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Color: Blue brindle

Blue brindle French Bulldogs are the combination of the rare blue color and the standard brindle pattern. You can easily recognize a blue brindle French Bulldog by their blue base coat having irregular light fawn streaks. Blue brindle puppies can also have a white chest or other small areas of white. If you’re looking for a unique and beautiful puppy in the average French Bulldog price range, a blue brindle Frenchie could be perfect for you!
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Average price:
– Boys: 4,600-4,900 USD
– Girls: 4,900-5,200 USD
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Blue brindle French bulldog - TomKings Puppies
Blue brindle French bulldog - TomKings Puppies

What is a Blue Brindle French Bulldog?

Blue brindle French Bulldogs are essentially grey with a bluish shine, which is most visible when the light touches them. Their brindle pattern is made up of fawn hairs all over their blue base coat resulting in irregular light streaks. The appearance of these streaks is highly variable from Frenchie to Frenchie: they may occur on all parts of their body, especially on their side and back. Depending on the shade of blue and the mixture fawn hairs, these Frenchies can range from very dark to very light. Blue brindle Frenchie puppies may also have a white chest or other small areas of white on their bodies. They usually have a black nose and dark colored eyes.


How are Blue Brindle Frenchies bred?

Breeding French Bulldogs is definitely not easy: it requires a lot of time, energy, money as well as special methods from breeders. The female Frenchie needs to be artificially inseminated with the semen of a healthy and strong stud. To produce blue brindle puppies, both parents need to carry the blue and brindle genes. Because of the Frenchie mom’s narrow hips and the pups’ big heads, she cannot deliver them naturally so the breeder also needs to have a C-section done on her. The puppies are usually born 58-63 days after insemination, which means that from the 58th day someone must watch the mom at all times.

When the time is near, the breeder needs to prepare a special whelping box for the pups with a heat lamp above it and a separate lockable cage or room for the mom. After the surgery, the female Frenchie needs some time to heal so it is the breeder’s sole responsibility to care for the pups in their first few weeks. They need to be fed every three hours and supervised constantly; they cannot be left alone with their mom as she might accidentally roll over and smother them. As the puppies get bigger and stronger, they need to be regularly checked by a vet to make sure they are developing well and to administer the necessary shots and health screenings.

Blue brindle French bulldog - TomKings Puppies
Blue brindle French bulldog - TomKings Puppies

Blue Brindle French Bulldog Prices

Being the combination of a rare color and a standard pattern, blue brindle is in the average French Bulldog price range: slightly higher than standard colors but lower than rare colors. The exact price is affected by the gender and age of the puppy: female Frenchies usually cost a couple of hundreds more than males due to their ability to produce pups for their owners. These are the price ranges for our blue brindle French Bulldog puppies:

– Boys: 4,690-5,290 USD 
– Girls: 4,990-5,490 USD

When looking for a blue brindle Frenchie, you will most likely come across cheaper offers than the prices detailed above. You should always be careful with these as there are many unethical breeders who don’t care about the health of their dogs only the profit, so their pups end up with serious health issues. Make sure to do your research and get your blue brindle Frenchie from a reputable breeder, and you will have a happy and healthy furry family member for at least a decade.

and you

5 Amazing Ways Your Frenchie Will Change Your Life


Your Frenchie will bring certainty into your life!

Once you establish a routine that works both for you and your puppy, you’ll have system and balance in your life which will ultimately make you feel a lot better.


Your Frenchie will bring variety into your life!

These dogs are goofy and hilarious, and always do something silly to make you laugh. You’ll never again have a boring day with a Frenchie in your life!


Your Frenchie will make you feel significant!

Your puppy will depend on your care and will truly be grateful for every moment you spend together. Having that bond is something that doesn’t compare to anything else!


Your Frenchie will make you feel loved!

French Bulldogs have an extremely high level of emotional intelligence, which means that they can adjust to your emotional state perfectly. Your fur baby will always be there to brighten your day!


Your Frenchie will inspire you to grow!

You will become healthier as you’ll go out more. As a result, you may become more social and connect with more people. You may even take the courage to start your own business!

Blue brindle French bulldog - TomKings Puppies
Blue brindle French bulldog - TomKings Puppies
Blue brindle French bulldog - TomKings Puppies
Are Blue Brindle Frenchies rare?
Blue Brindle Frenchies are the combination of the rare blue color and the standard brindle pattern. They are much more common than a solid blue French Bulldog.
How much does a Blue Brindle French Bulldog cost?
A Blue Brindle French Bulldog is in the average Frenchie price range from 4,690 to 5,490 USD.
How can I have a Blue Brindle French Bulldog?
Always make sure to get your Blue Brindle French Bulldog from a reputable breeder. Contact us for information about our upcoming blue brindle litters!
Sierra, available French Bulldog puppy at TomKings Puppies
Blue brindle French bulldog - TomKings Puppies

Why choose TomKings Kennel?

For the past more than ten years, we at TomKings have been working hard to breed the healthiest and most beautiful French Bulldogs on the planet and to find them the most loving homes all around the globe. As reputable and ethical French Bulldog breeders, we set very high health, genetic and wellbeing standards to make sure that all our Frenchies become happy, healthy and well-adjusted family members.

Apart from being extremely selective about the health and look of the Frenchie parents, we make sure that the puppies receive the utmost love, care and attention. Instead of kennels or crates, we raise them in vast, green gardens with plenty of space to roam around and we let them sleep and rest in large family houses where our dogs can socialize with humans of any age. We believe that well-balanced puppies come from well- balanced family backgrounds.

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Flight ticket to major international airports
Pet Passport
Health certification (issued by the vet after 3 examinations)
All the puppy shots (worth: 600 USD, and no new shots are needed till the age of 10 months)
Lifetime health guarantee on genetic illnesses
Lifetime free online vet assistance
Lifetime free breeder’s help
PayPal payment insurance fee (you get back your money if you don’t get the puppy)
Anti parasites treatment
Membership in the TomKingsKennel Frenchie Family closed Facebook group
Participation on local American Tom Kings Frenchie Meet-ups
We start potty training
Our puppies are very well socialized with children and other dogs
Excellent blood lines
AKC registerable
FCI export pedigree and breeding rights (costs extra $600)
Portable travel crate
Price: Average price: Boys: 4,600-4,900 USD --- Girls: 4,900-5,200 USD USD
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