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There are quite a few celebrities who post a lot about their French Bulldogs but for us, the biggest celebrities are the babies from the Tom Kings Puppies breeds. Fortunately, some of them are Instagram stars themselves, and the happy parents post fabulous pictures about them. We love seeing how they enjoy life and how much they are loved by their family. See below some cute photos from their profiles and click on the names for their full Instagram profile and further photos.

Hercules is a real Insta-celeb with almost 2,500 followers and lots of cute photos. Here he happily celebrates his Mom’s birthday and poses with an absolutely fabulous red party hat.

Claudia and Elias are huge stars in Instaworld with more than 1,300 faithful followers. No wonder, who could resist those two pairs of eyes! Two happy and healthy French Bulldogs who we love to follow. (Not to mention the fact that having two Frenchies are always better than one:)

A selfie with dad is a guarantee for loads of likes for Basqui. It was not long ago that he left the Tom Kings Puppies farm and we are happy to see that he enjoys life in New Jersey. (Here you can find all the details you need to know before picking up a Frenchie at the airport.)

An absolutely multicultural Frenchie, Kruz, making friends with a horse on the picture. This is one of the several reasons parents around the world love French Bulldogs, as they get on well with other breeds.

When you are called Jefe, you deserve no less than this gorgeous bed.

Office hours with Mum. Frank, the Business-Frenchie.

If you haven’t posted it, you haven’t eaten it. Eddie is a gourmand from Tirol.

Having a nap while dad is working. Kiboko knows the best seat in the house.

Cruising the lakes in Minnesota and enjoying the sun: Moss.

A real puppy-influencer, Dahnji is setting the trends in this wonderfully cozy pullover.

#justgotoutofbed post from the adorable Innyminii from New York.

Jason loves driving around and meeting his mates. Frenchies are usually very social, if your is not, read this.

A kiss from Lucy to Jada the Rottie. They are so lovely and get on really well.

Lonzo from Florida is playful and has a lot of energy. We love to see how he grows, and how beautiful puppy he is. This is our main aim on the farm to raise happy and healthy puppies.

Stella with a toy-monkey in her playtime. She is so adorable.

Teddy Helix Watson has eaten some mulch, but he doesn’t seem to be bothered by that. He has just left the Tom Kings Puppies farm and started his life in the US (and on Instagram.) Other than mulch, Frenchies love to eat a couple of other treats, see here how to feed them.

Romeo has a nap in a beautifully decorated environment, obviously. An Instaperfect photo of the awesome guy.

Another sleepy puppy, Scott from Vancouver. He is so cute and lovely. This is one of the several good things about French Bulldogs, they can be as active or as passive as life requires them to be 🙂

Zeke was 7 months old on this picture celebrating with a nice bowl of food. He looks so smart, we still remember how he was when he lived on the farm with us. (Read here what happens with French Bulldogs in their first few weeks.)

Still on our Farm, Louis is looking forward to meeting his forever loving family on this picture. While we are looking forward to several great posts on how he grows.  (if you buy Frenchies online, take into consideration these tips.)

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A beautiful poolside diva, Rocco, living in NY. What a beautiful setting! (Good to know that French Bulldogs cannot swim, but you can teach them.)

Khaleesi is a big traveler, and this practical basket is absolutely safe and comfortable for his rides.

A born Instagram Model Cuatro is posing in LA. We love this photo!

Cheering for the Yankees, Cai is a passionate supporter, dressed for the occasion.

The first visit to the beach with his parents was an absolute love at first sight for Cooper.

A stylish and elegant influencer, the Furry Bill Murray posing for this picture, how cute!

Bullet and Bella, two sweet puppies love each other and their parents a lot, they cannot stop playing and making fun.

Boujee is meeting daddy for the first time, they love each other. One of the latest Instagram profiles, with already a lot of followers.

The pictures in the article show puppies from the Tom Kings Puppies breeds. We have been raising healthy and happy French Bulldogs for 10 years on our farm. The photos are from the Instagram feed of our clients’ and belong to them. Keep checking back at their Instagram profile to see how the puppies grow. Check our available puppies here, or if you have any questions or comments let us know below the article.


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