3 rules on the street that can save your Frenchie’s life - TomKings Blog

3 rules on the street that can save your Frenchie’s life

There’s probably no more exciting thing for dogs than going for a walk or a car ride. They are curious little creatures who just can’t wait to explore the world around them! But in all the excitement there might be some danger lurking like a fast-approaching car on the road, poisonous food on the ground or even getting lost. In this article, we’ll teach you four rules that your Frenchie should know in order to avoid unexpected situations that could put your baby’s life in danger. Through these rules, your Frenchie will also learn that you’re the pack leader who they should always listen to! Let’s see what these extremely important rules are.

3 rules on the street that can save your Frenchie’s life - TomKings Blog

1. Taking the leash off safely

Has it ever happened to you that as soon as you took the leash off after arriving to the dog park, your Frenchie took off as well like a madman? Probably more than one time. The problem with that is that if you’re not careful enough and your puppy runs off, you won’t have the chance to recognize a potential danger in time like a car or a bigger aggressive dog. Your baby might even get lost, read this article about what you can do if that happens (hopefully it won’t!).

When you detach the leash from the collar, it makes a sound that basically screams “Freedom!” for your Frenchie. This rule is about getting your puppy used to that sound until it becomes completely neutral for them, and they only start running when you say the command word GO. So, in each of these cases your puppy needs to sit down first, then you take the leash off and make them sit there patiently waiting for you to tell them when they are free to go.

3 rules on the street that can save your Frenchie’s life - TomKings Blog

How can you achieve that?

The first step is to have your Frenchie sit down and clatter the clasp of the leash while on their neck. If they try to run off, pull them back and do it again. You need to keep practicing until the sound of the clasp doesn’t cause a reaction and they don’t associate it with running off. Since this is a dominance practice, so a rule not a training task, there’s no verbal praising in return. Your Frenchie will be happy to finally be free to go, that’s a form of praising as well. These leash training tips can also come in handy with your pup.

3 rules on the street that can save your Frenchie’s life - TomKings Blog

2. Getting out of the car safely

No matter how your Frenchie travels in the car (in a crate or on the seat), they must learn that when the car door opens they cannot jump out and run off immediately! Similarly to the previous situation, you’ll need to make the sound of opening the car or the crate door neutral for your puppy. They can only get out when you tell them to, using the command word COME. So, when the door opens, your puppy needs to stay in place under any circumstances!

How can you achieve that?

The first step is teaching your Frenchie the command word STAY, a basic command that every parent should know. Again, this is not a training task but a dominance practice or a rule. Whenever you order your puppy to stay somewhere, they should do so no matter what!

3 rules on the street that can save your Frenchie’s life - TomKings Blog

The next step is opening the car door and if your puppy tries to escape, grab them immediately and put them back into the car using either the command word STAY or SIT. It’s very important to show how angry you are with them (read here why)! If you do it right, it will only take one time and your baby will learn it right away. Once it’s going well, you can add some distractions to the situation, like another dog or stepping away from the open car: take a couple of steps back while your puppy stays inside and repeat the exercise.

3. Not eating anything off the ground

When walking on the street with your Frenchie, there can be countless dangerous things on the ground that they might eat: toxic foods, plants, bugs or other small animals and most of the time poop. Some of these can even be fatal for your baby, so it’s absolutely essential that when you say NO, they should leave what they found on the ground right away!

French Bulldog - TomKings Puppies

How can you achieve that?

Take a bowl that is not your Frenchie’s and put all kinds of delicious food in it that your puppy loves. Put it on the floor somewhere you don’t normally feed them and keep your eyes on your dog. If they notice it or even start going towards it, tell them NO immediately!

Imagine that it is something poisonous that would end your baby’s life if they ate it (we know, it’s a horrible thought but it can help you become even more determined!). You need to make sure that your dog doesn’t eat from the bowl, it will really depend on your puppy’s character how strict you’ll need to be. Wait for the moment they want to eat and step in! If they leave it right away, show how happy you are, you can also praise them. It’ll take no more than 2 practices and your puppy won’t ever eat anything off the ground again when you say NO!

French Bulldog - TomKings Puppies

+1 Stopping at the side of the road

This rule can come in handy when you’re walking your Frenchie and you reach the side of a road where you both need to stop. Teach your puppy that once you reach the curb, the level difference means they have to stop walking, you can even make them sit down.

How can you achieve that?

First of all, you should always practice somewhere safe like your backyard! About two steps before you reach the curb simply drop the leash on the ground, then stand in front of your dog and tell them THERE, showing the palm of your hand. You can use another command word of course but make sure you stick to it! If they stop, step back next to them and praise! They usually learn this rule very quickly if you’re consistent every time you reach a curb.

Why these rules are essential and how to practice them?

It’s very important that you always practice these rules with your Frenchie in a safe place like your home! You need to take into account the character of your dog, if they are a more energetic and dominant type, you’ll have to be more forceful with them as well. You don’t have to feel sorry for them: even if they are family members, they are still driven by their instincts rather than their emotions.

3 rules on the street that can save your Frenchie’s life - TomKings Blog

Your Frenchie needs a pack leader who they can look up to, someone who sets clear rules and boundaries. This is something they need to feel safe in the family or the pack, and learn that it’s not their task to protect the rest of the pack. You’re a good leader if you have clear expectations from your Frenchie which they follow in every situation. Remember, most of the times it’s for their own safety!

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