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What to do when your Frenchie is lost?

The worst nightmare of a French bulldog owner is losing their baby. It can happen to any family, no matter how careful you are. They may run away for various reasons: being bored at home, getting scared of fireworks, noticing something interesting like a wild animal, and so on. The moment you realize he’s missing, you need to stay calm and follow the list we put together to increase the chances of finding him as soon as possible. To gather even more knowledge about the topic, read our blogpost about how you can prevent a French Bulldog theft.

#1 Ask for help!

The first thing to do is call your family and friends to come over and help you find him. More eyes see more, and it’s crucial to start looking immediately. The chances of finding your dog within the first 12 hours are around 90%! So there is no time to waste. While you wait for the help to arrive, consider the following.

What to do when your Frenchie is lost? - TomKings Blog

#2 Consider the reasons

Try to think of what triggered his loss. Did he get scared of something? If he isn’t neutered yet, is it possible that he is trying to mate? Might he have seen something interesting like a wild bunny or a raccoon? The reason matters a lot, as it will determine where to start looking for him!

#3 Search your home carefully!

When dogs get scared, they usually go into hiding. If this is the case, first search your home and immediate surroundings, like the shed, basement, garage, and garden (especially look under the bushes), but also look into the closets, and any small and dark places he might fit in. One day we found our baby behind the sofa, trembling with fear as nearby trees were twigged with a chainsaw. It took four of us and almost an hour to find him! When you are sure he is not hiding inside your home, you must go for a search.

What to do when your Frenchie is lost? - TomKings Blog

Before you leave home, make his way home easier. Dogs follow familiar scents, and you can help them find traces by placing his bed outside of your home. If you go out to search for him, leave one person behind in case your Frenchie finds his way home on his own and this person can give you a call straight away.

If he is somewhere outside…

#4 Make some calls!

Make sure that his microchip contact information is up to date. If your phone number has changed recently, call the microchip provider or your vet to update it as soon as possible. The microchip only contains information about the dog and the owner, but it does not provide any GPS location. It only works if someone finds your Frenchie and takes him to a vet or a dog shelter where they can read the information in the chip.

What to do when your Frenchie is lost? - TomKings Blog

Call the local shelters and other animal rescue places nearby and let them know that your Frenchie is missing. Provide a very detailed description of his look: shade, height, gender, collar color, microchip ID number.

#5 Go for a search!

You and your friends should go on a search. Keep calling his name but your voice should remain calm. If he hears you being anxious or nervous, he might remain in hiding. Bring his favorite treat with you so he can recognize the smell. Also, bring a toy that makes a unique sound that he could recognize. Take a picture of him and ask people if they have seen him.

What to do when your Frenchie is lost? - TomKings Blog

Where to search?

At first, try to search for him on the usual route you usually walk. He might have seen something interesting the last time you’ve been there, and he wants to go back. Does he have a buddy at some nearby house? Go there and check if he has gone for a visit. Try driving around the neighboring streets. Small breeds like Frenchies cannot run for long. If you go on his rescue right away, he must be within a 2-mile distance.

#6 Post on social media

If you can’t find him even after a few hours, post that he’s missing in local Facebook groups. Post a good picture, and let people know where he was last time. Don’t forget to put your phone number too, so they can call you immediately when seen.

What to do when your Frenchie is lost? - TomKings Blog


We know it’s easy to say but try to stay calm. Don’t picture the worst-case scenarios, as it won’t help to find him. If you remain calm and follow our advice, hopefully, your dear Frenchie will be found within a few hours.

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The article is based on the expert knowledge of the TomKings Puppies team who have been breeding French Bulldogs for 10 years on their farm. All the pictures in the post belong to them and show puppies from their breed, and their farm. Check out their available puppies here, or if you have any questions or comments, let us know below the article.


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