Frenchie Love eBook

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"Must read if you are buying a Frenchie overseas"

“If you are considering a Frenchie, this is a great read. If you are considering buying from a breeder overseas, this is a MUST read. It is factual. Helpful and covers the purchasing process and everything you need to know for transitioning your baby home.” –
Helen A. Gordon

The book, that helps you become the best Frenchie parent

We put into this handbook everything we know about Frenchies – plus our hearts and souls, as always. ❤

It’s a comprehensive knowledge base, including practical info from choosing the right breeder, to the first days with your puppy, training and raising them and becoming the best parent you could be.

229 pages packed with wonderful photos of our puppies, easily downloadable on your computer, tablet or mobile.

What's in the book?

Checklist to vet French Bulldog breeders (and avoid scams)

How much does a French Bulldog cost (and what the price includes)

Frenchie-proof your home (and save the life of your puppy)

Behind the scenes stories at a trustworthy French Bulldog breeder

Feeding tips for your puppy (with healthy recipes)

Frenchie-friendly holiday (hotels, pet hotels, pet insurance etc)

...and many other topics you meet when raising your sweet furbaby.

First-hand expertise from ethical breeders

If you type ‘French Bulldog’ in Google you’ll have loads of hits. Some of them are good, some superficial, some misleading. As the promoters of ethical breeding, we decided to publish articles based only on real life experience from our farm, and consultations with experts like puppy trainers and vets. We are also in daily contact with hundreds of Frenchie parents who happily share their own tips.

Puppy parents from around the world showed so much love to our blog, and asked us several times to publish a book.

So here you are, please accept our new ‘baby’ Frenchie Love, recently published and well received by many.

Exlusive bonus

1 Month free trial to our Frenchie Helpline

Frenchie Love is an absolutely comprehensive handbook where you’ll find the answers to train, feed, entertain and raise your Frenchie. But that’s not all:

If you still have questions, you’ll have 7/24 access to our Frenchie Helpline, an email service where our TomKings Puppies experts answer your questions. (We’re not vets though, in case of any emergency, please contact a vet.)

The authors of the handbook

We are TomKings Puppies, a trustworthy elite breeder-family of French Bulldogs in Europe. Our co-founder Tomi Kiss has a university degree in animal breeding, and we regularly consult vets and dog trainers. The book is based on the expert knowledge of the TomKings Puppies team, advice from the best vets, trainers and feedback from the TomKings puppy parents in our closed Facebook group of 2.000+ members and our more than 100,000 followers on Instagram.

What readers say

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1 month free access to the
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But that's not all!

If you adopt a puppy from TomKings Puppies, we fully reimburse this amount. So lifetime access to the French Bulldog Knowledge Center can be completely free to you.​