the Lufthansa cargo, very helpful. "

Maria (KLM): "When I arrived at the KLM cargo area (separate from the airport itself), it was about 5:00 PM. It was about 7:30 PM before we were able to go into the cargo area and begin the paperwork process that is required for Customs. By 7:45 PM, we were able to make our way to the Customs building which was located about 5 minutes away from the KLM cargo office. The customs officer was not the friendliest but, I'd like to think that attitude comes with the job. I was asked for my passport card and questioned about my reasoning for purchasing a puppy from overseas. Once I was back at the KLM cargo office, I provided the customs paperwork and paid $70* for the handling fee. Finally, at about 8:15 PM, Bane was released to me. I would not say that the process was difficult, you just have be extremely patient and understanding of the process."

We made this mistake and we ended up waiting for 2+hours just to get his paperwork.
So for example if the puppy arrives at 11am do not arrive until 12:30/1pm at the earliest.
This would have made the day less stressful."

Kim (KLM): "Handling fee was $140*, but was split with another TKK owner as puppies where shipped together in 1 crate (if this happens between the 2 of you, you will have to decide who takes the crate home), but not a big deal and I gave it to the other owner, as he was the point person in dealing with the customs broker. Not sure what the criteria is in needing a broker or not as I’ve seen some with and some without from LAX, but it did make it easier as we didn’t have to go back and forth. The plane landed (approx 12pm) we got the puppies about 3 hours later, we got there early around 1-1:30 just to be safe and I rather wait there than anxiously at home. We are happy with Pippa and she is a beautiful pup."

Tabatha (KLM): "We picked up Luna at LA. Cargo facility(Air France). You have to wait till the plane lands and then they are transported to the facility before you can do anything. All the paperwork comes with her. So be patient and get there on time or later. The plane was due to arrive at 11:55 but with transporting they didn’t arrive to Air France cargo area until about 1:30. They request ID, scan it and give you all the paperwork to take to customs. You drive 3 minutes down the street to customs. Grab a number & take a seat. You then fill out a page with your info, puppy info, cost and original address. They stamp your paper and return to Air France. You pay the fee, ours was $140* and then they finally release your fur baby!! The process was super easy, you just have to be patient. I would say the entire process took about 2-3 hours."

KLM Location:

6640 Northwest 22nd Street, Building 707 Miami, Fl, Usa     

*The handling fee has been increased to about $150-200 which you can pay with a credit card.


Francis:"Key Points, Know there isn't parking. Claudia will send you an email when your pup is clear, go in with your airway bill after she sends that. I showed up 15 minutes before the time the told me to and got him right on time.  I never spoke to customs, Claudia did everything. I gave the desk money ($120*) and my ID and that was it. "

Ernest (KLM): "This was my first time picking up a puppy at Miami airport, at first you feel nervous, so that is why you have to follow all the steps from Geri, Tony and the broker. My puppy came with another pup so Tony covered the broker Claudia, amazing and professional, she wasn't with me in person but she was at phone almost all the time. All the iPhone users have problem paying the terminal fee online, my advice is to take cash with you, around 120$*. The rest is easy, the workers at the office will help you too, be prepared to spend couple hours too, bring all the items described in the blog, the dogs are not too stinky so if you live close you can give it a bath later. Trust in the TKK family and you won't be disappointed."

Tom (KLM): "Follow closely the advised list of things to bring - all were very important. From the time I arrived at KLM Cargo until I physically got my puppy Sinatra, it was just under an hour. I had to pay $109 USD* for a “flight services fee.” They were a little disorganized in their delivery of your “cargo” and not doing it in order of being processed."

Patrick (KLM): "The broker, Claudia will send you an email when your pup is clear, go in with your airway bill after she sends that. I never spoke to customs, Claudia did everything. I gave the desk money ($120*) and my ID and that was it. Prepare for no parking, just leave a friend in the car with keys. There's grass nearby, take the pup to the grass to open him up to get away from all the big trucks. I took a towel to put on him and it was a lot less stressful than the loading dock area."

Michele (KLM): "TomKings is great, Geri provided me with all the information I could ask for to pick up my puppy. I know that a broker is optional but as soon as Geri recommended one I got a broker to make the process at customs quicker. I bumped into someone there who said they didn’t have a broker the last time they got their puppy and they had to wait an extra day."

Ashley (KLM): "The people at customs were nice and the process was easy. The handling fee was $115*. I would recommend a ton of baby wipes and towels for the drive back."

KLM Location:

Bldg 78b, North Boundary Road, Jamaica, Ny, United States / phone: (718) 208-4297

After the scheduled arrival it takes around 2hrs for the Customs to be clear since Customs requires verbal confirmation that the flight from the airline.
*The handling fee has been increased to about $200-270 which you can pay with a credit card. If you pay online it is slightly less:


Katherine (Cargolux): "Get a broker.  Always have everything you need and be ready to go to different places at the airport aka customs."

