French Bulldog

Quick details

Birthday: 04.09.2022.

Color: Lilac and tan Fluffy

DNA: d1/d1, E/E, i/i, ky/ky, at/at, cocoa/cocoa, l/l

Weight: 28 lbs

Health tested and cleared. Negative tests for: Degenerative Myelopathy, Cystinuria, CDPA, CMR, CHG, HSF4

Price of semen: 5000 USD


Stud Contract and Info

Shipping time:
3-4 days to US. If you need the semen to be shipped elsewhere, please contact us for shipping times!  

How to handle frozen semen:
The frozen semen is stored and shipped in special containers. In this form, semen can be kept for many years! Please make sure that your vet clinic is able to store frozen semen.

Litter guarantee: 
Successful insemination can only be guaranteed if the bitch has given birth by cesarean section up to two times. In our experience, a bitch can only tolerate a maximum of three cesarean sections in her lifetime. Any more than that and you would be risking the life of both mother and puppies.

If your female had progesterone testing proven by the original veterinary document, but she doesn’t conceive on her most fertile day(s), we will re-breed once free of charge at her next season. Please note if shipping of semen is needed, then Buyer is responsible for the shipping cost. Without progesterone testing, we do not guarantee the litter, and the stud fee along with any shipping fees are not refundable. 2 healthy puppies are considered a litter. If less than 2 healthy puppies are, a free repeat breeding will be given, just pay shipping.

Stud fee and shipping fee is due in full when placing the order. The shipping fee covers the expense of an insulated semen shipping container.

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