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Isabella color Frenchies

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Color: Isabella

Isabella French Bulldogs are considered the rarest in the Frenchie world. Similarly to lilac Frenchies, they are the combination of blue and chocolate but they have a much more unique greyish liver coat color. Isabella Frenchies are extremely hard to come by, which makes them incredibly valuable for breeding purposes. We will have Isabella French Bulldog puppies for sale, contact us for more info! Average price: – Boys: 8,990-9,990 USD – Girls: 9,990-10,990 USD
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Flight ticket to major international airports
Pet Passport
Health certification (issued by the vet after 3 examinations)
All the puppy shots (worth: 600 USD, and no new shots are needed till the age of 10 months)
Lifetime health guarantee on genetic illnesses
Lifetime free online vet assistance
Lifetime free breeder’s help
PayPal payment insurance fee (you get back your money if you don’t get the puppy)
Anti parasites treatment
Membership in the TomKingsKennel Frenchie Family closed Facebook group
Participation on local American Tom Kings Frenchie Meet-ups
We start potty training
Our puppies are very well socialized with children and other dogs
Excellent blood lines
AKC registerable
FCI export pedigree and breeding rights (costs extra $600)
Portable travel crate
Price: Average price: Boys: 8,990-9,990 USD --- Girls: 9,990-10,990 USD USD
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