Alyssa (Cargolux): "...We ended up driving a day earlier to be prepared for any traffic or flight delays and to also split up our driving. We stayed at the TWA hotel (a dog friendly hotel) which is right at JFK airport and about a 10 minute drive to where I was supposed to pick up Ren (Florence). Prior to Ren’s travels, CargoLux (the airline she was flying) contacted me by phone to confirm I would be at the airport at the date Ren was flying in. Your (Geri’s) contact information including the emails to CargoLux and Kelvin Torres contact were VERY helpful. I also ended up emailing CargoLux with the emails you provided and Kelvin responded back with extremely helpful information about picking up live puppies from JFK."

Laura (Cargolux): "Have patience. The dogs are taken care of. But it can be a very long wait and people can be rude. Just be kind and have patience.  I know others said to bring a trash bag and wipes and all that. We needed nothing other than some water. Everything was clean and Titus was so happy to see us."

Ashley (Cargolux): "with my experience, my flight was delayed. and i prepared for it anyways. make sure to bring extra money, snacks, your id just in case, and copys of your babys info! "

Kevin (KLM): "The airport was a long day, be prepared to wait a few hours "

David (KLM): "We used JFK airport in New York drove 4 hours to pick her up the flight was delayed so had to wait 2 hours longer ,the airport cargo was hectic but a broker makes everything so much easier, cost was 150$* for the handling fee."

Karolyn (KLM): "My experience at the airport was super easy because the owner of the dog in the same as Thor decided to get a broker. Our paperwork was taken care of. The owner arrived earlier than I did so she told me which building to go to and when I arrived, I only had to wait about 10 minutes before I saw my puppy be used everything was taken care of by the owner and the TKK team ."

Malcolm (KLM): "Having a broker helped us expedite the process, and make it much smoother. The fee for handling was $150* total."

Sarah (KLM): "Use Claudia the broker. She made the process so much easier and less stressful. I’m so glad I got the broker, it helped expedite the process of picking up Remi. We picked Rémi up from JFK, it was under a 3 hour drive. We got there early but were able to pick up Remi within 45 minutes of arriving back at cargo. It was very easy, all we had to do was show up and pay the cargo fee."

Trisha (KLM): "Plan to be there for at least 4 hours, and that’s using a broker."

Jessica (KLM): "Due to Covid, there was a long line outside with people picking up their puppies. I was picking up my puppy together with another person, who spoke directly to our broker and had everything done before I even got there! Our broker had quickly gotten our pups through customs and it was only a matter paying the $150* airline fee. We were instructed to enter the cargo area where we expected to wait a little longer but the puppies were actually all in the same area... surrounded by other cargo.  We were instructed to pull up our cars and our puppies were quickly brought to us. We had accounted for the customs and cargo wait time and arrived 1.5 hours after the puppy had ‘arrived’. It was another hour wait from our arrival to holding our puppy. It didn’t seem to feel that long though, as we had been in good company. I’m very happy that my pup got to ride in the crate with a friend.
The airport experience was overall pleasant for me but it was mostly due to the help of the other puppies owner.. It was nice to have someone else in the same situation and helping throughout the time. "

Nicolette (KLM): "(broker isn’t required at JFK but definitely helped speed up the process) The other owner who was our contact person for the pups went inside to show ID and our paperwork. Our handling fee was $140* which we split. Once we did all that within 10 minutes the pups were in our arms! Overall it was a pretty easy process and worth every second of waiting."

Julia (KLM): "The only difficult part of the process was picking him up from the cargo center. I arrived promptly, around 30 minutes before the plane landed and the cargo staff told me to come back in three hours. They wouldn’t let me process his passport first and it was really difficult to find what location KLM cargo was located in (for future reference it’s in location “D”). Besides that the experience was amazing and he is the most perfect boy! Thank you so much, I couldn’t be happier :)"

Laura (KLM): " Have a broker always. This time was so much smoother than the last time. We had a broker, so we walked in and handed them my license, I already paid the $139* online, and they went and got the pups. Another perfect puppy."

Mikaela (KLM): "JFK without a broker- you go to the cargo hold building for KLM and show them your documents (pet passport and shipping confirmation and your ID, the preferred drivers license here.) They then give you a packet of shipping documents that you have to take to the customs building to be validated. That building is just 2 minutes down the road to the right of the cargo and is called building 77. Present them with the documents and ID. Know the birthday listed on the pet passport. They preferred passport for ID at customs. You then go back to the cargo building for KLM and give them the signed documents from custom and your ID again. Then they direct you to the cargo hold attached to their office and bring the puppy crate to you. Bring scissors to cut the zip ties. Get your baby in your arms. And kiss that babies nose. And take them home!"

Marissa (KLM): "Follow their flight using the Flight Aware app. Process was pretty easy, customs was very nice. We had to pay $150* cash. They said you could pay online but many that were there to pick up other dogs from overseas said the link wasn’t working for days."

