Food Aggression And What To Do About It

If your Frenchie has reached the level of aggression when he bites you during feeding, that is a serious condition, and you need to seek professional help.

If you haven’t reached this state yet, but your dog growls or shows his teeth when you approach him during feeding, is not acceptable behavior either.

There must be some distance between the owner and the dog in the family hierarchy. You, as the owner, must be on top of this hierarchy. You have to be the alpha dog. You and only you get to decide what is his and what is yours. You have the privilege to decide which area is yours and which belongs to your dog. But when your dog believes he gets to decide, that means he thinks he is above you on the hierarchy.

Turning this around is not an easy task, but also not impossible. You’ve got to be consistent and remain calm at all times. Do not tell him off when he is aggressive over food, and do not fight with him. You’ve got to make sure he understands that you are the boss and not him. Here’s what you can do to achieve this.

You have to behave similarly to him. Create situations in which your dog cannot participate. For example, he is not allowed to approach you or the family table while you are eating. When he approaches anyway, tell him off and chase him away. Another situation is when you are resting on your couch, and he is trying to approach you. Do not let him jump on the couch except when you give verbal permission to do it.

Feeding times:

Humans eat first at all times! Never feed the dog before you’d eat or while you are eating. Make him understand that the food is yours, and he only gets the leftovers. That will indicate to him that he is not the alpha dog, and he must wait for his turn.

Also, make him sit by the door while you prepare his food, and even when you put his bowl off the floor. Only let him approach the food when you give verbal permission to do it. If he is impatient, you can try growling back at him. I know it sounds funny, but you’ve got to make him understand that you are the alpha, you are the boss.

Make these rules unbreakable. Be consistent, and stay strong mentally. By the time he will get your point and will start to behave well. 


2 thoughts on “Food Aggression And What To Do About It”

  1. Vanessa Campos

    So my frenchie will be a year next month. He’s not aggressive with his food bowl or water bowl, but his bone? If he has a bone he doesn’t want anyone to get it or get near him. He doesn’t growl or show teeth. What can I do for that behavior??

    1. Thanks for you comment Vanessa. It may be a combination of showing dominance and resource guarding. Your Frenchie has to be aware that you are the leader of the pack and he can’t behave that way. Remind him of this in a stern voice if necessary and give him commands he must follow and show him you are the boos. Consistency is key.

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