Angel (KLM): "Everything went smoothly! We waited 1 hour per the broker, Claudia. Went into the warehouse gave my license and cash for the airport fee ($150*) and the puppies were ready. Process was very easy much easier than expected. "

*The handling fee has been slightly increased.

Jonathan (KLM):
"Having a broker makes the paper processing easy. It is best to go early to avoid waiting long."
Kylie(KLM): "
We picked up our puppy from SFO and the actual process of getting her was super seamless and it was nice to have another family there with us so that we could bounce feedback we'd received from TomKings off of each other as we waited. The only negative part was that we had to wait about 3 hours at SFO which was brutal as we waited for our bundle of joy!!! It's critical to be in constant communication with the family who is also getting the dog with yours though, especially if they're the ones in contact with the airlines so that you can properly determine the location (not the airport, but a warehouse for international cargo). "

Fransisco (KLM): "To be honest it was not hard at all. I waited outside the KLM drop off zone and waited close to 2 hrs. I had to pay 120$* there and I payed the broker another 190$"

Marlena (KLM): "Trust the process, easy with the broker. Bring water, dog food, dog car seat, harnes, leash, wipes just in case. Customs were easy, have extra cash as the custom fees vary, even if they email the amount prior to pick up."

Nicole (KLM): "Picking up from SFO, is pretty easy whether it’s KLM/Turkish Airlines. I recommend picking up the puppy on a Friday, not so busy. Plus picking up on Friday gave me a full weekend to acclimate them. Arrange the flight details with Geri. Although with Covid, it might not matter. I picked up both Tito and Wilson from KLM/Turkish airways cargo facilities on a Friday evening. I did not use a broker. The procedure is simple, go to the airline cargo facility. They will give you custom forms. Then drive down the road to the customs office. Make sure to bring the copies of the passport Geri send you, has all the info and the passport is on the dog carrier with your pup. They will fill out paper work with you. Then return with completed paper work to the airline cargo facility, pay the standard $80* cargo fee. I believe you have to pay this fee with or without a broker. Then wait for then to bring your pup into the cargo area."

Neil (KLM): "Be prepared to wait and stand in line for about an hour. Sometimes the puppies don't come out of the airplane right away. Also, make sure you bring a pair of scissors. The staff at the cargo area are not required to give you scissors to open the crate."

*The handling fee has been slightly increased.

Isidoro (Cargolux): "We showed up at the time the airlines told us and we had a 1 hour wait. When we recieved the pups we thought they were going to be really stinky because of past experience with other breeder, but to our surprise TomKingsKennel used a thick pad that was able to absorb so much liquid. We had a great experience apart of the epidemic. We would Definitely buy another puppy from TomKingsKennel and would recommend anyone to Tomkingkennel."

Arturo (Cargolux): "When I was notified about Padme being shipped I had already talked with someone from Cargolux this is where you will pick up your new family member. I personally couldn’t figure out how to pay in advance  for the handling fee but as for needing a broker the family at TKK has already provided you with all the documents you need to check your puppy into customs yourself. Once Cargolux has contacted you and requests the documents for your puppies passport, email them all the information that you have in a email already provided to you from TKK.. Just email them all the copies of passport and bill of sales that’s the easiest and least expensive way. Now you just have to show up and pay and sign for your new family member. Cash only. I brought paper copies but I wasn’t asked to provide them because they received the necessary information by email."

Michele (Cargolux): "This time around we used a broker at SEA due to the puppies arriving later in the evening. Brokers are the way to go for later flights. With our previous pup from TKK we did not use a broker. Once we arrived to the airport it took maybe 30 min which seemed like hours. We were able to see the puppies on the dock and we instantly bonding with our puppy while waiting for customs to clear the puppies. We had to pay a import service fee which was we paid online which was $105*. Broker fee was I believe $250."

Colleen (Cargolux): "I enjoyed having a broker. At first I didn’t know what a broker was. Tony explained, and I decided to take the easy way. Went out to dinner. Went to the airport and there was my angel!!"


*The handling fee has been slightly increased.

Helen (Turkish):

Picking up a pup at Dulles by Helen Gordon

Chad (KLM): "I didn’t wait at all...I arrived 2 hours after his scheduled arrival but was called an hour earlier saying that he had been processed and was ready. Fee was supposed to be $90* but totaled $108 due to your shipping fee ($15) and taxes."
Kemani (KLM): "Trust the process, hire a broker makes process easier!"

Anthony (KLM): "I just suggest communicate with the other family if there are more than one puppy traveling together. We drove about 30mins to IAD Dulles airport. Everyone was very friendly and the process seemed very simple. The other family was in charge of paper work so we waited over 3hrs to receive our puppies. But they were safe happy and ready to be loved."

Daryl (KLM): " Let you guys handle everything and just follow your instructions. My puppy arrived with another person’s puppy. I waited maybe 2 hours and the process was not bad. The customs people know what they are doing and they are very knowledgeable about the process. Our fee was about $106.00* split two ways. I paid $53.00 and we used a broker."